Tamil Nadu Budget 2022-23 Pdf In Tamil & English | Date | Highlights

Tamil Nadu Budget 2022-23 Pdf In Tamil & English | Date | Highlights  – Finance Minister PDR Palanivel Thyagarajan will present the Tamil Nadu Budget at 10 am. He has filed it as a paperless budget. Finance Minister Palanivel Thyagarajan presented the revised budget on August 13 last year after the DMK assumed power. He now presented the Budget for the second time in the Legislative Assembly. The Budget for the financial year 2022-23 was presented in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly today. Since the dmk government is the complete budget to be presented after assuming charge, expectations among the people have increased.

Tamil Nadu Budget 2020-21 Pdf In Tamil | Tamil Nadu Budget Highlights Tamil Nadu Budget 2022-23 Pdf In Tamil & English | Date | Highlights

State Tamil Nadu
Document Budget
year 2022-23
Format Pdf
Medium English And Tamil
Download Link For Both Tamil And English  Tamil Budget 
Tamil Nadu Budget Based MCQ 2021  Budget MCQ 

Tamil Nadu Budget 2022-23 Highlights :

  • The revenue deficit has been reduced to Rs 7000 crore in the last one year.
  • The fiscal deficit in the state’s total production will come down from 4.61% to 3.80 in the coming financial year.
  • The revenue deficit is likely to fall to more than 7,000 crore in the coming year.
  • Tamil Nadu will suffer a tax loss of 20,000 crore after the gst compensation process comes to an end.
  • Periyar’s thoughts to be published in 21 languages announced rs.5 crore
  • A committee will be constituted to look into the relationship between Tamil language and other international languages. A sum of Rs.2 crore will be allocated for the same.
  • A sum of Rs.15 crores has been allocated for providing free textbooks to students studying in 1st-10th Standard Tamil medium in non-government schools.
  • Museum to place antiquities at Ramanathapuram, Villupuram at a cost of Rs.10 crores
  • Deep sea exploration to be carried out at a cost of Rs.5 crores in Korkai
  • A sum of Rs.50 crore has been allocated for water conservation and restoration of government lands.
  • A sum of Rs.4,816 crore has been allocated for social security pension schemes including old age pension and differently abled pension.
  • Social media centre of excellence to be set up to curb mis-propaganda on social media
  • Rs.4,130 crore allocated for loan to SHGs and crop loans to farmers
  • Rs.496 crore allocated for Fire and Rescue Services Department
  • Rs 10 crore allocated for development of weather forecasting structure
  • Two radars, 100 automatic weather stations and 400 automatic rain gauges will be set up
  • A sum of Rs.1,064 crore has been allocated for rehabilitation of 64 dams in Tamil Nadu.
  • Rs.200 crore allocated for interest free crop loan scheme
  • A sum of Rs.7,338.36 crore has been allocated for the Water Resources Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • Vallalar Animal Husbandry Reserves to be set up at a cost of Rs.20 crores announced
  • Plant Ayyal Park near Chennai will be constructed at a cost of Rs.300 crores.
  • Vallalar Biodiversity Reserves Rs.20 crores for the maintenance of unsupported and abandoned animals
  • A sum of Rs.849 crores has been allocated in the Budget for the Environment Department of the Government of Tamil Nadu.
  • A sum of Rs.13,000 crore has been allocated for construction of 18k classrooms.
  • New scheme in the name of Prof. Anbazhagan to upgrade government schools
  • 7 new Commercial Courts to be set up in Tamil Nadu
  • Book shows will be conducted in all districts
  • A sum of Rs.1.461.97 crore has been allocated in the Budget for the Department of Judicial Administration.
  • A sum of Rs.5.6 crores has been allocated for conducting 4 literary festivals per annum.
  • Rs.5.6 crore allocated in all districts to promote book reading
  • A sum of Rs.36,895.89 crore has been allocated for school education.
  • A sum of Rs.7500 crores has been allocated as food subsidy under public distribution system.
  • Rs.293.26 crore allocated for Youth Welfare and Sports Department
  • Rs 25 crore allocated for Olympic Games training
  • Sports complex covering all sports will be constructed in North Chennai at a cost of Rs.10 crores
  • A sum of Rs.1,547 crore has been allocated for the Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme.
  • 17,901.23 crore allocated for medical sector in The Budget of The Government of Tamil Nadu
  • Rs.162 crore allocated for free bicycle scheme
  • Rs.12 crore allocated for rehabilitation of ancient darhas churches
  • A sum of Rs.3,384 crore has been allocated for water management.
  • In the first phase, 149 samathapuras will be revamped. Rs.190 crore allocated
  • Rs.2800 crore allocated for MGNREGA
  • Rs.500 crore allocated for Singarach Chennai 2.0 Project
  • A sum of Rs.1620 crores has been allocated as subsidy for women’s free bus travel scheme.
  • Home Search Education Programme will be implemented this year also at a cost of Rs.200 crores.
  • Tamil Nadu Power Distribution Corporation limited announces rs.13,000 crore loss
  • East Coast Road to be widened to 6 lane
  • A sum of Rs.1,000 per month will be provided to prevent dropouts of girls studying in government schools from 6th to 12th standard. It has been announced that girls who are already receiving other scholarships can also avail this scholarship.

Budget MCQ Pdf | 200+ Union Budget 2022-23 Quiz & Answer Pdf

Tamil Nadu Budget 2021 Live Updates ( Palanivel Thiagarajan ) 

  • The budget being presented by the DMK today will be the first paperless budget session in the history of the state legislative assembly.
  • A separate committee of experts will be established by the government to claim the GST compensation due to the state from the Centre.
  • About 14,317 jobs are vacant and need to be filled in TN police department of the total 1.33 lakh jobs.
  • About Rs 8,900 crore budget allocated for the TN police department, says Tamil Nadu FM
  • Rs 500 crore to be set aside for road safety initiative across departments: Palanivel Thiagarajan
  • About Rs 405 crore budget allocated for the TN fire service department
  • Over the next 10 years, thousand check dams and shutters to be constructed towards achieving better water management.
  • Over Rs 111 crore allocated for desilting ponds
  • Water holding capacity of major dams including Mettur and Vaigai to be restored to their past levels.
  • About Rs 111 crore budget allocated to clean up 200 lakes and ponds across the state
  • Food subsidy increased to Rs 8,437 crore.
  • Distribution of cooking oil and dhal through PDS shops to continue.
  • Chennai Kasimedu fishing harbour to be upgraded with Rs 150 crore.
  • Rs 1,149 crore to be set aside for fishermen welfare.
  • About 8 lakh families will get new houses in the villages in the next five years.
  • Allocated Rs 2,000 crore under the Jal Jeevan Mission, which aims to provide safe and adequate drinking water through individual household tap connections.
  • Integrated bus terminus would be established in Trichy.
  • Rs 100 crore allocated for Namakku Naame scheme to be implemented after Kalaignar (M Karunanidhi).
  • Tamil Nadu FM says self-help groups will get Rs 20,000 crore loan.
  • Singara Chennai 2.0 plan will begin soon.
  • Rs 1,000 crore allocated to Kalaignar Urban development scheme.
  • Three flyovers would be constructed in Chennai.
  • Government is keen to make the Tamil Nadu as thatched house free state.
  • About Rs 20,000 crore loan aide will be given for women self-help groups (SHGs).
  • Allocated Rs 2,000 crore for underground drainage plan.
  • Have allocated Rs 703 crore for the free ride for TN women in public buses.
  • Metro railway projects will be expedited and completed by December 2026.
  • Diesel subsidy of Rs 750 crore given to state public transport.
  • Tamil Nadu government reduces Rs. 3 from State excise duty on petrol.
  • Revised estimate of expenditure: Rs. 2,61,188.57 crore
  • Defecit: Rs.58,692.68 crore
  • Defence Industrial Park to come up in Coimbatore in about 500 acres .
  • Rs 703 crore granted as subsidy for free bus travel for women.
  • Green Movement to be launched in Tamil Nadu. Massive tree planting drive will be taken up in the next ten years
  • Efforts will be strengthened to pursue Tamil as official language in Secretariat and other departments.
  • ₹6,607.17 crore allocated for irrigation. Schemes will also be taken up with World Bank and Asian Development Bank funding.
  • Special Public Distribution Scheme to continue.
  • Food subsidy has been hiked to over ₹8,000 crore.
  • Allocation of ₹ 5 crore to continue excavation at its Archaeological sites including Keeladi.
  • Works on Smart City Missions and AMRUT will be completed by 2023.
  • Efforts to make Chennai poster-free.
  • Constituency development fund is fixed at ₹3 crore.
  • Anna Marumalarchi Scheme will be launched to provide basic amenities in hamlets.
  • Old Age Pension scheme to be revamped to accommodate all deserving candidates.
  • ₹ 5,369.09 crore allocation for Higher Education.
  • ₹ 165 crore allocated for contruuction of Financil Tech city in Nandambakkam in Chennai.
  • Food parks proposed in Manapparai, Theni and Tindivanam.
  • ₹762.23 crore allocated towards marriage assistance for women scheme.

TamilNadu Budget Highlights ( Last Year ) | Speech

  • State debt burden to increase to Rs. 5.7 trillion
  • Rs. 19.42 crore allocated to health sector
  • Rs. 6,683 crore has been allocated to commence the Metro Rail project in Coimbatore.
  • Rs. 6,683 crore has been allocated to commence the Metro Rail project in Coimbatore.
  • Rs 5,478 crore has been allocated for higher education in the interim budget for the year 2021-22.
  • Fire department allocated Rs. 436 crore
  • The interim budget for the year 2021-22 has allocated Rs. 11,982 crore towards the state’s agriculture sector.
  • State police receives Rs. 9567 crore
  • Rs. 3700 crore allocated under PM housing scheme
  • Highways receive Rs. 18.75 crore.
  • Tamil Nadu will be procuring electric buses at a cost of Rs.1580 crore.
  • A total of Rs. 1953.98 crore has been allocated towards the state’s nutrition program.
  • The state judiciary has been allocated Rs. 1437 crore in the interim budget for the year 2021-22.
  • Giving a boost to the fishing industry in Tamil Nadu, the state fisheries department has been allocated Rs. 580 crore.
  • Rs. 6,453 allocated to the Water Resources Department.
  • Tax Revenue Declines by 18%, Fiscal Deficit Crosses Rs 1 Lakh Cr
  • The economic growth, that used to be around 7% each year, is expected to be at 2.02% in the present financial year. Growth expectation in the next financial year 2021-22 is at 11.5%.
  • The government plans to borrow a net amount of Rs 84,686.75 crore in the present financial year.
  • The revenue deficit in the revised estimates for 2020-21 is expected to be Rs 65,994.06 crore against the budget expectations of Rs 21,617.64 crore.
  • The government expects the revenue deficit to be Rs 33,510 crore in 2022-23 and Rs 24,483 crore in the next year.
  • Adi Dravidar department allocated Rs. 1932 crore
  • Rs. 5000 crore allocated towards crop loan waiver For Tamil Nadu Farmers.
  • For Social welfare In Tamil Nadu State Government Allocated Rs. 1953 crore.
  • Rs. 1700 crore announced for special scheme for disabled persons In Tamil Nadu.
  • TN ranks second in tree diversity In India .
  • School education receives Rs. 34,181 crore.
  • Amma mini clinics allocated Rs. 144 crore.
  • The relief provided for loss of paddy due to natural disasters has been hiked from Rs. 13,000 per hectare to Rs. 20,000 per hectare.
  • Rs. 100 crore for modernisation of the police Force Allocated By State Government.
  • Rs. 4371 crore has been distributed to beneficiaries under the state marriage assistance scheme.
  •  Gold worth Rs. 1791 crore has been distributed to 12.5 lakhs people over the last 10 years under the state marriage financing scheme.
  • Rs. 1374 crore for construction work In tamil Nadu.

Who is The Finance Minister Of Tamil Nadu In 2021 ?

  • Palanivel Thiagarajan

On Which Date Tamil Nadu Budget 2021-22 Will Be presented ?

  • On 13 August 2021

Can We Download Tamil Nadu Budget In tamil Or English Language ?

  • Yes off Course YoU Can Download Budget From Official Website Of Finance Department Of Tamil nadu.

How To Download Budget Speech of Tamil Nadu Budget 2021 -22 In tamil ?

  • You Can Download Budget Speech From official Website Of Tamil Nadu Government . Link of Official Website Is Given Above .

How To Download Tamilnadu Budget 2021 In English & Tamil In Pdf Format

  • First You Need To Visit Official Website Of the Tamil Nadu Budget – www.tnbudget.tn.gov.in
  • After That Click On The Budget Link Given In The Menu Of Website
  • Click On Budget
  •  Now Budget Section Will Open . Here You Can See All Previous years As Well As Current Year Budgets Are Uploaded .
  • Now Click On The Budget 2021-22 To Download
  • You Can Save Budget in Your Device Which is Available In Both Tamil And English Language .

Tamil Nadu Budget 2020-21 Highlights For TNPSC Exams | Budget Speech In Tamil

  • ₹8,876.57 crore has been allocated for the Police department
  • ₹1,229.85 crore for Fisheries sector
  • ₹11,894.48 crore allocated for Agriculture department
  • ₹74.08 crore allocated for Tamil Development Department
  • ₹31.93 crore allocated for Department of Archaeology
  • ₹4315.21 crore allocated for social security pension
  • ₹250 crore for Accident cum Life Insurance scheme for BPL families
  • ₹1360.11 crore for Disaster Management
  • ₹405.68 crore for Fire and Rescue Service Department
  • ₹392.74 crore for Prison Department
  • ₹1,200 crore provided in the budget estimates for establishing 11 new medical colleges already announced
  • Food parks proposed to be established in Dharmapuri, Ariyalur, Perambalur, Karur, Nagapattinam, Ramanathapuram, Tenkasi districts at a cost of Rs 70 crore.
  • The government has decided to form a ‘not-for-profit’ Special Purpose Vehicle to finance and manage the Amma Unavagam programme
  • Eco-restoration of the Buckingham Canal, its drains and all the drains of the Cooum and Adyar at a total cost of Rs.5,439.76 crore to be taken up Rs 38,181.73 crore allocated for School Education Department, Rs5,052.84 crore for Higher Education
  • Stamp duty tax has been reduced to 0.25 per cent from the earlier 1 per cent
  • Fisheries department – To improve communication for fishermen more mechanised boats to be fitted with transponders
Sector Allocated Amount
Higher Education 5,052.84 crore
Electricity Department 20,115.58 crore
For establishing 11 new medical colleges 1,200 crore
Health Sector 15,863 crore
Department of Tamil Development 74.08 crore
Archeology Department 31.93 crore
Department of Transport 2716.26 crore
Disaster management 1360 crore
Department of Prison 392 crore
Department of Energy 20,115.58 crore
Department of Highways 15,850 crore
For rural local bodies 5306.95 crore
For Crop Insurance 11,000 crore
Department of Agriculture 11,894 crore
For Amruth Project 1450  crore
Department of Municipal Administration and Water Supply 18,540
Nirbhaya Project 71 crore
For Food subsidy 6,500 crore

Disaster Management

  • The Government of Tamil Nadu have proposed the Comprehensive Flood Mitigation Project for Greater Chennai to the World Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank at a total cost of Rs.3,000 crore as a follow on project to the Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction Project, which will be coming to a successful completion. In the Budget Estimates for 2020-21 a sum of Rs.1,360.11 crore is provided for Disaster Management.

Law and Order

  • The vacancies in the Police Department have been considerably brought down and currently the working strength of the police force is 1.13 lakh. In 2020-21, a further 10,276 uniformed services personnel will be recruited.
  • The Crime and Criminal Tracking Network Systems (CCTNS) has been successfully implemented A total amount of Rs.8,876.57 crore has been allocated for the Police Department including Rs.431 crore for construction of buildings and Rs.100 crore for modernization of the police force.

Tamil Nadu Budget 2020-21 Pdf Download In Tamil And English 

State Tamil Nadu
Document Budget
year 2020-21
Format Pdf
Medium English And Tamil
Download Link For Both Tamil And English  Tamil Budget 


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