ROM Full Form – What is ROM & Types | Pdf Download

ROM Full Form – What is ROM & Types | Pdf Download – ROM is a primary memory that we all know as non-volatile memory because it stores the saved data information permanently. Another thing related to this is that it is quite difficult to change its program, which remains fixed in a way. In this post, more information related to Rome such as what is Rome, what is its full name, how many types of it are there, etc. have been explained in detail.

What Is ROM ?

ROM is a type of permanent memory called non-volatile memory. Because in this, like random access memory, the data present in the memory is not deleted as soon as the power of the computer is turned off, the data in it remains permanently saved. The BIOS program is one that connects the operating system to the computer.

The ROM computer saves many important information, it saves the information containing many important instructions for bootstrapping, the program is not inserted every time in the ROM, in which the program is inserted only once, it cannot be modified and changed.

ROM Full Form - What is ROM & Types | Pdf Download


What Is ROM full form ?

  • Rom stands for Read Only Memory.
  • ROM is also known as firmware that is connected to the computer’s hardware which is saved by the manufactures in the starting itself.

ROM Full FormRead Only Memory

Characteristics of ROM.

Some of the salient features of Rome are as follows:

  • Its cost is quite affordable compared to the random access memory.
  • Roms can only be read, it cannot be write.
  • It stores the instructions of the basic function of the computer.
  • It requires quite a little energy, which makes the battery backup quite good.
  • It is a nonvolatile memory.
  • The data in the ROM is also saved without power supply.
  • It is an unchanging memory.

Advantages :

As you all read above, read-only memory is used to store data, along with many more advantages that you have all been told about.

  • The price of Rome is lower than that of RAM.
  • It is very easy to test it i.e. to test it.
  • Its nature is nonvolatile due to which it is more reliable than RAM.
  • It is not inserted to a program again and again, due to which it proves to be more useful.
  • There is no need to refresh it. Hybrid Topology | Advantages And Disadvantages | Examples

Types :

There are many important types of ROM whose names are as follows:



  • PROM stands for Programmable Read Only Memory which is a digital memory.
  • The program which can be changed once can also be updated once but cannot be done again and again.
  • It is used in electronics devices where its program can be changed once after which it becomes fixed after which it cannot be changed.


  • The full form of EPROM is ERASABLE AND PROGRAMMABLE READ ONLY MEMORY which is a programmable chip which can also be erased and it saves the data in the event of a sudden power off.
  • In the event of power off, the data stored in it can be retrieved, it is a nonvolatile memory.
  • After erasing the EPROM, the program can also be written in it, along with it can also be upgraded, which remains in store in it for many years.
  • To erase it, the ultra violet ray is passed through, which destroys its data and then inserts new program instructions into it.


  • EEPROM stands for Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory. Which is quite advanced can be erased and PRAGRAMMED many times it is also a nonvolatile memory. Flash memory is in a way an example of EEPROM.
  • If you talk about its starting time, then the work of single-byte in EEPROM is only done. But with the change in time, it also changed and now multi-byte operation can be done in it. It takes only a few seconds to erase it, so that it is also quite popular. What Is Tree Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tree Topology


  • MROM stands for MASKED READ ONLY MEMORY in which data and programs are already stored. It was also not very effective and its price was very high due to which its use has stopped and in today’s time it comes in the same use as not and it is now very rarely available.


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