List of Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies In India | Latest Updated

List of Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies In India – Here is the list of top 10 semiconductor manufacturing companies in India, some of which are also listed on nse and bse stock exchange. The world now wants to diversify the global supply chain of semiconductor chipsets and even the Indian government is now encouraging new startups in India. India and the world no longer want to depend on only a few American, Japanese and South Korean or Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers.

List of Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies In India

List of Semiconductor Manufacturing Companies In India | Latest Updated

What is semiconductor?

A semiconductor can be defined as a substance that has the properties of both conductors and insulators. It can conduct electricity in certain circumstances but not always. This physics and property of semiconductors makes it a good medium to use electricity in a controlled way where and where necessary. So, we can say that a semiconductor is a material in which the electrical conductivity is greater than that of an insulator but less than that of a conductor.

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Company Name Location Website
Adroit IC Design Bangalore
Ineda Systems Hyderabad
Infineon Technologies India Pvt. Ltd Bangalore
Masamb Electronics Systems Noida
Saankhya Labs Bangalore
Semtronics Micro Systems Bangalore
Sibridge Technologies Ahmedabad
SmartPlay Technologies Bangalore
Terminus Circuits Bangalore
Vayavya Labs Bangalore
Alliance Semiconductor (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Analog Devices (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Arcus Technology Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Astor Technologies Corp. NewDelhi
Aplion Networks Noida
Axes Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Advanced Synergic Microsystems ltd.
Apex Technologies Bangalore
Apara Design Automation Bangalore
Broadcom Bangalore
Barco Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd. NewDelhi
Chip Logic (India) Pvt. Ltd. HYDERABAD
CG-CoreEl Logic Systems Ltd. PUNE
CMOS Chips Bangalore
Cirrus Logic Software (I) Pvt. Ltd. PUNE
Cherrysoft Bharat Pvt. Ltd. CHENNAI
ControlNet (India) Pvt. Ltd. GOA
Cisco Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Cadence Design Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. Noida
D’GIPRO Systems Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
DCM Data Systems Ltd. NEWDELHI
Digital-X (India) Pvt Ltd. Bangalore
Digital Equipment India ltd. Bangalore
Digipro Design Automation Bangalore
Fore Systems
Future Techno Designs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
GPS Usha Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
GDA Technologies Bangalore
GE India Technology center Bangalore
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd Bangalore
HCL Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. Noida
HiQ Networks (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
IBM Global Services India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
IKOS India Pvt. Ltd. Noida
Interra Software (India) Pvt. Ltd. NOIDA
Integrated Intellectual Property Inc. SantaClara
Lucent Technologies India Ltd. Bangalore
Motorola India Electronics Ltd. Bangalore
NatSem India Designs Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Ncore Technology Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Nu-Link (India) Pvt. Ltd. Pune
NIIT Ltd. Banglore
Philips SemiconductorsBangalore Bangalore
Qualcore Logic Private Ltd. Hyderabad
RealChip India Chennai
Sage Design Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Sanyo LSI Technology India Ltd. Bangalore
ST Microelectronics Ltd. NOIDA
Siemens Public Communications Bangalore
SiCore Systems Pvt. Ltd. CHENNAI
Silicon Automation Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. (SASI) Bangalore
Sand Microelctronics (I) Pvt Ltd Secunderabad
Silicon Interfaces MUMBAI
Smart Modular Tech.
Spike Technologies (India) Pvt.Ltd. Bangalore
Shonk Technologies ltd Bangalore
Semiconductor Complex Ltd. S.A.S.Nagar
Tata Elxsi Ltd. Bangalore
Tata Infotech Ltd. Mapusa,Goa
Texas Instruments (India) Ltd. Bangalore
ThinkIT (India) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
TranSwitch (India) Pvt. Ltd. NEWDELHI
TVSE Bangalore
U&I Scotty Computers Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Vedatech India (Software) Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Veriphone Bangalore
Wipro Ltd. Bangalore
Sasken Communication Technologies Bangalore
Ittiam Systems Bangalore
Einfochips Ahmedabad
SoftJin Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
MosChip Semiconductor Technologies Ltd. Hyderabad
Jataayu Techosolutions  Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore
Infosys Bangalore
CDIL NewDelhi
Prestige Meridian-l Bangalore  —
Insilica Semiconductors Pvt.Ltd. Bangalore  —
Motorola (Noida) Noida  —

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