List of Acids Present in Fruits And Vegetables – Latest Updated List

List of Acids Present in Fruits And Vegetables – Latest Updated ListAcids present in various food items are the only acid that can be eaten. These acids are responsible for the sharpness of the taste of any food Items. These acids are present in some amounts in all fruits and vegetables Which Are Consumed By Humans And Animals. Many of the acids found in vegetables are also found in fruits. Here we have provided the list of Acids present in fruits and vegetables. Here is The list Of all Food Acids Which you can Check From Table Given below . Important Festivals of India State wise List – Latest Updated

List of Acids Present in Fruits And Vegetables
List of Acids Present in Fruits And Vegetables

List of Acids Present in Fruits And Vegetables – Latest Updated List

Acid Food Source
Citric Acid Citrus fruits- lemon, Orange, grapefruit
Tartaric Acid Tamarind, Grapes, Pineapples, Potatoes, Carrots
Acetic Acid Vinegar
 Oxalic Acid  Pepper, Spinach, Tomato
Tannic Acid Tea
Caffeotannic Acid Coffee
Benzoic acid Cranberries, prunes and plums
Malic Acid Apple, Ripe Bananas, Bananas, pomegranates, grapes, berries, tomatoes, and broccoli
Lactic acid Milk, Curd, Cheese
Butyric acid  and Caproic acid Butter
Glutamic acid  Onion
Palmitic acid and oleic acid Ghee
Carbonic acid and Soda Water (Carbonated Beverages)
Phosphoric acid  Soft drinks (Fruit)
Caprylic acid  and Palmitic acid Coconut  oil and   Palm oil
Arachidic acid  Ground nut oil
Oleic acid Olive oil
Erucic acid Mustard oil
Lauric acid  Coconut milk
Linoleic acid (55%) Soybean oil
Myristic acid Coconut oil
Pantothenic acid Chicken , Eggs, Mushrooms, Avocado
Folic Acid  Asparagus,  Brussels sprouts,  Spinach, Lettuce.
Ascorbic Acid Amla, Gooseberry, Guava

Natural acids present in Fruits

Type Predominant Acid(s)
Bananas Malic
Kiwifruit Citric
Limes Citric, malic, tartaric and oxalic acids
Lemons Citric, malic, tartaric and oxalic acids
Apples Malic, Succinic acids
Apricots Malic and Citric acids
Avocados Tartaric Acid
Grapefruit Citric, tartaric, malic and oxalic acids
Grapes Malic and tartaric, citric and oxalic acids.
Kumquat Citric
Loganberry Malic, citric acids
Nectarine Malic
Orange Peel Malic, citric and oxalic acids
Orange Citric, malic and oxalic acids
Passionfruit malic
Peaches Malic and citric acids
Pears Malic, citric, tartaric and oxalic acids
Pineapples Citric and malic acids
Plums Malic, tartaric and oxalic acids
Raspberry Citric
Rosehip Malic
Quinces Malic acid
Salad Citric and malic
Strawberries Citric, malic, shikimic, succinic acids
Tangerine Citric
Youngberries Citric, malic and Isocitric acids
Bilberry Citric acid
Blackberries Malic and Quinic acids
Blueberries Citric, Malic, Citramalic, quinic, glutamic and aspartic acids
Boysenberries Citric, malic, and Isocitric acids.
Cherries Malic, Citric, Tartaric, Succinic
Crabapple Malic
Cranberries Citric, malic and benzoic acids.
Currants Citric, tartaric, malic and succinic acids
Elderberries Citric, malic, shikimic and quinic acids
Figs Citric, malic and acetic acids
Gooseberries Citric, malic, shikimic and quinic acids

Acid Presents In Vegetables :

Type Predominant Acid(s)
Beans Citric, Malic acids
Broccoli Malic, Citric, Oxalic and Succinic acids
Carrots Malic, Citric, Fumaric acids
Mushrooms Lactarimic, Cetostearic, Fumaric acids
Peas Malic acid
Potatoes Malic, Citric, Oxalic acids
Rhubarb Malic, Citric and Oxalic acids
Tomatoes Citric, malic and Oxalic acids

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