GST HSN Code List PDF 2022 | GST Goods and Services Rate List PDF

GST HSN Code List PDF 2022 , GST Goods and Services Rate List PDF – HSN stands for the hormoneized system for naming. HSN was established and industrialized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) in 1988. The GST HSN code states more than 5000 items and is mainly practiced by more than 150 countries. This 6-digit HSN code can be used to classify more than 5 thousand items and is further applied for classification of tax purposes. Customs and central excise later added two more digits to push the HSN code search forward to more reliable discrimination.

According to the GST notification issued by the CBDT, taxpayers will have to include the GST HSN code in their tax invoices for the designated products. Earlier, it was mandatory for taxpayers with a turnover of more than 5 crore to be in GST invoices only. But now, the HSN code for GST is mandatory for all tax invoices. Budget MCQ Pdf | 200+ Union Budget 2022-23 Quiz & Answer Pdf

GST HSN Code List
GST HSN Code List

What is GST ? – GST HSN Code List 2022

  • The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the value added tax levied on almost all goods sold for domestic consumption and services we use within the country.
  • It is a single tax structure that removes all previous central and state taxes.
  • GST is actually paid by customers who avail the service or the goods they buy, but it is remitted to the government by business houses and companies.

GST is a part of all central taxes (excise, sales tax, service tax, surcharge and cess) and state taxes (state VAT/VAT). Sales tax, purchase tax, luxury tax, entertainment tax, sin tax, etc.) is the end result after merging. and created in a single tax under the slogan of “One Nation, One Tax”.

What are GST Rates ?

The GST rates are fixed under 5 slabs –

  • NIL : Under this tax slab 0% tax is levied on the goods or services we use.
  • 5 % : Under this tax slab 5% tax is levied on the goods and services we use.
  • 12%: Under this tax slab 12% tax is levied on the goods and services we use.
  • 18%: Under this tax slab 18% tax is levied on the goods and services we use
  • 28%: Under this tax slab 28% tax is levied on the goods and services we use.

What is HSN Code ?

  • HSN stands for “Harmonious System of Naming” that was developed by the World Customs Organization (WCO).
  • The main purpose of WCO to introduce HSN code is to classify all items in a systematic way.
  • It removes confusion and helps in domestic and international trade between countries.
  • More than 20,000 goods are traded around the world between countries using HSN codes.
  • More than 90% of world trade is done using WCO modified HSN codes.
  • India is also in the community by accepting the HSN code process.

Why is HSN important under GST?

  • For years other countries have been using the HSN code for trade.
  • After the introduction of GST in our country, HSN and import and export standardization code as accepted in the global forum.
  • The use of HSN code reduces the cost and simplifies the customs process.
  • HSN codes help all taxpayers to know about gst rates against a particular product. It is mandatory to mention the HSN code while filling the GSTR form.

HSN Code List :

HSN codes are mainly used for dealers and trades. They will have to adopt 2 digit, 4 digit and 8 digit HSN codes based on the following criteria.

  • If the business turnover is less than rs. 1.5 crore, so there is no need to adopt the HSN code.
  • If the business business is between rupees. 1.5 crore to Rs. 5 crore Then, they will have to adopt 2 digit HSN codes for business trades.
  • If the business turnover of the business is more than Rs 5 crore, they will have to adopt a 4 digit HSN code for the business.
  • In terms of import and export deals and international trade one should adopt an 8-digit HSN code for trade trade.

Search GST HSN Code List :

The process to search GST HSN code is given below.

  •  Visit Goods and Services Tax official website
  • At home page, go to services category and click “Search HSN Code”.
  • Direct Link
  • Enter HSN Chapter by Name or Code and Click on “Search” button then HSN Code will open.


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