Fake Loan App List 2024: 500+ Fake Loan App List in India

Fake Loan App List 2024: 500+ Fake Loan App List in India. A fake loan app is a dishonest mobile application that pretends to be a legitimate lender to steal users’ personal and financial information. These dishonest applications use several tricks, such as asking for upfront fees for loans that they won’t provide. Their main objective is to steal private information or con people into losing money.

Before disclosing any personal information or engaging in any financial activities, it is crucial to exercise caution and vigilance while dealing with loan applications. We may defend our financial security and protect ourselves from the dishonest practices of fraudulent loan applications by remaining vigilant and knowledgeable. For General information, We are here to share the complete list of all Fake Loan Apps List For you. You can check the complete List of all Fake Apps below.

Fake Loan App List
Fake Loan App List

Fake Loan App List 2024: 500+ Fake Loan App List in India

Agile Loan app Easy credit
Aladdin Lamp Easy Credit Loan App
Angel Loan Easy loan
Apna Paisa EasyCash Loan
Apple cash Easy Rp
Ariaeko Lone Elephant Cash
Asan Loan Es Loan
ATD lone Eulavt App
Balance lone Express loan
Basket loan Express Loan
Bellono Loan Fash rupee
Bellono Loan App Fast cash
Best Paisa Fast coin
Betwinner betting Fast Paisa
Bharat Cash Fast cash
Bright Cash Fast Rupee Loan App
Bright money Fast Rupee
Buddy Loan Fexli Loan
Bus rupee First Cash
Bharat Cash App Flash Loan App
Clear Loan Flash Loan Mobile
Cash Advance Flash rupee
Cash Advance Flip cash
Cash Advance Atach For Pay
Cash Advance T1 Forpay app
Cash advance Fortress Loan App
Cash Book fortune now
cash bowl fresh loan
Cash Carry App Fri Loan
Cash Cola Funny happen
Cash colla Get Cash
Cash cow App Gold Cash
Cash Cow Gold loan app
Cash Credit Gold Sea
Cash curry Gold cash
Cash fish Goldman Payback
Cash go guru loan app
Cash Guru App Hand Cash
Cash Magic Hand Cash Friendly Loan
Cash Hole Handey Loan
Cash Host Loan App Handy loan
Cash Host Hello Box
cash machine Hello Rupee
Cash Machine Loan Hi Credit App
Cash Magic Holiday Mobile Loan
Cash manager Honey Loan
Cash Manager Honey Loan App
Cash Mine Holiday Mobile
Cash Papa Hoo Cash
Cash Park Loan App Hu cash
Cash park I Credit
Cash Park Loan I karza
Cash Pocket Income loan
cash pocket live Cash Income OK
Cash Samosa IND loan
cash star mini so rupee India AI Credit Cash Loan
Cash Station Infinity Cash
Cash carry Loan App Insta Loan
Cashcom Insta money
cash pal Jo Cash
Clear Loan Just paise the Loan App
Coin Rupee Just money
Crazy Cash Kash loan
Credit buzz Koko cash
Credit Loan Koko Loan
Crystal Loan Koko loan
Credit Pearl Lend Mall
credit wallet Link Money
Crystal Loan Live Cash Loan App
Daily Loan Live Cash
Dhan Pal Loan Cube
Discover Loan App loan cube
Dream loan Loan dream Ap[
DuttaRuppes Loan Dream
E Paisa Loan fortune
Eagle Cash Loan App Loan Fortune
Early Credit App Loan Home Small
Easy Barrow Loan App loan loji
Easy Borrow Cash loan Loan Resource(disi)
Easy brave Loan Sathi
Fake Loan App List Fake Loan App List
Loanzone Rupeek buzz
Lucky Loan App Rupeek cash
Lucky Wallet Rupeek fenta
M pocket Rupeeking
MagicCash Loan App Rupeeok
Magic Money Rupeeplus
Magicc Loan Rupeeredee Loan App
Mama Loan Rupeestar
Magicc Loan App Rupiya bus
Marvel cash Rupiya company
Marwel Loan Baba Rush Loan
Matero Finance Samay Rupee
May Loan Sharp corn
Mi Rupe Sharp Loan
Minute Loan App Simple Loan App
Minute cash Shuttle Loan
Minutes In Cash Silver Pocket
Mo Cash Simple Loan
Mobikquick Sky Loan
Mobile cash Slice pay
Monday money app Small Loan
Money box Small Cash Loan App
Money Ladder SmalLoan App
Money lander Smart Coin
Money Master star loan
Money Master App Store Loan
Money muthual Sun cash
Money pocket SUN CASH
money stand pro Sunny loan
Money standup Time loan
Money tree Top Cash
Money Stand Pro App tree lone
Money View App Tyto Cash
Monney Tank Unit Cash
More cash UPA Loan
More Cash App UPO Loancom
More Loan Voice loan
My Cash Loan Volcano Loan
My Kredit Wallaby App
Name of app Wallet Payee
Ob cash loan Apna Paisa
ob cash loan App Walletpro
Ok Rupee Loan App Warn Rupee
One Loan Cash Any Time Wen Credit
One loan easy loan Wow Rupee
onstream Yes Cash
Orange Loan Yes Rupees
Orange Loan Zo zo Cash
Paisawala Cash port
Personal Loan App Alp cash
Phone pay Angel Loan
Pillai Loan Apna Paisa
Plump Wallet Asana Loan
pocket bank Cash Curry
Pokemoney Cash era
PradhanmantriYojna Loan Cash lion
Pub cash Cash Star Miniso Rupee
Quality cash Cashon
Quality Cash Loan App Coco cash
Quick Loan App Credit finch
Rapid Dhani
Rainbow Loan Early Credit App
Rapid Paisa Elephant loan
Reliable Rupee Cash Eye Credit
rich cash Fast Paisa
Rich Loan Go Fast Rupee
Rocket Loan First Cash
Royal able rupee cash Flash Loan Mobile
Royal cash Go cash
Rupee Box Hand Cash
Rupee Loan Ind Loan
Rupee Cash Loan Insta Loan
Rupee Magic Insta Money
Rupee mall Lend Mall
Rupee Online Live Cash
Rupee Papa Loan Resource (DIC)
Rupee pocket Loan tap
Rupee salam Loan zone
Rupee smart Loanzone
Rupee Star Micredit
My Cash Loan Cash Cola
Onstream Cash Carry Loan App
Plump Wallet Cash App
Quick cash Cash Cola
Rich Cash Cash colla Loan
Rupee Magic Cash cow
Rupee pus Cash Guru App
RupeePlus Cash Credit
Rupees plus Cash curry
Samay Rupee Cash fish
Small Loan Cash go
Smile loan CashCow Loan App
Star Loan Cash Cow
Tap credit Cash Guru App
Wow Rupee Cash Hole
66 cash Cash Hole Loan
66 Cash App Cash host
Agile Loan app Cash Host Application
Agile Cash App Cash Light
Aladdin Lamp cash machine
Angel Loan Bharat Cash
Ant cash Coin Rupee
Apna Paisa Cash Cash Machine Loan
Apna Paisa Cash Machine
Apple cash Cash Magic
Arak Loan Cash Papa
Ariaeko Lone Cash Manager
Asan Credit Cash park
Asan Loan Cash Mine
Asan Loan App Cash Papa
Asan Loan Cash manager
ATD Loan Cash Park
ATD lone App Cash Mine
Balance Loan Cash Park Loan App
Balance lone Cash Park Loan
Basket loan CashPark Loan App
Bellono Loan Cash Pocket Live Cash
Bellono Loan App Cash Pocket
Bellono App Cash pocket
Beloan App Cash Pocket Loan App
Belono Loan cash pocket App
Best Paisa Cash Pocket Live Cash
Best Paisa Loan App Cash room
Betwinner betting Cash Samosa
BetWinner LOan Cash Star mini so rupee
Bharat Cash Cash Station
Cash Machine Loan Cash Today
Bharat Cash CashcarryApp
Bright Cash CashCarry Loan App
Bright money Cashcom
Bud Loan cash pal
Buddy Loan Clear Loan App
Bus rupee Chhota Loan
Bus Rupee Cashpal
cash Clear Loan
Cash Advance Coco Loan
Cash Loan App Cashcom App
Cash Advance Loan App Cash Machine Loan
Cash Advance Atach Income Value
Cash Advance T1 Joe Cash
Cash advance Loan Saathi
Cash Advance App Tree Loan
Cash Book Loan Application Money Master
Cash Book Silver Pocket
Cash Personal Loan App Loan Home Small
cash bowl Who Cash
Cash Bowl Loan App Forpay app
Cash Carry Loan Application Rainbow Loan
Cash Carry App Brightmoney
Cash Cash App Cash Magic

Fake Loan Apps In India

What Are Fake Loan Apps?

A mobile application that poses as a trustworthy source for obtaining loans but has harmful motives is referred to as a phoney loan app. These applications entice those who require financial aid by frequently promising quick and simple loans with little paperwork. However, these applications engage in dishonest behaviour rather than offering honest lending services.

FAQ: Fake Loan App List

Which loan apps are fake?

Ans: Full List of all Fake loan Apps Is given Above.

Which are the fake loan apps in India?

Ans: Following Loan Apps Are Fake in India

  • Raise cash.
  • PP money.
  • Rupees master.
  • Cash ray.
  • Mobipocket.
  • Papa money.
  • Infinity cash.
  • Kredit mango.
Which loan apps are banned in India?

Ans: Some of the Fake Loan Apps Banned In India Are Following

  • Cash Bowl Loan App
  • Forpay app
    Cash Carry Loan
  • Application Rainbow Loan
    Cash Carry App
  • Brightmoney
  • Cash Cash App
  • Cash Magic
How do I report a fake loan app Online?

Ans: Make a formal report about it to your neighborhood police department, and ask them to file a cybercrime FIR against the loan application. The police will handle the remaining issues.

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