Digital Health ID Card Download India | Online Apply, Registration

Digital Health ID Card Download India | Online Apply, Registration, Benefits – Apply online link on digital health ID card 2021 registration, see plan benefits here. The Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi has launched the Pradhan Mantri Digital Health Mission (National Digital Health Mission ID Card) on 27 September 2021. You can get all the information about ABDM National Digital Health Card to apply online on the official website i.e. www. and In this article, you can see more details related to Digital Health ID Download 2021.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a new scheme – Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission. Under the scheme, a unique digital health card will be issued to each Indian citizen individually. Pm Modi said, “This mission has the potential to revolutionize India’s health facilities.

Digital Health ID Card Download India
Digital Health ID Card Download 2021 Digital Health ID Card 2021 Download Link

Name of Organization Government of India
Department Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
Announced By Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi
Mission National Digital Health Mission (NDHM)
Launch Date 27th September 2021 (Monday)
Article Category ID Card
Name of Scheme Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM)
Mode of Registration Online
Total Health ID generated till now 14,80,000 Card
Helpline Number 1800-11-4477 / 14477
Fee Charge Free of Cost
Official Website

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission :

Friends, Digital Health Id Card, there is a system under Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission under which a health ID card of every person will be created, it will be a unique card number 14 just like an Aadhaar card. This digital ID will keep all information related to medical records such as prescription of medicines, test reports, doctor’s advice and diseases digitally online so that the next time you go to the doctor, the doctor has addresses about your medical history. This will save your time, especially the doctor, and help you get treated properly.

  • The mission will include a unique health identity card for every citizen of India.
  • Not only that, this digital mission also includes the creation of a digital registry of health professionals and facilities.
  • This health card is going to digitally store all the health information of a patient.
  • The link for online registration has now become active and is available on the official website portal of ‘Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India‘ – or

Digital Health ID Card 2021 Online Registration: Digital Health ID Card Download

Friends, If any candidate wants to avail this scheme, he/she will have to create his ID in the ABDM portal. And for that Registration have to be done. The card issues a digital health ID card with a 14 digit number in favour of the person applying for the “Digital Health ID Card” scheme. Under this digital health ID card, a specific ID card is prepared for each person.

  • The digital health card aims to record all information related to a person’s health.
  • It will keep a record of all the diseases diagnosed, the tests he conducted, the drugs he prescribed.
  • It will also help doctors to check and understand the medical history of their patients before starting any treatment.
  • It is a 14 digit ID card generated through online application using mobile number and Aadhaar number of an Indian citizen.
  • It will protect and protect a person’s personal health information.
  • Digital Health ID card treatment will ease the process of facilities and also increase the standard of living.

Recently, the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, has launched the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission to provide health rights to the Indian people. Under this mission, a digital health card will be created for all sections of households in the country. This card will be the same as the Aadhaar card. One of the major advantages of this card will be that you will get your health record at one click. So you can also create your digital health card with the help of your Aadhaar card and mobile number.

Digital Health ID Card Download : Benefits of Digital Health Card India

The digital health card will provide numerous benefits to the common people as well as the doctors in the treatment procedures:

  • There will be no need to undergo different types of tests again and again.
  • Your data and test reports will be maintained digitally.
  • All your health-related records will be stored and secured on the digital database.
  • You can receive your reports, diagnosis, and prescriptions digitally from verified doctors by presenting this digital card.
  • Doctors can also check the past medical records of their patients easily, before starting any kind of treatment.
  • Analysis of this health data will lead to better planning, budgeting, and implementation of different types of government health programs.
  • This digitalization will lead to transparent and reliable working.

What are the Documents Required to Apply Online for Digital Health Card In India 2021 ?

The following documents are needed for the registration and verification procedures of the Digital Health ID Card:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile Number linked with Aadhar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Address Proof
  • Birth Certificate
  • Previous Medical Reports

Digital Health ID Card Download : How to Register for Digital Health Card?

To create a new Digital Health ID card (Digital Health ID Card), we have given some simple steps below and you can follow it and apply online. So you can apply for an online health card by following these easy steps now, although if the site is maintenance mode, please try after a while.

Digital Health ID Card Download
Digital Health ID Card Download | Registration
  • First of all, the candidate has to Open the official Official Website link of the NDHM
  • Then you will get the link of ‘Create your health Id card Now’ on the Home Page and click on it.
  • Now you have to fill Detail whatever is being required such as Mobile Number/Mobile Number. Name / Date of Birth / Date of Birth Aadhaar card etc.
  • Then, after filling the Detail, you will have OTP on your Mobile which you have to Enter
  • Then User name and Password Set
  • Once it’s done your digital Health Card is generated.
  • At Last Click on the Download ID button

How to Make Health Id Card With Help Of Mobile Online ?

  • The first thing you do is go to to make a health card.
  • Now you click on Create via Aadhaar Card.
  • Now you enter your Aadhaar card number.
  • After entering the Aadhaar card, scroll down the page and click “I Agree” and tick “i am not Robot” and click “Submit”.
  • Now on the next page you have to enter the OTP on your Aadhaar linked mobile number.
  • Now you also need to enter your mobile number which will have a OTP on it and click on “Submit”.
  • Now you will see all the information related to your Aadhaar card and just fill in whatever details are missing.
  • Now in the next section you have to create your PHP Id which is just as you create your mail ID.
  • Now, after filling in all the information, Submit.
  • Now you’ll see a message from “Your Profile has been updated”.
  • This means that your health card has been created and you can view your Digital Health ID card by scrolling down the page.
  • This is where you will also see the download option on which you can download your health ID card by clicking on it.

Digital Health ID Card Download : Digital Health Card Correction Online

  • Once a health card is created, you can sometimes modify your health ID card.
  • You can take the help of PHR APP on your mobile phone to Correction a digital helth card.
  • In this app you will see the option of Update Profile in your profile.
  • You can modify your help card by clicking on it.

FAQ : Digital Health ID Card Download India Online 2021

Can digital helth ID cards be made in hospitals?
  • Yes, they can be made in hospitals also.
Do Community Centres create health identity cards In India ?
  • Yes, digital help cards are also made at community centres.
Can a health card be made by visiting a common service centre?
  • Yes, you can make this card by visiting the CSC Centre.
How to Name Change in a My health card Online ?
  • You can change the name by PHR by visiting the APP or NDHM website and clicking on the update profile.
How to improve date of birth in digital healthy ID card ?
  • For this, you can use the Update Profile option.
Can an inquiry report be uploaded on it?
  • Yes, you can go to the NDHM website and upload your pathology report etc. documents.
What is ABDM ?
  • The Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) aims to develop the backbone necessary to support the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country.
  • It aims to bridge the existing gap amongst different stakeholders of healthcare ecosystem through digital highways.
What is a Health ID ?
  • Anyone who wishes to participate in ABDM and have their health records available digitally must start by creating a Health ID.
  • Health ID is a randomly generated 14 digit number used for the purposes of uniquely identifying persons, authenticating them, and threading their health records (only with their informed consent) across multiple systems and stakeholders.
What is a PHR Address ?
  • PHR (Personal Health Records) Address is a self declared username that is required to sign into a Health Information Exchange & Consent Manager (HIE-CM).
  • Each Health ID will require linkage to a consent manager to enable data sharing.
  • Currently, all Health ID users can generate their own PHR Address during Health ID sign up.
What is HIE – CM ?
  • Health Information Exchange & Consent Manager (HIE-CM) refers to consent manager that enables consent management, and sharing & linking of personal health records for a user.
  • ABDM has rolled out its own HIE-CM (Health Records Application).
  • You can use your Health ID to sign up on the HIE-CM (Health Records Application).
  • Multiple consent managers are likely to be available for patients to choose from in the near future.
How do I get a Health ID ?
  • You can get a Health ID by self-registration on the Health ID web portal or by downloading ABDM Health Records application from the Google Playstore.
  • You can register here ABDM Health ID or download the Mobile application here Health Records.
  • You may also request for creation of your Health ID at a participating health facility, which may include public/private hospitals, community health centre, health and wellness centres across India.
What all do I need to register for a Health ID ?
  • For Health ID creation through Mobile Number- Name, Year of Birth, Gender, Address, Mobile Number.
  • For Health ID creation through Aadhaar- Name, Year of Birth, Gender, Address, Mobile Number, Aadhaar Number
Is Aadhaar mandatory to create a Health ID ?
  • No. The process of generation of Health ID involves voluntary usage of Aadhaar.
  • If you do not want to use your Aadhaar for Health ID creation, you can simply use your Mobile Number accompanied with self declared information.
My Mobile Number is not linked to my Aadhaar Number. How do I authenticate my Aadhaar for Health ID creation ?
  • If you use your Aadhaar Number to create your Health ID on the Health ID portal, an OTP will be sent to the Mobile Number linked to your Aadhaar.
  • If your Aadhaar is not linked to any mobile number, it is suggested that you visit the nearest participating facility, and opt for biometric authentication using Aadhaar Number.
  • After successful authentication, you will obtain a Health ID at the facility itself.
Can I use ID documents other than Aadhaar for Health ID creation ?
  • Currently, ABDM supports Health ID creation via Mobile or Aadhaar.
  • ABDM will soon roll out features that will support Health ID creation with other ID documents such as PAN card, Driving License, etc. in assisted mode at participating health facilities
Is my Health ID unique?
  • Your Health ID is created by using your basic details in addition to your Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number.
  • Your Health ID will be unique to you, and you will have the option to link all your health records to the Health ID.
  • You can also choose to create multiple IDs to link different sets of health records with different Health IDs, however, it is recommended that you create only one Health ID.
How long will the registration take ?
  • Complete registration takes less than 10 minutes as you are only required to fill your basic details,an authenticate your Mobile Number or Aadhaar Number.
Do I have to submit any physical documents ?
  • As part of the existing process, you are not required to submit any physical documents anywhere. Enrolment of Health ID is paperless and hassle free.
  • ABDM will soon be rolling out a feature to support Health ID creation in low resource settings in a paper based manner.
  • However, the scope of the said process may be restricted only to delivery of government health benefit schemes
Are my health records safe and secure ?
  • ABDM does not store any of your health records.
  • Your health records are stored with healthcare information providers as per their retention policies, and are shared over the ABDM network with encryption mechanisms only after your express consent.

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