What are some subtle behavioral tactics that defeat laziness? UPSC

What are some subtle behavioral tactics that defeat laziness?

What are some subtle behavioral tactics that defeat laziness?

What are some subtle behavioral tactics that defeat laziness?

My dad told me that the hardest part of Hell Week (SEAL training) is Tuesday.

At face value, it’s a bizarre choice.

Hell Week involves waking soldiers up to gunfire on a Sunday and forcing them to exercise, jump in cold water, and go without sleep until Friday.

A gargantuan challenge by any measure.

But why Tuesday?

Sunday, you are woken up to machine gun fire.

All through the night you run, you carry rafts, you get yelled at. You jump in freezing water. You shiver. You eat.

Monday morning, it continues.

The cold water, exercise, grueling log lifts, runs into the waves.

There are constant mentally challenging exercises with specific instructions that, when not followed with precision, result in punishment exercises.

All through Monday afternoon this continues.

It then rolls into Monday night.

On and through the night, as other people sleep in their warm bed, you shiver, your arms burn, your back hurts, your legs begin to feel like stiff boards from the running.

This mashup of misery has become your reality.

Tuesday rolls around.

You are legit tired, more tired than you’ve ever been.

You do some mental calendar notes.

I am this tired now. We aren’t even halfway done. Friday is a long, long way away.

And I am so, so tired.

On Tuesday, the task in front of you looks impossible.

Guys start feeling sorry for themselves. They start thinking about how hard it all is, how much it hurts, how tired they are.

There is a lot of bell ringing (quitting) on Tuesday.

The tactic my dad and others used?

Focus on each exercise, one drill at a time.

Don’t look any further than that. Don’t think about Friday, don’t think about tomorrow, don’t think about an hour from now.

Just stay in the now. One small task at a time.

You can extend this to many of the most common things we all struggle with:

Gym: just focus on putting your shoes on. One foot. Then the other foot. See how that goes.

After that, get your keys and get in your car. Then just focus on starting the car, driving, getting to the gym.

Studying: just go sit at your desk. Open the book and see what happens.

Read a sentence or two. See how it goes. Then a paragraph.

If you can narrow your field of vision down to just a few moments ahead of you, you can lower the mental weight of the obstacle.

This tactic is wickedly effective at weakening the perceived barriers that cause procrastination and laziness.

There Are Certain Things Which You Should Do For Defeating Laziness

Create A Plan

  • Create a Plan And Make Full Plan About Your Target And Tasks .
  • Planning is Most Important For Any Task Completion.

Break Tasks Down

  • It doesn’t matter what you are doing – chances are it can be broken down into a number of constituent parts that are easier to tackle.
  • For example, that big assignment that’s due in a few days (and which is oh-so-daunting) can actually be accomplished in a number of different steps, all of which are a lot easier to complete than when looking at the project as a whole.
  • So Divide Task in Smaller Parts and Try To Complete It

Set Time Limit

  • This is Most Important Part For Defeating Laziness . Whenever You sat a Target Try To Complete That Task in Time Limit . Do Not leave For Next Day .

Remove Distractions

  • Remove All Distraction Which Are Causing Problem For You. Just Focus On Your Target

Stop Overthinking About Tasks

  • Stop Overthinking About Task . We Have Seen Many Aspirants Who Continuously Over Think About Syllabus, Books , This And That .
  • Try To Make Things Simple And Complete One Topic Or Book One Time .

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