China Holidays List 2022 – China Public Holidays List Calendar Pdf

China Holidays List 2022 – China Public Holidays List Calendar Pdf – Every year, 7 public holidays are enjoyed by all citizens in China: New Year, Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), Qingming Festival, Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Celebration and National Day. The Spring Festival is the biggest holiday in China. The next China public holiday is the mid-autumn festival (Mooncake Festival). It falls on September 10, 2022. The mid-autumn celebration holiday is from September 10-12.

China Holidays List
China Holidays List

China Holidays List 2022 – China Public Holidays List Calendar

2022 Date Holiday Name Holiday Remarks
Jan. 1 New Year’s Day Jan. 1–3
Feb. 1 Spring Festival Jan. 31 – Feb. 6 Chinese New Year, China’s biggest festival
Apr. 5 Qingming Festival Apr. 3–5 Tomb Sweeping Day
May 1 Labor Day Apr. 30 – May 4 A ‘golden week’ for tourism
Jun. 3 Dragon Boat Festival Jun. 3–5 People eat sticky rice dumplings and attend dragon boat races.
Sep. 10 Mid-Autumn Festival Sep. 10–12 Mooncake Festival
Oct. 1 National Day Oct. 1–7 Another ‘golden week’ for tourism

Other China Festivals and Holiday 2022

2022 Date Holiday Remarks
Feb. 15 Lantern Festival Lanterns decorations, lantern riddles, eating tangyuan (sweet sticky rice balls)
Mar. 3 Tibetan New Year One of the grandest festivals in Tibet
Mar. 8 Women’s Day All adult females have half a day off.
Apr. 3 Double Third Festival People in Guangxi have 2 days off.
May 4 Youth Day Youths aged 14–28 years old have half a day off.
Jun. 1 Children’s Day Children under 14 years of age have one day off.
Aug. 1 Army Day Soldiers in service have half a day off.
Aug. 4 Qixi Festival Chinese Valentine’s Day
Aug. 12 Ghost Festival A traditional festival for ancestor worship
Oct. 4 Double Ninth Festival A day for the old — senior citizens’ day

What’s the biggest holiday in China?

  • The Chinese New Year is the biggest holiday in China. Chinese people have seven days off, and some may have a 15-day vacation.
  • Except for a few in the service area like hotels and large restaurants, most establishments remain closed for a week.

How long are public holidays in China ?

In total, there are 13 statutory days off for public holidays in the Chinese mainland, with Saturdays and Sundays not counting: four 3-day holidays, one 5-day holiday, and two 7-day holidays.

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