BTS World Tour Country List 2023, BTS Tickets, Tour Dates List

BTS World Tour Country List 2023 | BTS Tickets, Tour Dates and ConcertsBTS World Tour Country List 2023 | BTS World Tour 2023 List | BTS World Tour 2023 Country List India | BTS Tour Time and Dates List , Upcoming Tour List, Cities And Countries, BTS Group Logo, BTS Hot, BTS Whatsapp, Sarkarilist BTS Tours List. 

BTS World Tour Country List: An abbreviation for BTS, Bangton Soneondon or “Beyond the Sense” is a Grammy-nominated South Korean group that has been capturing the hearts of millions of fans globally since its debut in June 2013. The members of the BTS are RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin V and Jung Kook. Gaining recognition for its authentic and self-made music, top performances and way to interact with its fans, BTS has established itself as a “21st century pop icon” by breaking countless world records. The BTS World Tour Country List is given below along with the tour venue and date.

India is among the 10 Asian destinations shortlisted by BTS for 2023. This is great news for all the fans of BTS. A total of 8 locations in Europe were selected by BTS. Choose 10 locations in Asia. 11 BTS locations in the US. Choose 3 locations in Canada. 2 positions selected by BTS in Latin America and Australia. According to reports, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) will be the venue for the BTS World Tour India 2022. All the BTS members have a huge fan following around the world. List of BJP Ruling States in India 2022 : latest Updatedt List Pdf Download

BTS World Tour Country List

BTS World Tour Country List 2023 | BTS Tickets, Tour Dates and Concerts

  • The South Korean boys’ band, BTS is very famous all over the world.
  • His fans are always seen in amazement with every work and song.
  • Jane Z is highly obsessed with the band and they widely like all seven members of the band.
  • It is very clear from the lyrics and their popularity that they have created a sense of unprecedented appreciation for K’s pop genre.
  • Their tour is one of most of the much awaited moments and such a turning point has come.
  • He is all set to visit many countries including India as per his World Tour.
  • They will perform on Indian soil for the first time.
  • An official announcement has been made in India regarding their temporary schedule. He will visit India in August 2022 as he will visit some other places in Asia.
Name of the Event BTS World Tour 2022.
Category Music Concert.
BTS World Tour Venue for 2022
  • 10 Venue in Asia (Including India).
  • 8 Venues in Europe.
  • 11 Venues in US.
  • 3 Venues in Canada.
  • 2 venues in Latin America & Australia.
Upcoming Concert – BTS World Tour Date 2022
  • 10 March : Seoul (Korea) Olympic Stadium
  • 12 March : Seoul (Korea)
  • 13 March : Seoul (Korea)
  • 8 April 2022 : Las Vegas (NV, US)
  • 9 April 2022 : Las Vegas (NV, US)
  • 15 April 2022 : Las Vegas (NV, US)
  • 16 April 2022 : Las Vegas (NV, US)
Name of the BTS Army
  1. V
  2. Kim Seok Jin
  3. RM
  4. J Hope
  5. Jungkook
  6. Park Ji Min
  7. Suga
Expected Date of BTS Tour India 2022 July 2022.
Official Website

How to Register for BTS Concert Booking 2023 Tickets

The entire process of BTS concert booking ticket is given below step by step.

  •  Visit the BTS official website
  • On the home page, click on the “BTS” button in the menu section and select the “Tour” link.
  • Now choose the date and location of the BTS concert.
  • Now choose row and seat and pay the fee and download the BTS concert ticket PDF.

BTS World Tour Country List 2023 : 

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • London
  • Paris France
  • Japan
  •  Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea

BTS Concert in India 2023 Ticket Price

  • The BTS concert 2023 in India is scheduled to take place soon.
  • According to new sources, the BTS India Tour 2022 is likely to start from August.
  • BTS Concert 2023 ticket price in India is 1000/- – Rs.50,000/- – Up to Rs.
  • You can purchase tickets through the various online platforms available.
  • BTS is going to perform in Gujarat or Delhi or Bangalore for its India concert.

BTS Ticket Price List :

Sound Check 530$
Regular Floor Seats 350$
P2 Seats (After Floor) 350$
P3 (2nd Floor) 300$
SEC 324 265$
SEC 515 155$
  • A typical BTS live event ticket will cost $242 which is approximately Indian Rs 18,500.
  • If you want a premium ticket it will cost around $7875 Indian Rs 60,0000.
  • The price of tickets can vary and they can be increased or decreased on the independent phone of the organizer.

BTS World Tour 2022 Dates

Country BTS World Tour 2022 Dates
Las Vegas, USA 8th April 2022
Las Vegas USA 9th April 2022
Las Vegas USA 15th April 2022
Las Vegas USA 16th April 2022

BTS All Songs List : Latest Songs List 2022

  • 2 Cool 4 Skool
  • o!RUL8,2?
  • Skool Luv Affair
  • Skool Luv Affair: Special Addition
  • No More Dream (Japanese Album)
  • BOY IN LUV (Japanese Album)
  • Dark & Wild
  • Danger (Japanese Album)
  • Wake Up (Japanese Album)
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in life Pt. 1
  • FOR YOU (Japanese Album).
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.2
  • I NEED U (Japanese Album)
  • RUN (Japanese Album)
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Younger Forever
  • Youth (Japanese Album)
  • YOU Never Walk Alone
  • Blood Sweat & Tears (Japanese Album)
  • Love Yourself: Her
  • MIC DROP / DNA / Crystal Show (Japanese Album)
  • Face Yourself (Japanese Album)
  • Dynamite
  • BE
  • Film Out
  • Butter
  • Permission To Dance
  • Love Yourself: Tear
  • Love Yourself: Answer
  • Fake Love / Airplane Pt.2 (Japanese Album)
  • Map of the Soul: Persona
  • BTS World Original Soundtrack
  • Lights / Boy With Luv (Japanese Album)
  • Map of the Soul: 7
  • Map of the Soul 7: the journey (Japanese Album)

BTS Collaborations List :

  • BigHit – Perfect Christmas
  • BTS & thanh Bui – Danger (Mo-Blue-Remix)
  • BTS X Seo Taiji – Come Back Home
  • RM & Wale – Change
  • Gaeko Ft. RM – Gajah
  • RM x Soulscape – Unpack Your Bags
  • Primary ft. RM & Kwon Jin Ah – U
  • RM (Duet Song festival) – Umbrella
  • JK & Zion-T – Yanghaw Bridge
  • MFBTY ft. RM & EE& Dino J – Buckubucku

How to Book Tickets for the BTS India Concert?

When you know that BTS is going to perform in India, it is very exciting for all BTS fans and BTS Army. Those who love his performance can book tickets online for their BTS world tour in 2022. The expected month of BTS tour in India is July 2022. The official date of the concert in India will be released soon. You can follow us on social media so we will inform you when the date will be announced.

BTS was performed in India in 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all live events and shows were suspended. Due to this, BTS also postponed its world tour. Now that the COVID-19 situation is under control, BTS announced its world tour. They are going to perform in venues of 10 Asian countries including India in the coming month. Most likely the BTS show will be held in Ahmedabad Gujarat.

BTS Concert in India Schedule 2023 :

No official announcement has yet been made about the exact schedule of the BTS tour in Asia. According to reports from various media sources, speculations are rife that he will visit the country in August 2022. Ten places have been decided in Asia and obviously India is one of them. The country is all set to welcome banda after a visit to western countries in June 2022. They are currently in the United States and are involved in hosting concerts and concerts all over the country. He also visited potus at the White House. All this is trending and making the fans go crazy.

After all the recent reports and social media posts of BTS in the US, fans in India are getting curious. They are excited to host the band on their journey. There is a lot of speculation and so far, it is being speculated that BTS will be seen performing on Indian soil by the end of July 2022 or perhaps in early August 2022.

  • The BTS stars have acknowledged their love for the country and fans. Many times.
  • Apparently, his heart melts as soon as he hears hello.
  • Thus, it will be interesting to see BTS finally address India live.

Love Yourself World Tour : BTS

  • A concert film by South Korean group BTS.
  • The movie takes place during the August 25 and 26, 2018 shows of their Love Yourself Tour at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

BTS Military Service 2022 : Debate

  • K-pop boy band BTS may still be able to perform overseas while serving in the military, South Korea’s defence minister said, as the country debates reducing mandatory military service for K-pop stars from nearly two years to three weeks.
  • The issue is fast gaining attention with Jin, the oldest member of the band, who will turn 30 next year. Under the 2019 law amendment, globally recognised K-pop stars were allowed to shut down their service by up to 30.

BTS World Tour 2023 Country List

  • BTS World Tour 2023 Countries List Will Be Updated Here On This Page. Right Now We Do not Have any Update Regarding Tour And Concert.

BTS World Tour 2023 Dates, India Concert Schedule, BTS Concert Countries List

Here Is Answers Of All Frequently Asked Questions Which our Readers Asked About BTS Country Tour List.

What are the BTS World Tour 2023 Dates?

  • BTS is performing in the USA from 8th April 2022 to 16 April 2022.

When is BTS India Concert 2023 Scheduled?

  • BTS India Concert is scheduled in August 2022.

How to buy BTS India Concert 2023 Tickets?

  • Visit Bookmyshow or other ticketing platforms to buy BTS India Concert 2023 Tickets.

What is the Genre of the BTS Music?

  • K Pop is the Genre of BTS Music.

Which countries will BTS visit in 2023?

  • Seol – South Korea
  • Las Vegas – United States

Where is BTS right now in 2023?

  • Preparing For Next World Tour.

Is BTS coming to India in 2023 in Gujarat?

  • According to the Latest Reports, Ahmedabad (Gujarat) was  venue for BTS World Tour India 2022 But Now They Are Not Coming . But We Hope That BTS May Perform In India In 2023. We Will Update When Official Notification Released From BTS Team.

Which countries are included in BTS World Tour?

  • South Korea
  • USA
  • India

Why did BTS name their World Tour as “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour”?

  • There Is No Clear Answer About Why They Choose This Name ( Love YourSelf World tour ) .

What is BTS biggest Song Or Most Watched Song ?

  • BTS, “Dynamite” Is The Biggest Song Of BTS .
  • It is 1 on the Hot 100, it also broke records on Billboard’s Global charts and Digital Song Sales chart.

Who is the richest from BTS?

  • J-Hope.
  • Being one of the richest members not only because of the success of his latest singles but also because of his overall skills, J-Hope is an all-rounder in the group Of BTS.
  • His outstanding dancing skills have made him a choreographer and coordinator which makes him an important part of the band.

Who is The Most Handsome in BTS?

  • BTS member Kim Teyung is The Most Handsome Member Of The Group.
  • Kim Teyung’s Has a dreamy look, known as the Prince of Asia, makes fans go down on their knees .

Will the K-pop boy band be able to perform while enlisting in the military?

  • South Korean law requires all competent men between the ages of 18 and 28 to join compulsory military service.
  • The list of exemptions has so far not included any K-pop stars, although South Korean violinists, pianists, ballet artists, actors and directors have been exempted in the field of art and culture.

Should BTS be exempt from military service?

  • BTS has undoubtedly brought South Korea’s culture into the spotlight. He has released massive global hits, including “Dynamite” and “Butter” invited by the White House to speak out against anti-Asian hate crimes and spoken at the United Nations. They were the first K-pop group to perform at the Grammys, and were also nominated for the prestigious award.

In Which Years BTS Members Were Born ?

  • BTS comprises Jin (1992)
  • Suga (1993)
  • RM (1994)
  • J-Hope (1994)
  • Jimin (1995)
  • V (1995)
  • Jungkook (1997).

In Which Countries Or Cities BTS Concert Was Held In Past ?

  • Red Bullet Tour in 2014
  • Wake Up: Open Your Eyes Japan Tour in 2015
  • The Most Beautiful Moment in Life on Stage Tour in 2016
  • The Wings Tour in 2017
  • Love Yourself World Tour in 2018
  • Map of the Soul Tour in 2020

What is BTS J-Hope In The Box Release Date 2023 ?

Ans : Rapper J-Hope of BTS Group is all set to feature in a new documentary titled ‘Jhope In the Box.’ The film, produced by Hybe, will be released on February 17, 2023, at 5 PM KST, on Disney+ and Weverse Worldwide.

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