Morgan Wallen Songs List 2023: Check Full List of All Songs

Morgan Wallen Songs List: Check the Full List of All Songs And Recently Released Songs. American country music performer and composer Morgan Wallen. He was born in Sneedville, Tennessee, on May 13, 1993. Wallen’s distinctive fusion of traditional and contemporary elements helped him become well-known in the country music scene.

“Whiskey Glasses,” “More Than My Hometown,” “Chasin’ You,” and “7 Summers,” among other songs, are some of his well-known compositions. In 2018, he released his first record, “If I Know Me,” to favourable reviews and commercial success. Here we are sharing all songs of Morgan Wallen And Also the upcoming Songs List. Check all Songs below.

Morgan Wallen Songs List
Morgan Wallen Songs List

Morgan Wallen Songs List

During the sixth season of “The Voice” in 2014, Morgan Wallen first gained notoriety as a competitor on the reality singing competition program. Despite the fact that he came in second, the exposure he received helped him gain a following and launch a lucrative music career.

Wallen joined Big Loud Records in 2016 and put out his debut EP, “The Way I Talk,” which included the popular song of the same name. The success of the EP cleared the way for the release of his first studio album, “If I Know Me,” in 2018. Popular tracks from the album included “Up Down” with Florida Georgia Line and “Whiskey Glasses.”

Full Name Morgan Cole Wallen
Birthdate May 13, 1993
Birthplace Sneedville, Tennessee, USA
Occupation Country Music Singer and Songwriter
Instruments Vocals, Guitar
Debut Album “If I Know Me” (2018)
Notable Hits
  • “Whiskey Glasses”
  • “Up Down” (featuring Florida Georgia Line)
  • “Chasin’ You”
  • CMA Awards: New Artist of the Year (2020)
  • Billboard Music Awards: Top Country Song (2021) for “Chasin’ You”
Record Label Big Loud Records

Dangerous: The Double Album (2-CD)

  • Sand In My Boots
  • Wasted On You
  • Somebody’s Problem
  • More Surprised Than Me
  • 865
  • Warning
  • Neon Eyes
  • Outlaw
  • Whiskey’d My Way
  • Wonderin’ Bout The Wind
  • Your Bartender
  • Only Thing that’s Gone
  • Cover Me Up
  • 7 Summers
  • More Than My Hometown

Tracks of Disc 2: 

  • Still Goin down
  • Red Necks, Red Letter, Red Dirt
  • Dangerous
  • Beer Don’t
  • Blame It On Me
  • Somethin’ Country
  • This Bar
  • Country A$$ Shit
  • Whatcha Think Of Country Now
  • Me On Whiskey
  • Need A Boat
  • Silverado For Sale
  • Heartless (Wallen Album Remix)
  • Livin’ The Dream
  • Quittin’ Time
  • This Side Of A Dust Cloud
  • Bandaid On A Bullet Hole

If I Know Me: 2019

  • Up Down (Feat. Florida Georgia Line)
  • Happy Hour
  • Had Me By Halftime
  • Whiskey Glasses
  • Whatcha Know ‘Bout That
  • Redneck Love Song
  • Little Rain
  • If I Know Me
  • Chasin’ You
  • The Way I Talk
  • If I Ever Get You Back
  • Gone Girl
  • Not Good at Not
  • Talkin’ Tennessee

Morgan Wallen Best Songs List:

This is the List of Best Songs of Morgan Wallen. Check all the best Songs below.

  • ’98 Braves (2023)
  • Up Down (2017)
  • Chasin’ You (2018)
  • Whiskey Glasses (2018)
  • This Bar (2019)
  • 7 Summers (2020)
  • 865 (2021)
  • Ain’t That Some (2023)
  • Cowgirls (2023)
  • Dangerous (2021)
  • Days That End In Why (2022)
  • Don’t Think Jesus (2022)
  • Dying Man (2023)
  • Everything I Love (2023)
  • I Wrote The Book (2023)
  • Last Night (2023)
  • Livin’ the Dream (2020)
  • Man Made A Bar (2023)
  • More Than My Hometown (2020)
  • One Thing At A Time (2022)
  • Only Thing That’s Gone (2021)
  • Sand In My Boots (2021)
  • Somebody’s Problem (2020)
  • Spin You Around (2015)
  • Still Goin’ Down (2021)
  • Sunrise (2023)
  • Tennessee Fan (2022)
  • Thinkin’ Bout Me (2023)
  • Thought You Should Know (2022)
  • Warning (2021)
  • Wasted On You (2021)
  • You Proof (2022)

FAQ: Morgan Wallen Songs List

What are some of Morgan Wallen’s most popular songs?

Ans: Morgan Wallen’s most popular songs include “Whiskey Glasses,” “7 Summers,” “More Than My Hometown,” “Chasin’ You,” “Up Down,” and “Sand in My Boots.”

Which album features the song “Whiskey Glasses”?

Ans: The song “Whiskey Glasses” is featured on Morgan Wallen’s debut studio album, “If I Know Me,” released in 2018.

When did Morgan Wallen release the song “7 Summers”?

Ans: “7 Summers” was released by Morgan Wallen on August 14, 2020.

Which songs are included in Morgan Wallen’s album “Dangerous: The Double Album”?

Ans: “Dangerous: The Double Album,” released on January 8, 2021, is a double-disc album featuring a total of 30 songs. Some of the songs included are

  • “Sand in My Boots,”
  • “More Than My Hometown,”
  • “Wasted on You,”
  • “Warning,”
  • “Somebody’s Problem,”
  • “Livin’ the Dream.”

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