What is Ring Topology ? Advantages & Disadvantages | Pdf Download

What is Ring Topology ? Advantages & Disadvantages | Pdf Download – The name of the ring topology suggests that all the computer devices are connected to each other in the form of a ring, there is no computer host or main computer inside this topology. In the ring topology, the signal is given the shape of a ring to pass, the repeater is used in addition to the nodes to pass the same data.

RING TOPOLOGY is used in a local area network where all its nodes are connected in a closed loop configuration. The networks that connect to it are directly connected to the nearby device, while all the devices are connected through the other device. In ring topology, data is not sent directly from one computer to another. This network topology is also known as active topology because it is connected to all other computer devices. All the computers connected in the form of the ring provide information to the device near them, in this way the data reaches the real computer.

What is Ring Topology ? Advantages & Disadvantages | Pdf Download

What is Ring Topology ? Advantages & Disadvantages | Pdf Download

In RING TOPOLOGY, each computer is connected to two computer devices near it and each computer is fitted with a network interface card. Just like the topology, the data flow in this too is in only one direction. In this TOPOLOGY, each computer device is added to form a round shape, due to which this ring is called topology.

Just like the topology, after connecting more nodes, the chances of data loss increase, but in this, data loss is prevented by increasing the signal capacity. What Is Bus Topology, Advantages & Disadvantages, Uses | Pdf Download

Types :

There are mainly two types of topology which are used to increase the signal capacity-



In unidirectional ring topology, the direction of the data flow is on one side, this direction can be CLOCKWISE or ANTI CLOCKWISE on one side.


  • In bidirectional ring topology, the direction of data flow can be changed i.e. its direction can be from CLOCKWISE to ANTI CLOCKWISE and from ANTI CLOCKWISE to CLOCKWISE.


  • Installing the ring topology is very cheap.
  • The data transfer of this network topology takes place at a very high speed rate.
  • Mistakes in this can be easily discovered and corrected.
  • It is quite simple to add and remove the nodes.
  • In this, the direction of the data flow is on one side due to which there is no collision between them.
  • In this, each device accesses a token due to which this network is very organized.
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  • In this, the entire network stops working after a part of the cable is damaged.
  • The whole system has to be turned off for a short time to install or remove new equipment in it.
  • In this, the data transfer rate becomes very slow due to the increase of computer devices.
  • It takes a lot of time to install.
  • It requires a lot of electric power.
  • Adding and removing a node is very difficult in this, doing so affects the entire network.
  • It is not a secure network because the device present in it does not have any unique connection.

Uses :

  • No network control is required for data transfer.
  • It can be connected to the basic form of any node.
  • Its operation and cost price is economical.
  • There is very little chance of one data clashing with another.
  • It’s very easy to manage.

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