What Is Multimedia | Its Advantages & Disadvantages Pdf

What Is Multimedia | Its Advantages & Disadvantages Pdf – From computers to mobiles, you get the feature of Multimedia in most electronic devices. In fact, it is a group of different things like Image, Text, Video, Photo, Audio and today they are seen in electronic devices like computers, smart TVs, smart phones. As you all know, computers that hold a prominent place in multimedia.

What Is Multimedia ?

  • Multimedia is a English language word consisting of two words Multi and Media.
  • Multi means different, diverse or many Media means a medium of communication by which you Multimedia can easily convey your speech and thoughts to others.
  • Multimedia is a useful technology that allows you to present any information digitally by combining various media mediums such as Graphics, Image, Text, Video, Photo, Audio.

Multimedia can be easily understood by example. You all Use Youtube almost at some point For Movie, News, Song through TV. In a song or movie you must be showing different elements being used. You must have heard the voice, the pictures, the text. In digital terms, when some information is presented to you using all these different mediums, that is what we call multimedia.

What Is Multimedia | Its Advantages & Disadvantages Pdf

What Are Multi media Hardware And Software

  • We need a variety of hardware and software to build and use it. Let’s see some such software and hardware
  • We use capture devices to capture multimedia, such as Camera, Video Recorder, Microphones, Audio Recorders we capture Multi media with the help of them.
  • This is followed by Hard disc, CD Rom, Drive, etc. to save multi media i.e. store.
  • We need many devices like CDs, Video players, speakers, audio players etc. to run or consume Multimedia.

What Is Uses Of  Multimedia ?

  • It is a multi-useful technology in the present age which is used in different fields.
  • Even in the present Corona crisis, multi media has played an important role in continuing many arrangements in many ways.
  • Today’s era is an era of internet and digital technology and multimedia has become a preferred medium of communication, information and expression.
  • Without it, it seems impossible to imagine the present age.
  • Multimedia is definitely being used in one form or the other in every field today.

It has many uses, some of which are as follows:

  • It has made it easier to exchange information.
  • It has helped a lot in explaining and presenting your thoughts and thoughts to the people easily.
  • It makes it easier to Communication.
  • Multi media has become the preferred medium of Longo with which it has been possible to broadcast education, information, news, entertainment, sports etc. to the people smoothly.
  • With the help of this multimedia, any information can be presented in an entertaining manner so that the viewer is not bored.
  • It has provided a platform for people’s creativity (creativity).

Benefits of Multimedia

The reason why it is so popular is its many benefits. Let’s introduce you to some of its benefits

  • They are very easy to use.
  • Multi media is beneficial for all types of individuals.
  • You can get information from all your senses like listening, watching, reading, etc.
  • Multi media is very entertaining and provides information to the audience in a fun and interactive manner.
  • It is used to provide recreational teaching to students.
  • It has benefited in making people aware by facilitating communication.

Multimedia Side Effects On Daily Life

You must have heard that every coin has two sides. You must have heard that everything has some good and some evil. Similarly, along with being so beneficial, there are some multi media defects that need to be known.

  • Multimedias is easy to consume but it is not easy to build.
  • It requires skills to make it which is not available to everyone.
  • It is very expensive to build as it uses a variety of resources.
  • It does not work smoothly in every device.
  • Special hardware is sometimes required to use Multimedias.
  • It can also be misused which can prove to be very fatal.




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