What are the best ways to study for longer hours? IAS Topper Tips

What are the best ways to study for longer hours? IAS Topper Tips –

After studying intensely for 12 quality hours for over 8–10 months for UPSC CSE ,I found out that your body and mind can sustain studying for long hours for around 1 year if you “plan” well.


What are the best ways to study for longer hours? IAS Topper Tips

What are the best ways to study for longer hours? IAS Topper Tips

Some key points –

A) Do your “daily works” in your rest time – Like take bath in rest time,have lunch or dinner in rest time ,call friends or play sports in rest time.Dont do such things in your study time .It breaks the whole tempo.

B) Give yourself reward for studying honestly.

C) Take a weekly off.I studied intensely for 6 days and on one day I just read the newspaper and no more study.

D) Keep track of time.I mean – of every second.

E) Dont neglect health.

F) Do one thing at a time – When you study,then study passionately and when you are with friends,then party nicely.This requires focus though.

My day’s schedule –

1.I made it a point to wake up latest by 7 am.And the first thing I did was to read something for half hour.This was a great use of an otherwise unfruitful time .

2. Then I got fresh and had breakfast till 8 am.

3. The key is that in morning you should hit study table straight away and never waste time in morning as you are completely fresh after sleep.Use this time in best way.

4. Then study for 3 hours till 11 am.Mostly my optional subject.

5. Then take rest of 45 minutes and do whatever u wanted to which makes you feel happy.I juggled football and took shower and listened to music in this time.A sort of reward after studying sincerely.

6.Time for fight – Then study till 1.45 i.e for 2 hours.

7. Now its rest time and also lunch time – So take a rest till 3 pm and may be a quick power nap too after lunch.

8. Now hit the work – Study straight till 6 pm.The motivation for me used to be that I will play football/cricket/exercise in the evening so lets finish it off.

9. Enough of study – Now its rest/hobbies time . It went on till 7.30 pm.Sports/running/family time for me.

10. Then without wasting time,studying 1 hour till 8.30 pm.Remember the rule – do not prolong your rest time.

10. Dinner and bit tv till 9 pm.

11. The last push – At this point in the day,you are bored and tired so do something interesting in studies .So mostly I used to solve prelims questions or watched videos for geography or browsed internet for the doubts that I had or read newspaper or study the subject that i loved the most i.e polity.I studied till 11 pm.

12. Then using phone for random browsing till 11.30 or max 12 and then dozzing off…

This kept me fresh amd motivated and also healthy.Keep reminding yourself that its for short time so enjoy the grinding.

By Sudhir Gehlot ( UPSC Topper )

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