Valentine Week List 2023 : Full Days List From 7 Feb To 21 Feb

Valentine Week List 2023 : Full Days List From 7 Feb To 21 Feb – The month of February is dedicated to those who love. As soon as the beginning of February, people are seen waiting for Valentines and Valentines Week starts a week before Valentines. These 7 days are very special for those in love. Every day a special day becomes even more special for the partner, when he is wished in a romantic way. February 7 is the first day of Valentines Week (Valentines Week 2022). This day is celebrated as Rose Day.

Valentine Week List
Valentine Week List 2023

Valentine Week List 2023 : Full Days List From 7 Feb To 21 Feb

Post Name  Valentine Week 2023
Valentine Week 7 Feb to 14 Feb 2023
Valentine Day 14 February 2023
Year 2023
Day Tuesday
Post Category Entertainment List
Significance Feast day of Saint Valentine; celebration of love and affection
Observances Sending greeting cards and gifts, dating, church services
Observed in All Over World
Who is Valentine Saint Valentine who was a Catholic Pope
Valentine Day Inventor Pope Galesious
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Valentine’s Day List 2023

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Name of Day Date and Day
Rose Day 7 February 2023 (Tuesday)
Propose Day 8 February 2023 (Wednesday)
Chocolate Day 9 February 2023 (Thursday)
Teddy Day 10 February 2023 (Friday)
Promise Day 11 February 2023 (Saturday)
Hug Day 12 February 2023 (Sunday)
Kiss Day 13 February 2023 (Monday)
Valentine’s Day 14 February 2023 (Tuesday)

Day 1 : Rose Day

Especially Valentine’s Week starts with Rose Day on February 7, that is, now according to the Valentine Week 2023 schedule, on this Rose Day, rose flowers are mainly exchanged to show the freshness and delicious fragrance of your love. Actually, the rose flower is given because it represents passion and love.

Day 2 : Propose Day

With this, you celebrate 8 February 2023 as Propose Day. If you want to tell your love to stay together for a lifetime, then this day is very good for you. For this, you have to arrange a romantic dinner and propose to your loved ones and make it memorable and grand for the partner.

Day 3 : Chocolate Day

Under Valentine’s Week 2023, you celebrate February 9 as Chocolate Day, in fact, when you lovingly give your lover a box of chocolates or a chocolate, it becomes quite a matter of concern. Because in today’s modern times, it is believed that distributing chocolate strengthens your relationship.

Day 4 : Teddy Day

Valentine’s Week 2023 is celebrated as Teddy Day on February 10 under schedule by all of us, i.e. you can give your lover a teddy bear so that whenever your lover hugs that teddy he misses you. Return. And make them feel like you’re with you all the time.

Day 5 : Promise Day

Promise Day 2023 is going to fall on February 11. Under which you make the promises, promises made by you, in fact Promise Day is a way to make a contract with your life partner.

Day 6 : Hug Day

Valentine’s Week 2023 is celebrated as Hug Day on February 12 under schedule. It is a very beautiful way to give love to your lover by hugging him warmly, tightly and affectionately. To provide an opportunity to come closer and reassure them.

Day 7 : Kiss Day

Similarly, under Valentine’s Week 2023, 13 February is celebrated as Kiss Day, which day means to give more depth to your relationship, in which you get signs of kissing commitment and intimacy. Indeed, communication of affection strengthens the bond between you and your partner.

Day 8 : Valentine’s Day

In this sense, Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day on the last day i.e. 14 February 2023. Here you will find plenty of romance and love. You can organize an unforgettable gift or a romantic lunch for your lover and an interesting memorable walk with your partner on this last day of Valentine’s Week 2023.

Anti Valentine’s Day List 2023

Day Name  Date 
Slap Day 15th February 2023
Kick Day 16th February 2023
Perfume Day 17th February 2023
Flirting Day 18th February 2023
Confession Day 19th February 2023
Missing Day 20th February 2023
Break Up Day 21st February 2023

Valentine’s Day Color Dress Code Meaning

Color Meaning 
Red Double side Love, already in love!
Pink Proposal accepted By Love!
Green I am waiting for you only This Valentine!
Orange Going to propose Someone.
Blue Free now and Proposal are Accepted!
Black Rejected proposal.
White Sorry dear, I am already booked! (Heart Full)
Purple Not interested, better luck next time!
Yellow Broke up.
Brown Broken hearts!

FAO : Valentine Week 2023 List

Q. Which is the third day in Valentine’s week?

Ans. The third day in Valentine’s Week is celebrated as Chocolate Day.

Q. What day is on 11th February?

Ans. Promise Day is on 11 February.

Q. What is Hug Day?

Ans. February 12 is celebrated as Hug Day. On this day of the month i.e. Hug Day, the lover meets his beloved. Due to which the distance between them ends and they forget all the sorrows.

Q. What is Valentine’s Day?

Ans. So friends, you all must know about this day because it is the main and last day among all these days. On this day the boyfriend takes his girlfriend on a date and gives her many gifts. Due to which their relationship becomes even deeper.

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