What Is Tree Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tree Topology

What Is Tree Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tree Topology – A tree topology is a special type of structure that is made up of star topology and bus topology, all its nodes come together to form the shape of the tree, which is why it is called tree topology. The tree topology is also called the STAR-BUS topology. Tree topology is the simplest as compared to other topologies, which is why it is used in many ways in the network which is as follows:


What Is Tree Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tree Topology

What Is Tree Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages

  • It has a root node and all other nodes are connected to it forming a hierarchy. It is also called hierarchical topology. It should at least have three levels to the hierarchy.
  • This Topology integrates the characteristics of Star and Bus Topology
  • In this Topology, the number of Star networks are connected using Bus. This main cable seems like a main stem of a tree, and other star networks as the branches. It is also called Expanded Star Topology. Ethernet protocol is commonly used in this type of topology.

There are certain special cases where tree is more effective:

  • Communication between two networks
  • A network structure which requires a root node, intermediate parents node and leaf nodes (just like we see in an n-tree) or a network structure which exhibits three level of hierarchy because two level of hierarchy is already displayed in the star topology. What Is Mesh Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mesh Topology


  • In this TOPOLOGY, it is easy to find the mistakes that have occurred in it, so it does not require to change its entire network.
  • It is divided into many parts due to which it is easy to handle.
  • Through this network topology, complex networks can be completed at a lower cost.
  • In this, when one network is damaged, the other network does not stop working.
  • It is very easy to maintain and manage.
  • It is a mixture of STAR TOPOLOGY and simply topology.
  • The data transfer rate is very fast in this.
  • Hacking this network is a difficult task because in it, the computer transfers data and information among themselves in a very secure way.
  • It has a point-to-point connection.
  • It is used for wide area networks it can easily manage a lot of machines.


  • A lot of cable is required for this topology.
  • It has a fixed length of the segment which depends on its use.
  • Due to the large number of nodes in this network topology, its performance is greatly affected, as a result of which it becomes very slow.
  • When the connector and hub are damaged, all the devices associated with it stop working.
  • In this, in the event of the breakdown of a level of computer, the computer of the level beyond this also does not work properly.
  • It costs a lot to implement the tree topology.
  • After increasing the number of machines connected to this network, it will be very difficult to control the TREE topology.



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