Top 10 Common Mistakes Every UPSC CSE Aspirant Must Avoid IAS 2021

Top 10 Common Mistakes Every UPSC CSE Aspirant Must Avoid IAS 2018 – UPSC CSE Preliminary exam is the first hurdle that one needs to clear to qualify for the Main examination. It is an objective type exam, consisting of two papers and carry a maximum of 400 marks.Top 10 Common Mistakes Every UPSC CSE Aspirant Must Avoid IAS 2018

 Top 10 Common Mistakes Every UPSC CSE Aspirant Must Avoid IAS 2018

  • Marks obtained in the Preliminary examination will not be counted for determining the candidates’ final order of merit.
  • To qualify for the Main exam, candidates must score qualifying marks (as determined by the commission) in the General Studies Paper I and a minimum of 33% in the General Studies Paper II (CSAT).
  • For each wrong answer, the candidate loses one-third (0.33) of the marks assigned to that question.
  • As the syllabus is vast, many a times UPSC aspirants unconsciously make few common mistakes.

Here’s a list of those that aspirants should make a conscious attempt to avoid, to crack the UPSC exams next year.

Not Going Through Syllabus
  • Aspirants might be preparing for more than one competitive exams at the same time. However, one should always thoroughly check the syllabus and exam pattern and prepare for that exam accordingly. The UPSC syllabus is vast and if you do not refer to the syllabus, you might feel lost in an ocean.
2.     Not Having a Preparation Plan
  • Are you preparing for the UPSC CSE next year? If yes, then create a preparation plan rather than studying topics randomly. Create a plan and schedule for every day and weekend studies. Try to stick to the plan as far possible. Also, do dedicate study hours for each section.
3.     Too Many Reference Books
  • Too many reference books will just make you confuse and do less help. Instead, you can stick to 1 or 2 good books for each section.
  • NCERT Books (6-12 standard) are highly recommended for UPSC exams.
  • Here’s a list of few more UPSC reference books.
4.     Not Reading Newspapers
  • Reading newspapers is very important to clear the UPSC exam.
  • The Hindu is the most widely recommended newspaper for competitive exams.
  • This habit will keep you updated with the current affairs, social, political and economic state of the country and more.
5.     Ignoring CSAT
  • Do not ignore the CSAT as it acts as a screening test to Civil Services Main examination.
6.     Focusing Too Much on One Topic
  • This will again waste a lot of your precious time.
  • Have a clear understanding of concepts and practice questions from that topic.
  • As an aspirant, you might have favourite topics but do not focus on one topic.
  • Instead, dedicate study hours for each topic.
7.     Not Taking Mock Tests
  • Clear concepts would do no good till you practice mock tests.
  • You might know the answers but due to lack of time in the exam might not be able to attempt.
  • Mock Tests prepare you well for the exam both knowledge wise and time management wise.
  • Therefore, practice as many mocks possible and do mock analysis after every attempt. 
8.     No Writing Practice
  • Writing practice is important in UPSC as the main examination is essay type and one needs to be capable of writing essay type answers.
  • Practice this while preparing for the exam to get an edge during the exam.
9.     Not Revising
  • Plan time for revision because it is important to brush up all the concepts you have studied before the exam.
  • Like preparation plan, create a revision plan and stick to it for efficiency.
10.Last Minute Preparation
  • Do not wait for last minute preparation.
  • Start your study well in advance to get a good hold over all sections for the exam.
  • Also, do not learn any new concepts during the last few days.
  • Instead, revise all the concepts you have already studied.

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