The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF :  Set – 7

Aggravated (adjective) – Especially deliberately

Synonyms – Irked, vexed, exasperated, peeved, disgruntled

Antonyms – Ameliorated, alleviated, genial, humored, relieved

Depleted (adjective) – No longer sufficient

Synonyms – Impoverished, dissipated, barren, effete, sapped

Antonyms – Abundant, aborted, affluent, ditched, chockablock

Chaotic (adjective) – Completely unordered and unpredictable and confusing

Synonyms – Messy, tumultuous, turbulent, anarchic, shambolic

Antonyms – Methodical, harmonized, immaculate, perfectionist, tame

Scrambling (adjective) – Confused and irregular

Synonyms – Scampering, boisterous, motocross, bustling, clamber

Antonyms – Codify, marshal, regulate, structure, tidy

Designates (verb) – Indicate a place, direction, person, or thing

Synonyms – Depute, indicates, delegate, beckons, christens

Antonyms – Connotes, disorganize, disperse, reject, scatter

Technocrats (noun) – An expert who is a member of a highly skilled elite group

Synonyms – Gearhead, geek, techie, technophile, cracker

Antonyms – Computerphobe, technophobe, republican, moderate

Sanctions (noun) – Formal and explicit approval

Synonyms – Confirmations, privileges, pledges, mandates, assents

Antonyms – Baffles, dismissals, embargoes, exclusions, abrogates

Elites (adjective) – Selected as the best

Synonyms – Peerages, aristocracies, patriciates, nobilities, nonpareils,

Antonyms – Proletariats, plebeians rabble, scum, masses

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