The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF – The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download Hindi/English | 100 Vocabulary The Hindu PDF Free Download A number of big exams will be conducted this month, out of which the future of millions of Candidates will be decided”. The Hindu Vocabulary, in which the meaning of a Meaning, Keyword, Mnemonics, Synonyms, Antonyms has been kept very well, we have brought you through PDF, which you can download through the Download Button below. ‘The Hindu Vocabulary pdf’ is very important for every examination. Bank Exams, Government exams, IBPS Clerk Mains, Syndicate Bank PO , Canara Bank PO, SSC-MTS, CGL, CHSL, State Level exams, Other Exams etc. is important for.

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF

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Category Study Materials
Special Use SSC, BANK, RLY, IAS, PCS, Other One Day Examination
Subject English Vocabulary
Source Daily The Hindu Editorials
Compiled By Studydhaba team
Total Words 5000+
Language English + Hindi
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The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF

Rebounded (verb) – Recover in value, amount, or strength after a decrease or decline

Synonyms – Recoiled, reverberated, caromed, reentered, abjured

Antonyms – Ascended, relapse, vandalize, wither, impair

Extracted (verb) – Remove or take out, especially by effort or force

Synonyms – Mined, excavated, educed, wrest, distill

Antonyms – Enclose, insert, repulse, introduced, fasten

Deceive (verb) – Cause someone to believe an untruth

Synonyms – Hoodwink, delude, bamboozle, swindle, hoax

Antonyms – Disillusion, unveil, aggravate, avow, annoy

Disconcertingly (adverb) – In a disturbing or embarrassing manner

Synonyms – Bewilderingly, bafflingly, perplex, discomfit, blurredly

Antonyms – Tranquilly, consolingly, rosily, soothingly, pleasedly

Traction (noun) – Attraction

Synonyms – Adhesion, strain, tugging, haulage, tautness

Antonyms – Repulsion, chemise, devilry, elusion, gaucherie

Ramped (verb) – Drive up the price of in order to gain a financial advantage

Synonyms – Upreared, graded, chuted, tarmacked, bumped

Antonyms – Dry, horizontal, vertical, straightened, worked hard

Prospect (noun) – The possibility of future success

Synonyms – Expectation, aspect, prognosis, potential, scenery

Antonyms – Adversity, retrospect, nostalgia, improbability, past

Dampening (noun) – The act of making something slightly wet

Synonyms – Moistening, deadening, stifle, quench, muffle

Antonyms – Begetting, catalyzing, effectuating, inducing, spawning

Tenuous (adjective) – Lacking substance or significance

Synonyms – Flimsy, fragile, slender, attenuated., dubious

Antonyms – Appalling, awful, catered, crammed, dreadful

Condemning (verb) – Express complete disapproval of

Synonyms – Convict, denouncing, decry, doom, chastise

Antonyms – Acquitting, adoring, acclamatory, applaud, chirpsing

Evacuations (noun) – The act of removing the contents of something

Synonyms – Secretions, exodus, catharses, coups, purges

Antonyms – Recruitment, penetrations, integration, arrival, achieve

Coinciding (adjective) – Occurring or operating at the same time

Synonyms – Coterminous, coexisting, synchronal, compatible, coeval

Antonyms – Dissonant, antipodal, clashing, detached, jurassic

Inclusive (adjective) – Including much or everything

Synonyms – Sweeping, catholic, generic, omnibus, eclectic

Antonyms – Privileged, bridled, constrained, confined, compact

Combating (verb) – Take action to reduce or prevent

Synonyms – Tackle, warring, clashing, belligerent, brawling

Antonyms – Acquiescing, barricading, capitulating, crumbling, garrisoning

Punitive (adjective) – Inflicting punishment

Synonyms – Retributive, punitory, stringent, stiff, vindictive

Antonyms – Acquitting, commuting, rehabilitative, compensatory, beneficial

Abstain (verb) – Choose not to consume

Synonyms – Refrain, desist, eschew, abjure, abnegate

Antonyms – Indulge, intervene, copulate, concede, imbibe

Leverage (noun) – Strategic advantage

Synonyms – Clout, dominance, ascendancy, toehold, supremacy

Antonyms – Inferiority, vending, breach, embargo, subordination

Designated (verb) – Officially give a specified status or name to

Synonyms – Denominated, christened, ordained, authorized, dubbed

Antonyms – Connote, unbaptized, whatchamacallit, cryptonymic, anonymous

Drastically (adverb) – In a way that is likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect

Synonyms – Radically, immensely, enormously, vastly, dang

Antonyms – Mildly, trivially, triflingly, smally, slenderly

Embark (verb) – Proceed somewhere despite the risk of possible dangers

Synonyms – Venture, emplane, inaugurate, decamp, boarded

Antonyms – Cessation, consummate, denouement, descend, extinguish

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF – Set 2 

Beckons (noun) – A sign made without words

Synonyms – Entices, gesticulates, winks, nodding, retrieves

Antonyms – Dismisses, staves off, repels, verbal language

Tryst (noun) – To agree with to meet at a certain place

Synonyms – Rendezvous, intrigue, amour, infidelity, arrangement

Antonyms – Detachment, separation, plainness, directness, constancy

Recuperating (verb) – Recover from illness or exertion

Synonyms – Convalescent, rallying, rejuvenating, enlivening, bounce

Antonyms – Asthenic, debilitated, enervated, enfeebled, prostrated

Busting (verb) – Break, split, or burst

Synonyms – Smash, rupture, shatter, bosoming, flunking

Antonyms – Exonerating, mending, milestone, inspire, assemble

Conscious (adjective) – Having awareness of surroundings and sensations and thoughts

Synonyms – Sentient, witting, cognizant, premeditated, conversant

Antonyms – Oblivious, instinctive, comatose, heedless, dozy

Unerring (adjective) – Not liable to error

Synonyms – Infallible, precise, flawless, impeccable, rigorous

Antonyms – Erroneous, imprecise, aberrant, amorphous, concocted

Enduring (adjective) – Patiently bearing continual wrongs or trouble

Synonyms – Abiding, everlasting, imperishable, perennial, indelible

Antonyms – Capricious, ephemeral, fleeting, transient, vacillant

Contention (noun) – A point asserted as part of an argument

Synonyms – Disputation, strife, thesis, dissent, wrangle

Antonyms – Serenity, communion, consonance, explication, denial

Petulant (adjective) – Easily irritated or annoyed

Synonyms – Peevish, cranky, fractious, irascible, waspish

Antonyms – Gracious, affable, sedative, candid, clement

Mettle (noun) – The courage to carry on

Synonyms – Fortitude, spunk, pluck, moxie, intrepidity

Antonyms – Gutlessness, apathy, blanch, contour, cravenness

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF :  Set – 3 

Hasty (noun) – Proceeding from or indicating

Synonyms – Hurried, impetuous, heedless, imprudent, brash

Antonyms – Sluggish, tardy, abstemious, austere, ascetic

Botched (adjective) – Spoiled through incompetence or clumsiness

Synonyms – Blundered, fumbled, goofed, erroneous, groped

Antonyms – Facile, wangled, adroit, dexterous, exquisite

Stung (adjective) – Aroused to impatience or anger

Synonyms – Miffed, riled, prick, twinge, shredded

Antonyms – Pleased, moneyless, defended, on the wagon

Boilerplate (noun) – Standard formulations uniformly found in certain types of legal documents or news stories

Synonyms – Mediocre, banal, clich, hackneyed, lackluster

Antonyms – Astonishing, enchanting, flamboyant, fascinating

Supersede (verb) – Take the place or move into the position of

Synonyms – Supplant, usurp, relieve, repudiate, abolish

Antonyms – Precede, saddle, sustain, stick, revive

Relentless (adjective) – Unmoved by appeals for sympathy or forgiveness

Synonyms – Inexorable, unyielding, intransigent, obdurate, adamant

Antonyms – Intermittent, sporadic, benevolent, indecisive, ambivalent

Assuaging (verb) – Make less intense

Synonyms – Allaying, appeasing, mollifying, assuasive, appeasement

Antonyms – Agitating, elating, emboldening, filliping, invigorating

Breach (noun) – A failure to perform some promised act or obligation

Synonyms – Infringement, split, rupture, contravene, schism

Antonyms – Abidance, acquiesce, blockade, barricade

Pecking (verb) – Strike or bite something with its beak

Synonyms – Nibble, smack, pasture, ancestry, gouging

Antonyms – Clutter, disrupt, muddle, gobble, disregard

Hegemony (noun) – The dominance or leadership of one social group or nation over others

Synonyms – Ascendancy, sway, reign, paramountcy, suzerainty

Antonyms – Constraint, clampdown, coercion, lethargy, subjugation

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF :  Set – 4

Envisaged (verb) – Contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event

Synonyms – Envisioned, foresaw, hallucinated, stargazed, surmised

Antonyms – Realistic, existent, disregarded, concrete, actual

Undulating (adjective) – Rising and falling like waves

Synonyms – Sinuous, rippling, billowing, corrugate, oscillating

Antonyms – Conscienceless, angelic, defensible, saintly, guiltless

Avalanches (noun) – A slide of large masses of snow and ice and mud down a mountain

Synonyms – Deluges, cascades, barrage, lavigne, spate,

Antonyms – Dribble, drought, rivulet, deficiencies, drip

Devastating (adjective) – Wreaking or capable of wreaking complete destruction

Synonyms – Ruinous, withering, annihilating, cataclysmic, ravaging

Antonyms – Bland, ameliorative, adorning, bedizening, bedecking

Exacerbated (verb) – Make worse

Synonyms – Intensified, chafed, embittered, envenomed, infuriated

Antonyms – Assuaged, appeased, allayed, lessened, placated

Unimpeded (adjective) – Not slowed or prevented

Synonyms – Unobstructed, unfettered, unclogged, spare, unbarred

Antonyms – Adhere, circumscribe, detain, dispose, hedged

Scrapping (verb) – Discard or remove from service, especially so as to convert it to scrap metal

Synonyms – Junking, abrade, graze, rake, abolition

Antonyms – Nailing, accumulate, garner, amass, actualizing

Cessation (noun) – A stopping

Synonyms – Surcease, respite, hiatus, denouement, abeyance

Antonyms – Endurance, nexus, abhorrence, abomination, advent

Fraught (adjective) – Filled with or attended with

Synonyms – Anxious, replete, frantic, agitated, frenzied

Antonyms – Destitute, slack, sluggish, stagnant, cushty

Tussles (noun) – Disorderly fighting

Synonyms – Combats, scuffles, scrimmages, brawls, wrestles

Antonyms – Resolution, harmony, compromise, accord, peace

Constraints (noun) – A device that retards something’s motion

Synonyms – Inhibitions, confinements, shackles, dampers, strictures

Antonyms – Persuasions, incentives, liberties, scopes, latitudes

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF :  Set – 4

Elevation (noun) – The event of something being raised upward

Synonyms – Eminence, aggrandizement, loftiness, meridian, grandeur

Antonyms – Degradation, abasement, deteriorate, meadow, droop

Complement (verb) – Make complete or perfect

Synonyms – Counterpart, augment, adjunct, entirety, accompaniments

Antonyms – Detract, dwindle, amputation, crool, abridge

Efflux (noun) – The process of flowing out

Synonyms – Effluence, emanation, cascade, torrent, egress

Antonyms – Affluence, avalanche, confluent, debouch, dribble

Notable (noun) – A celebrity who is an inspiration to others

Synonyms – Prominent, illustrious, renowned, striking, conspicuous

Antonyms – Trivial, obscure, mediocre, nonentity, degenerate

Composition (noun) – The act of creating written works

Synonyms – Structure, authorship, typography, amalgam, penning

Antonyms – Avulsion, demolition, disquiet, combat, desolation

Speculation (noun) – A message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

Synonyms – Supposition, conjecture, surmise, contemplation, portent

Antonyms – Convenience, evidence, disdain, measurement, ignorance

Assigned (adjective) – Appointed to a post or duty

Synonyms – Allocated, attributed, delegated, apportioned, bestowed

Antonyms – Divested, derange, detached, discrete, disrupt

Accommodate (verb) – Be agreeable or acceptable to

Synonyms – Lodge, oblige, billet, acclimatize, attune

Antonyms – Impede, discommode, disoblige, evict, expel

Intervention (noun) – Any interference that may affect the interests of others

Synonyms – Intercession, intrusion, meddling, arbitration, encroachment

Antonyms – Affront, exasperation, incitation, abetment, exhortation

Spells (verb) – Indicate or signify

Synonyms – Enchantment, incantations, sorcery, wizardry, bouts

Antonyms – Aversion, enmity, odium, repulsion, malevolence

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF :  Set – 5

Exhaustive (adjective) – Performed comprehensively and completely

Synonyms – Sweeping, extensive, encyclopedic, definitive, radical

Antonyms – Superficial, pedant, ambiguous, bogus, concocted

Envisaged (verb) – Contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event

Synonyms – Envisioned, contemplated, foresaw, envision, hallucinated

Antonyms – Concrete, existent, realistic, disregarded, actual

Constraints (noun) – A device that retards something’s motion

Synonyms – Inhibitions, compulsions, shackles, dampers, strictures

Antonyms – Persuasions, incentives, allowances, liberties, scopes

Trigger (verb) – Put in motion or move to act

Synonyms – Provoke, precipitate, induce, stimulate, instigate

Antonyms – Deaden, dampen, abate, consummate, abash

Emphasized (verb) – Give special importance or value to in speaking or writing

Synonyms – Emphatic, accented, italicized, reiterated, emblematized

Antonyms – Amexed, softened, understated, weakened, downplayed

Transmission (noun) – The act of sending a message

Synonyms – Conveyance, contagion, dissemination, diffusion, emission

Antonyms – Resist, abandon, acquisition, disregard, reception

Contours (noun) – The line that bounds

Synonyms – Silhouettes, catenaries, conformation, cambers, curlicues

Antonyms – Clutter, demolish, disrupt, muddle, mess

Concession (noun) – The act of conceding or yielding

Synonyms – Privilege, conceding, exemption, appeasement, bestowal

Antonyms – Repudiation, squabble, disputation, egoism, resignment

Devise (noun) – A gift of real property by will

Synonyms – Contrive, invent, concoct, hatch, forge

Antonyms – Improvise, unadorned, contemplate, plagiarise, neglect

Projections (noun) – A planned undertaking

Synonyms – Protrusions, bulges, bumps, ridges, salients

Antonyms – Hollow, certainty, depression, basin, cavity

The Hindu Vocabulary PDF Download | Daily Vocabulary & Monthly PDF :  Set – 6

Nuance (noun) – A shade of difference

Synonyms – Subtlety, refinement, connotation, implication, tint

Antonyms – Blatancy, imprecision, discourtesy, garishness, impoliteness

Inadequate (adjective) – Not sufficient to meet a need

Synonyms – Deficient, pathetic, scanty, paltry, meager

Antonyms – Abundant, flawless, impactful, tolerable, ample

Affluent (noun) – A branch that flows into the main stream

Synonyms – Prosperous, opulent, tributary, confluent, thriving

Antonyms – Penniless, impoverished, destitute, penurious, impecunious

Proponents (adjective) – Making proposals

Synonyms – Adherents, apostles, disciples, exponent, stalwarts

Antonyms – Asperser, calumniator, combatant, defamer, disparager

Assertion (noun) – A declaration that is made emphatically

Synonyms – Contention, asseveration, avowal, averment, protestation

Antonyms – Negation, accusation, consternation, confutation, denegation

Criteria (noun) – A principle or standard by which something may be judged or decided

Synonyms – Gauge, canon, yardstick, conventionalities, references

Antonyms – Blindness, unconsciousness, incomprehension, certainty, abortion

Contrary (noun) – A relation of direct opposition

Synonyms – Reverse, obstinate, wayward, recalcitrant, stubborn

Antonyms – Harmonious, obedient, complaisant, amenable, compliant

Affirmative (adjective) – Expecting the best

Synonyms – Optimistic, approbatory, concurring, ratifying, plausive

Antonyms – Dissenting, maleficent, disapproving, disagreed

Availing (verb) – Help or benefit

Synonyms – Assisting, illuminating, fostering, succoring, furthering

Antonyms – Belying, confuting, controverting, disproving, hamstrung

Brink (noun) – A region marking a boundary

Synonyms – Verge, extremity, flange, precipice, littoral

Antonyms – Crux, essence, ditch, furrow, cynosure

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