Smart Meter India Pdf | Prepaid Electricity Smart Meter In India 2021

Smart Meter India Pdf | Prepaid Electricity Smart Meter In India 2021| Prepaid Bijli Meter – Prepaid Electricity Meter In India, Price, Recharge, Prepaid Bijli Meter India. Now Smart meters will be installed in every household across the country. The government has set a deadline for this. Let me tell you that the Ministry of Power had advised all the Central Ministries of the government a few days ago to direct their administrative lying organizations to install prepaid smart meters. Now a notification has been issued by the Ministry of Power. With the installation of prepaid smart meters, the financial health of power distribution companies is expected to improve, which is still burdened with the electricity dues bill.

On the lines of mobile phone prepaid recharge, electricity is also going to be prepaid. The Ministry of Power has made it mandatory for all power consumers to install prepaid meters (Prepaid Electricity Meter). However, it was exempted for agricultural purposes. At the same time, the Ministry of Power (Ministry of Power) has also fixed a deadline for installation of prepaid meters of electricity. By March 2025, all consumers (Electricity Consumer) will have to install prepaid smart meters (Prepaid Smart Meter).

Smart Meter Yojana | Prepaid Electricity Meter In India | Prepaid Bijli Meter

Key Highlights 

Scheme Smart Meter National Programme
Launched By  Union Government
Objective  To Replace Digital Meter With Smart Meter
Implementation Area  All States & Union Territories Of India
Dead Line  2025
Official Website

Smart Meter National Programme (SMNP):

  • Smart Meter National Programme aims to replace 25 crore conventional meters with smart meters in India.
  • Smart meters are connected through a web-based monitoring system which will help to reduce commercial losses of utilities, enhance revenues and serve as an important tool in power sector reforms.
  • This programme is being implemented under the BOOT model on cost plus approach, which means all Capex/Opex is done by EESL and the states/ utilities are not required to invest upfront
  • EESL has signed MoUs/Agreements for smart meters with the states of Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, NDMC-Delhi, Rajasthan, Telangana and for prepaid meters with the states of Uttar Pradesh and Tripura.
  • By EESL’s smart metering project, NDMC becomes the first utility to have all their consumers with smart meters without any upfront investment from NDMC
  • Under this programme, EESL has completed the procurement process of 1.5 crore smart meters. As on date, EESL has installed over 13.2 lakh smart meters in Utt

What is Prepaid Smart Meters ?

  • Prepaid meters work just as prepaid mobiles mean as much electricity as they do. However, prepaid meters are used in many parts of the country. Which has to be recharged.
  • It will be implemented across the country after prepaid meters are installed in central government offices, industrial units. Prepaid smart meters will be installed in the homes of all power consumers. According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Power, prepaid smart meters will be installed everywhere except agriculture.

Prepaid smart meters across the country by March 2025

  • In its notification, the Ministry of Power has said that smart meters will be installed in all block level government offices by December 2023.
  • The notification also states that the State Electricity Commission can extend the deadline twice and for a maximum of 6 months.
  • However, they will also have to give valid reasons for this.
  • According to the notification, prepaid smart meters will gradually be installed across the country by March 2025.

Where Prepaid Smart Meters To be Installed First In India ?

  • According to the Government of India notification, smart meters will be installed by 2023 in any unit where urban consumers will have more than 50 percent of urban consumers, and at & c losses will be more than 15 percent.
  • Elsewhere it will be installed by 2025.

What Is AT & C Loss ?

  • Gross technical and commercial (Aggregate technical and commercial) losses.
  • Which are caused by poor or inadequate infrastructure or theft of electricity or non-payment of bills.
  • The State Regulatory Commission will take a final decision in the respective areas to restore power supply through existing meters in areas where the communication network is weak or not.

Government departments must get Prepaid Smart Meter by December 2023

  • According to the Ministry, it will be mandatory for Union Territories to install smart prepaid meters by December 2023.
  • While there are more than 50% urban consumers and the total technical-commercial power loss in 2019-20 has been 15% or more than 25%.
  • There also, a target has been set to install smart prepaid meters by December 2023.
  • At the same time, all government departments and industrial-commercial consumers at block level and above will also be required to install prepaid smart power meters by December 2023.

Why Government Of India Implementing Smart Meter In India ?

  • Power companies also upset over non-payment on time.
  • Power companies are worried about non-payment of bills on time.
  • At present, there is a system of generating electricity bills every month across the country.
  • For this, outsourcing is used in most places.
  • There are many loopholes in this system.
  • In many places, there is no proper reading.
  • In many places, readings are not done for several months.
  • On the other hand, one of the major problems is not to pay the bill on time.
  • When the bill is long, people are reluctant to pay and start thinking about the methods of theft of electricity.
  • Prepaid Smart Meter will get rid of this problem.
  • Government Of India Implementing This Scheme For Solving All These Problemes .

What is the Biggest Challenge Of Prepaid Smart Meters Yojana Implementation ?

  • The biggest problem in pre-paid smart meters is its price.
  • Such meters are 4 to 5 times more expensive than the rest of the meter.
  • Small customers may have difficulties in getting expensive meters installed.
  • But once this scheme is implemented, customers will have a chance to buy meters made from other companies with genus, L&T and L&G.
  • If new meters start to be installed on a large scale, old companies may also start manufacturing prepaid meters.

Theft And Loss Of Electricity In An Indian State 2021

According to data given by the Union Ministry of Power,

  • The loss of 67.7 per cent in Jammu and Kashmir
  • 40.45 per cent loss in Chhattisgarh
  • 26.31 per cent in Madhya Pradesh
  • 24.89 per cent in Uttar Pradesh
  • 20.76 per cent in Maharashtra
  • 20.47 per cent in Rajasthan
  • 19.39 per cent in Andhra Pradesh
  • 18.99 per cent in Punjab.

The government’s order means that prepaid smart meters should be installed in all these places by December 2023.

What are the advantages of prepaid smart meters?

Prepaid Smart Meter Yojana has many benefits. We will tell you in detail about these benefits. It is as follows:

  • The consumer will be entitled to choose his preferred company for electricity. There will be no compulsion for him, he will be free to take the power facility of any company.
  • The more the consumer recharges, the more power he will be able to spend.
  • He will be provided with 24-hour power on the basis of his recharge.
  • The problem of any tampering with prepaid smart meters also ends. If anyone does this, an alert message is sent to the department and action is taken against the concerned consumer.
  • The consumer will not get the electricity bill as he will not need it as he is recharging.
  • Manual meter reading will no longer be required.
  • The power employee will no longer have to come home to get a reading. This will save both manpower and time.
  • Employees can easily calculate the power consumption of each household through software from the station itself.
  • The possibility of any disturbance will also be reduced as if people will not be able to consume electricity directly in their homes by putting shears on electric wires. At the same time, the problem of meter reading lapses, bill-raising problems will also be relieved.
  • Smart meters save electricity expenses.
  • Consumer Will Get electricity At Low Prices . Per Unit Cost Will Be Low.

What Is th Purpose Of Prepaid Smart Meter ?

  • The problem of power theft is the biggest problem at present. Which can be addressed through prepaid meters|
  • If the smart meters are stolen, the Electricity Department will be clearly aware that the meter has been tampered with, the evidence of which will also be available in the meter.
  • With the installation of prepaid smart power meters, timely payment of electricity can be made by government officials, public representatives and ministers as they will have to be recharged as per their requirement first for use of electricity.
  • It will also reduce power tariff in the near future, which will provide affordable power to all.
  • This prepaid smart meter scheme will also reduce the loss in power distribution which is a big problem.

Benefits Of Prepaid Smart Meter

  • Power theft will be completely stopped after the prepaid meter is installed.
  • Consumers will be able to get 24 x 7 power without any interruption.
  • The more you recharge, the more electricity you will get.
  • The meter will immediately stop the power supply to your home as soon as the money is exhausted.
  • As soon as the meter is recharged, the power supply will be released inside the meter house.
  • Under the Smart Prepaid Meter Scheme 2020, the power consumers will have the freedom to choose power suppliers voluntarily, that is, you will get the power of the company from which you want to get electricity.
  • The advantage for power distribution companies is that they will get a large part of the electricity bill in advance as most customers will have to recharge the electricity meter at the beginning of the month.
  • Consumers will not have to go around the office to complain if the voltage is low or power supply is stalled. This work will now make the smart meter installed at home. The smart meter will send the signal directly to the remote control centre.

Expenses For Prepaid Smart Meter By Government Of India

  • A number of options are being considered by the Government on the cost of prepaid smart meters, so far no price of this meter has been fixed.
  • One of the options under these options is that customers get smart meters with electricity connections and the price should be charged at the monthly rate of electricity.
  • The Central Government had placed an order of 50 lakh prepaid meters in 2017, which cost Rs 2,503 per meter, but now smart prepaid meters will be installed all over India, so the order will also be big.
  • The largest order placed by the Government of India will be about 300 million metres. 2000 per metre.

What Is The Smart Meter Price In India ?

  • A locally manufactured smart meter is priced between Rs 6,000 and Rs 7,500 currently.
  • At this price, the cost of replacing all existing traditional meters would be over Rs 180,000 crore.
  • But Right Now Government Of India Has Not Decided Any Price .

What Are The Smart Manufacturing Companies In India ?

  • Schneider Electric
  • Genus Power Infrastructures
  • HPL Electric and Power
  • Avon Meters
  • Zen Meter
  • Allied Engineering Works
  • Linkwell Telesystems

What Are The Smart Meter Companies In India ?

  • Schneider Electric
  • Genus Power Infrastructures
  • HPL Electric and Power
  • Avon Meters
  • Zen Meter
  • Allied Engineering Works
  • Linkwell Telesystems

Smart Meter Installation In Indian States 2021 | Prepaid Bijli Meter In Different States

State Smart Meter Connection
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Puducherry (UT) Smart Meter Connection  Click Here
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Rajasthan Smart Meter Connection  Click Here
Sikkim Smart Meter Connection  Click Here
Tamil Nadu Smart Meter Connection  Click Here
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Prepaid Smart Meters

What is the advantage of prepaid metering?
  • To know the real time usage and bill amount and to reduce the consumption as per one’s affordability to avoid excess billing and disconnection etc. Reduction of unwanted consumption will achieve energy conservation.
What is smart energy Meter?
  • Smart Meter is a new kind of electricity meters that can digitally send meter readings to your energy supplier for more accurate energy bills. Smart meters come within home displays so you can better understand your energy usage.
What is prepayment meter?
  • Prepayment mechanism is one of the best features of smart meters and it is a special type of energy meter which can be installed with a prepayment, or pay as you go tariff.You pay for your energy before you use it – usually by paying money through various methods like at TSSPDCL Bill Counters, Online recharge apps (paytm, Bill desk, T-Wallet..Etc) which is then updated in the meters.
How prepaid meters operate?
  • These meters are operates based on the amount available at meters.If there is no balance amount in meter then it will disconnects your supply and supply will not be disconnected when there is balance available in the meters.
How to check the balance in meters?

There are various methods available for checking balance amount in your meters those are

  1. By Using the push button on Energy meters
  2. By using the CIU (Customer Interface Unit) which was installed at your meter location.
  3. By calling to our toll free numbers
  4. By using mobile applications.
How to recharge prepaid meters?

To recharge the energy meters you can use the various options as below:

  • Paying at TSSPDCL Collection counters located at all Electricity Revenue offices
  • You can use online mobile recharge applications like Paytm, Bill Desk, T-wallet and TSSPDCL online website /Prepaid Mobile app .
What is the minimum recharge amount?
  • One year average amount should be the first recharge amount which will be indicated when you login for recharge. It is recommended to deposit higher amounts to enjoy uninterrupted power
What is the period of billing month?
  • It will be from 1st day of last month to the first day of this month.
What is the periodicity of bill updation in meter?
  • One hour.
  • Every one hour, server will collect the consumption from the meter and do all the tariff calculations and update in the meter.
How we know about low balance /Nil Balance?
  • You will get the notifications to your registered mobile number when meter recharge amount exhausted to 80% and one more notification will be received when meter recharge amount exhausted to 90% and Final notification will be received when meters disconnected due to Nil balance.


  • You may know your balance amount in CIU also by pressing the Button No.1, through meter display, SMS alerts, Web URL, TSSPDCL Prepaid Mobile App.
What is the meaning of Happy hours and Happy Holidays?
  • We have configured the Happy hours (5.30 Pm to 9.30 Am) and holidays of Government of Telangana in our meters so that meters cannot disconnects the power supply during the above mentioned period and Days.
What Is CIU?
  • CIU (Customer Interface Unit) is a device which will display the meters parameters automatically or through Push mode. It is located at consumer premises and is wired from meter.
At what instances a consumer is alerted through SMS?
  • Recharge, Low balance, Disconnection, Reconnection.


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