Sikkim School Holidays List 20223 – School & Colleges

Sikkim School Holidays List 2022 – School & Colleges – Sikkim has an extensive list of Public and Government holidays. These holidays range from religious festivals to birthdays of individuals with historical significance as well as the foundation days of the State. Here is a list of the major Public and Government holidays in Sikkim Schools And College in 2022. Here We are Providing Full List Of all Major Holidays of School And Colleges. You Can Check Full List From Table Given below.

Rajasthan School Holidays List
Rajasthan School Holidays List

Sikkim School Holidays List 2022 – School & Colleges

Holiday Date Day Type
New Year’s Day 2022-01-01 Saturday Regional
Kagyed Dance 2022-01-01 Saturday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-01-03 Monday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-01-04 Tuesday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-01-05 Wednesday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-01-06 Thursday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-01-07 Friday Regional
Nyempa Guzom 2022-01-08 Saturday Regional
Nyempa Guzom 2022-01-09 Sunday Regional
Maghe Sankranti 2022-01-15 Saturday Regional
Republic Day 2022-01-26 Wednesday National
Sonam Lochhar 2022-02-02 Wednesday Regional
Losar 2022-03-03 Thursday Regional
HoliBumchu 2022-03-18 Friday Regional
Ramnawami (Chaite Dasain) 2022-04-10 Sunday Regional
Dr. B.R Ambedkar Jayanti 2022-04-14 Thursday Regional
Good Friday 2022-04-15 Friday Regional
Id-ul-Fitr 2022-05-03 Tuesday Regional
State DayShyadar Pidar 2022-05-16 Monday Regional
Saga Dawa 2022-06-14 Tuesday Regional
Bhanu Jayanti 2022-07-13 Wednesday Regional
Drukpa Tshe-zi 2022-08-01 Monday Regional
Guru Rimpoche’s Thungkar Tshechu 2022-08-07 Sunday Regional
Tendong Lho Rum Faat 2022-08-08 Monday Regional
Independence Day 2022-08-15 Monday National
Janmasthami 2022-08-19 Friday Regional
Teej (Haritalika) 2022-08-30 Tuesday Regional
Indrajatra 2022-09-09 Friday Regional
Pang-Lhabsol 2022-09-10 Saturday Regional
Gandhi Jayanti 2022-10-02 Sunday National
Durga Puja (Dasain) 2022-10-03 Monday Regional
Durga Puja (Dasain) 2022-10-04 Tuesday Regional
Durga Puja (Dasain) 2022-10-05 Wednesday Regional
Birthday of Late Nar Baharadur Bhandari,Former Chief Minister of Sikkim 2022-10-05 Wednesday Regional
Durga Puja (Dasain) 2022-10-06 Thursday Regional
Durga Puja (Dasain) 2022-10-07 Friday Regional
Laxmi Puja (Deepawali) 2022-10-25 Tuesday Regional
Laxmi Puja (Deepawali) 2022-10-26 Wednesday Regional
Laxmi Puja (Deepawali) 2022-10-27 Thursday Regional
Lhabab Duechen 2022-11-15 Tuesday Regional
Phugal Parim 2022-12-07 Wednesday Regional
SakewaTeyongsi Sirijunga Sawan Tongnam 2022-12-08 Thursday Regional
Barahimizong 2022-12-12 Monday Regional
Chasok Tongnam 2022-12-15 Thursday Regional
Kagyed Dance 2022-12-22 Thursday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-12-24 Saturday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-12-25 Sunday Regional
Christmas 2022-12-25 Sunday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-12-26 Monday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-12-27 Tuesday Regional
LosoongNamsoong 2022-12-28 Wednesday Regional
Nyempa Guzom 2022-12-28 Wednesday Regional
Nyempa Guzom 2022-12-29 Thursday Regional
Tamu Lochar 2022-12-30 Friday Regional

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