Purvanchal Expressway Toll Plaza Rates List 2023 Latest Updated

Purvanchal Expressway Toll Plaza Rates List 2022 Latest Updated – It has been decided to impose toll tax on Purvanchal Expressway in Uttar Pradesh. Toll tax will start on this expressway from May 1. According to the information received from up government sources, toll tax will also be levied on purvanchal expressway on the lines of Agra expressway. Toll tax is levied at the rate of Rs 2.15 per kilometre on Agra Expressway. If the toll tax is determined on the basis of this rate, then a driver will have to pay Rs 731 to go from Lucknow to Ghazipur. The length of purvanchal expressway between Lucknow and Ghazipur is 340 km. After the demand of toll tax from the Yogi Adityanath cabinet, the company will now be selected for toll operations.

The Purvanchal Expressway in Uttar Pradesh is quite special in many ways. Poorvanchal Expressway has been constructed between Lucknow and Ghazipur. The 340-km-long expressway was developed in eight packages. In this expressway, 22 flyovers, 7 railway overbridges, 7 major bridges, 114 minor bridges have been constructed. In addition, 45 vehicle underpasses, 139 small vehicle underpasses, 87 pedestrian underpasses and 525 box culverts have been constructed on the expressway. The expressway has been constructed at a cost of around Rs 11,216 crore. Purvanchal Expressway Toll Plaza List is given below. Purvanchal Expressway Toll Plaza Rates List 2022 Latest Updated

Purvanchal Expressway Toll Plaza Rates List

Purvanchal Expressway Toll Plaza Rate List :

Particulars Details
Purvanchal Expressway length 340.824 km
Purvanchal Expressway cost  Rs 22,494 crore
Number of Lanes  6 lanes expandable to 8, if required
Start and end point of the Expressway Starts from Chand Saray village, Lucknow district and ends at Haydaria village, NH-31, Ghazipur district
Inaugural Date November 2021
Developer Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority (UPEIDA)
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  • Toll rates (with a discount of 25 per cent) have been fixed for the year 2022-23 from Lucknow to Ghazipur on the Purvanchal Expressway.
  • It will attract a toll of Rs 675 for a car, jeep, van or light motor vehicle, Rs 1065 for a light commercial vehicle, a light goods vehicle or mini-buses, Rs 2145 for a bus or truck, Rs 3,285 for heavy construction work machine (HCM), geo-moving equipment (EMI) or multi-polar vehicle (MAV) (3 to 6 axles) and Rs 4,185 for a large size vehicle (oversized vehicle) (7 or more axles).
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स्थान का नाम इंटरसेक्टिंग रोड नंबर इंटरसेक्टिंग रोड लखनऊ से दूरी संभावित टोल दर
बाराबंकी एसएच 13 हैदरगढ़ बाराबंकी रोड 36 किलोमीटर 77 रुपये
रुदौली एसएच 31 इन्हौना-रुदौली रोड 58 किलोमीटर 125 रुपये
रायबरेली एसएच 15 रायबरेली-फैजाबाद रोड 81 किलोमीटर 174 रुपये
सुल्तानपुर एसएच 19 सुल्तानपुर-फैजाबाद रोड 121 किलोमीटर 260 रुपये
अकबरपुर एनएच 232 (NH 128) सुल्तानपुर अकबरपुर रोड 138 किलोमीटर 297 रुपये
दोस्तपुर एमडीआर 113ई अकबरपुर-दोस्तपुर रोड 161 किलोमीटर 346 रुपये
जौनपुर के लिए एसएच 5 अकबरपुर-जौनपुर रोड 182 किलोमीटर 391 रुपये
आजमगढ़ एनएच 233 (NH 28) आजमगढ़-टांडा रोड 234 किलोमीटर 503 रुपये
मऊ एसएच 34 आजमगढ़-मऊ रोड 253 किलोमीटर 544 रुपये
मऊ एसएच 34 मऊ गाजीपुर रोड 294 किलोमीटर 632 रुपये
बलिया लिंक बलिया लिंक रोड प्रस्तावित बलिया लिंक रोड 329 किलोमीटर 707 रुपये
गाजीपुर एनएच 19 (NH 31) एनएच 19 गाजीपुर 340 किलोमीटर 731 रुपये
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