Physical 100 Contestants List With Photo 2023 – Full Star Cast List

Physical 100 Contestants List With Photo 2023 – Full Star Cast List – Netflix is moving to its original Korean reality show this year, beginning with a survival contest show that delivers major squid game vibes. Physical: 100 pit 100 athletes, special forces soldiers, fitness influencers, and other strong people to watch against each other to see who has the “most exquisite physique.” Ultra-fit men and women are put through various challenges that not only test strength and size, but also speed, agility, and mental finesse, all with a chance to win 300 million wins (about $245,000 USD).

Physical 100 Contestants List With Photo
Physical 100 Contestants List With Photo

Physical 100 Contestants List With Photo 2023 – Full Star Cast List

TV Show  Physical: 100 (2023)
Network Netflix
Main Stars Cha Hyun Seung, Akiyama Yoshihiro
Genres TV Show
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Release Date 24 January 2023
Season 1
Episodes 10
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Physical 100 TV Show Full Cast :

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  1. Kim Kyung-jin: YouTuber and farmer
  2. YOYO: Model
  3. Nam Kyung-jin: Professional wrestler
  4. Kwak Myung-sik: CrossFitter
  5. Carlos: CrossFitter
  6. Park Jung-ho: Prison officer
  7. Jang Seong-min: South Korean national rugby player
  8. Kim Chun-ri: Bodybuilder
  9. Kkang Mi: YouTuber and reserve sergeant
  10. An Da-jeong: Bodybuilder
  11. Son Hee-chan: Professional wrestler
  12. Jang Eun-sil: Professional wrestler
  13. BBULKUP: YouTuber, CEO of a catering business, and former bodybuilder
  14. Ma Sun-Ho: Bodybuilder
  15. Kang Chun-il: Pilates instructor and dancer
  16. Park Hyung-geun: MMA Fighter
  17. Jo Jin-hyeong: Car dealer and strongman athlete
  18. Miracle Nelson: Dancer, model, and bodybuilder
  19. Kim Ji-wook: South Korean national diver
  20. Seong Chi-hyun: Fitness model and casino dealer
  21. Choo Sung-hoon: MMA fighter and judoka
  22. Yun Sung-bin: Olympic skeleton racer
  23. Yang Hak-seon: Olympic gymnast
  24. Hwang Ji-Hun, aka “Agent H”: YouTuber and former UDT/SEAL
  25. Caro: CrossFitter and YouTuber
  26. Hong Beom-seok: YouTuber, RoK former Special Forces soldier and firefighter
  27. Jjang Jae, aka “The eTool”: YouTuber and former UDT/SEAL
  28. Shim Eu-ddeum: YouTuber and former competitive fitness model
  29. Kim Kang-min: Bodybuilder
  30. Song A-reum: Bodybuilder
  31. Cha Hyun-seung: Dancer and model
  32. Lee Yong Seung: Bodybuilder and YouTuber
  33. Kim Ye-hyun: Bodybuilder and former fencer
  34. Kang Han: South Korean national bobsledder
  35. Kim Sung-jun: Fitness model
  36. Kim Sung-hun: Personal trainer and fitness Model
  37. Son Hee-dong: Professional wrestler
  38. Kim Ji-han: Volleyball player
  39. Yun Seok-hwan: South Korean national swimmer
  40. Yoo Sang-hoon: MMA Fighter
  41. Joo Dong-jo: MMA Fighter
  42. Lee Guk-young: Bodybuilder, dancer, and musical actor
  43. Cho Hyun-mi: Professional boxer
  44. Lee Juh-yung: Professional ice hockey player
  45. Seo Ha-yan: CrossFit coach
  46. Jeong Bo-kyeong: South Korean national judoka
  47. Choi Kyu-tae: Model and dancer
  48. Choi Min-yong: Marathon runner
  49. Dustin Nippert: Former KT Wiz baseball player
  50. Choi In-ho: Strongman athlete and personal trainer
  51. Florian Krapf: Fitness model, YouTuber, and TV personality
  52. Kim Gil-hwan: Scuba diver and YouTuber
  53. Kim Min-cheol: Mountain Rescue Team and national team ice climber
  54. Kim Byeong-jin: South Korean national taekwondo athlete
  55. Kim Sang-wook: MMA Fighter
  56. Kim Eun-ji: Competitive fitness model and YouTuber
  57. Kim Jeong-uk: Fitness model and bodybuilder
  58. Vita Mikju: Pole sports athlete
  59. Park Seon-kwan: South Korean national swimmer
  60. Park Jong-hyeok: Fitness model and coach
  61. Park Jin-yong: South Korean national luger
  62. Bang Seong-hyeok: Personal trainer
  63. Bang Ji-hoon: Bodybuilder
  64. DBO: Rapper
  65. Austin Kang: Chef and TV Personality
  66. Woo Jin-yong: CrossFitter, former snowboarder and Coach
  67. Yoo Ga-ram: Inline skater
  68. Yoon Jun-hyeop: Model
  69. Lee Dah-yun: Professional wrestler
  70. Hwang Bit Yeo Ul: CrossFitter
  71. Kim Kyeong-baek: Former UDT Drill Instructor
  72. Kim Da-young: Stuntwoman
  73. Kim Sik: South Korean national skeleton coach and former bobsledder
  74. Lee Min U: Chef
  75. Lee Ye-ji: MMA fighter
  76. Im Jeong-yun: College student and fitness model
  77. Jo Yeon-joo: Cheerleader
  78. Jo I Taek: Actor
  79. Choi Sung-hyuk: Pole sports athlete
  80. Ko Da-young: Pilates instructor
  81. Park Ji Su: Bodybuilder and South Korean national rugby player
  82. Park Min-ji: Actress
  83. Tarzan: YouTuber
  84. Seol Ki-kwan: South Korean national bodybuilder
  85. Shin Dong-guk: Firefighter, MMA Fighter, and former RoK Special Forces soldier
  86. Shin Bo Mi-rae: Boxer
  87. Shin Se-gae: Stuntman
  88. Lee Dae-won: Trot Singer and MMA fighter
  89. Lee So-young: Fitness model
  90. Lee Jun-myeong: Calisthenics coach
  91. Miho: Personal trainer
  92. Elaine: Actress and TV personality
  93. Jeon Min-seok: Coast Guard officer
  94. Jeon Young: Movie choreographer
  95. Jeong Han-saem: Musical actor and model
  96. Jung Hae-min: Professional cyclist
  97. Ovan: Singer-songwriter
  98. Cho Jung-myung: South Korean national luger
  99. Chae Wan-ki: Jiu-jitsu athlete
  100. Ha Je-yong: Powerlifting athlete and former arm wrestler

Physical 100 TV Show Netflix Female Contestants List

  • Elaine Yuki Wong
  • Kim Eun-ji
  • Jang Eun-sil
  • Shim Eu-ddeum
  • An Da-jeong
  • Kkang Mi
  • Jo Yeon-joo
  • Lee Da-hyeon
  • Song A-reum
  • Kim Chun-ri
  • Park Min-ji
  • Choi Hyun-Mi
  • Jeong Bo-kyeong

Physical 100 Female Contestants List with Details :

Contestants Details Of Profile 
Elaine Yuki Wong
  • Elaine is a famous actress and reality TV star from Singapore.
  • Once, she intended to become a member of the K-pop group Girl Generation, but later dropped out of the process.
Jeong Bo-kyeong
  • Jeong Bo-kyeong is a judo team player in the national team.
    She won a silver medal in 2016 Olympics.
Choi Hyun-Mi
  • Choi Hyun-mi is now the WBA Super Featherweight World Champion.
  • Choi’s current record is 18 wins, 1 tie and 0 losses.
Park Min-ji
  • Park Min-ji is a seram wrestler by profession.
  • He likes sports.
  • She refers to herself as the “goddess on the sand”.
Kim Chun-ri
  • Kim Chun-ri is a popular bodybuilder.
  • He was noted by several other contestants during his entry.
Song A-reum
  • Song A-Rem arrived on the show with her husband Kim Kang-min.
Lee Da-hyeon
  • Lee is a female ceserium wrestler.
  • She is the first female Seram wrestler to win a Grand Slam title.
  • Lee Gioje plays for City
Jo Yeon-joo
  • Joe Yeon-ju is a young, experienced cheerleader.
  • She is currently 24 years old.
  • She has been cheerleading for 6 years.
Kkang Mi
  • Kkang Mi served for eight years in the Special Forces.
  • Shw is currently a Sergeant first-class reservoir In Forces.
Shim Eu-ddeum
  • Shim Eu-ddeum is an exercise YouTuber.
An Da-jeong
  • Da-Jeong is a bodybuilder and Olympian from South Korea.
  • Wrestler Shim was happy to meet the bodybuilder.
Jang Eun-sil
  • Jung Yun-sil is a wrestler by profession.
  • Jung Yoon-sil has been wrestling for 7 years.
  • Jang’s hobbies are CrossFit and Siriam.
Kim Eun-ji
  • Kim Yoon-ji was the first female contestant to reach the Physical 100.
  • Kim is a competitive fitness model and fitness trainer by profession.

FAQ : Physical 100 Contestants List With Photo 2023

What is physical 100?

Ans; Physical: 100 is a reality television series on Netflix.

Who is Kim Ye-hyun?

Ans: Kim Ye-hyun is a contestant of the Physical 100.

Who is Son Hee-chan?

Ans: Son Hee-chan is a competitor to the Physical 100.

Who is Shim U-Didium?

Ans: Shim Eu-ddeum is an exercise YouTuber and physical 100 competitor.

Who is Park Min-ji?

Ans: Park Min-ji is a serious wrestler by profession and a contestant of the Physical 100.

Who is The winner Of Physical 100 TV Show?

Ans : Right Now TV show Is Streaming On Netflix. Winner Is Not Announced

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