NIOS Political Science Notes In English Pdf Download Free

NIOS Political Science Notes In English Pdf Download Free – Hello Friends Welcome to . here we are Providing you Links to Download Political Science English medium From NIOS . These files are free to download from download links given below .

NIOS Political Science Notes In English Pdf Download Free


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Content Of NIOS Political Science Material English Medium 

MODULE 1 : Individual and The State

Lesson 1 – Meaning and Scope of Political Science
Lesson 2 – Nation and State
Lesson 3 – Distinction between Society, Nation, State and Government
Lesson 4 – Major Political Theories

MODULE 2 : Aspects of the Constitution of India

Lesson 5 – Preamble and the Salient Features of the Constitution of India
Lesson 6 – Fundamental Rights
Lesson 7 – Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties
Lesson 8 – Indian Federal System
Lesson 9 – Emergency Provisions

MODULE 3 : Structure of Government

Lesson 10 – Union Executive
Lesson 11 – Parliament of India
Lesson 12 – Supreme Court of India
Lesson 13 – Executive in the States
Lesson 14 – State Legislature
Lesson 15 – High Courts and Subordinate Courts
Lesson 16 – Local Government:Urban and Rural

MODULE 4 : Democracy at Work

Lesson 17 – Universal Adult Franchise and The Methods of Representation
Lesson 18 – Electoral System in India
Lesson 19 – National Political Parties
Lesson 20 – Regionalism and Regional Parties
Lesson 21 – Public Opinion and Pressure Groups

MODULE 5 : Major Contemporary Issues

Lesson 22 – Communalism, Caste and Reservations
Lesson 23 – Environmental Awareness
Lesson 24 – Good Governance
Lesson 25 – Human Rights

MODULE 6 : India and the World

Lesson 26 – India’s Foreign Policy
Lesson 27 – India’s Relations with USA and Russia
Lesson 28 – India and its Neighbours : China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

Optional Module (Choose any one of the following two) – – – – – – – –
Optional MODULE 1 : World Order and the United Nations

Lesson 29 – Contemporary World Order
Lesson 30 – The United Nations
Lesson 31 – United Nations Peace Activities
Lesson 32 – United Nations and Economic and Social Development

Optional MODULE 2 : Administrative System in India

Lesson 33 – Public service Commission
Lesson 34 – Administrative Machinery at The Centre, States and District Levels
Lesson 35 – Political Executive and Bureaucracy
Lesson 36 – Public Grievances and Redressal Machinery

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