Navratri Colours List 2023 : Significance of 9 Colours In Navratri

Navratri Colours List 2022 : Significance of 9 Colours In Navratri – The festival of Navratri has drawn to a close and people are excited. Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur by Hindus every year. Every year, Navratri is celebrated twice – Chaitra Navratri and Sharad Navratri. Chaitra Navratri was celebrated in the month of April and now it is time for Sharad Navratri. This year Sharad Navratri 2022 begins on Monday, September 26 and ends on Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

The Navratri festival is recognized by the worship of Goddess Durga and her nine avatars for a period of 9 days. During the festival devotees wear colourful attire, perform special rituals and prayers (Durga Puja), fast and prepare delicious dishes.

During Navratri, people wear different coloured clothes over 9 days and each colour has its own significance. Here are the 9 colours of Sharad Navratri and their significance In Navaratri. You can check full list from table given below.

Navratri Colours List
Navratri Colours List

Navratri Colours List 2022 : Significance of 9 Colours In Navratri

Sharad Navratri Colours 2022 List: Significance of 9 Colours Related to Maa Durga. Here’s the full list of different Sharad Navratri Colours 2022 and their significance during the 9 days of the Navratri festival when 9 forms of Maa Durga are worshipped.

Days Colours Significance Nine Forms of Maa Durga Worshipped
Day 1 White Peace and serenity Maa Shailapuri
Day 2 Red Love and Passion Maa Brahmacharini
Day 3 Royal Blue Richness and serenity Maa Chandraghanta
Day 4 Yellow Joy and enthusiasm Maa Kushmanda
Day 5 Green New beginnings, nature, growth, and joy. Maa Skandmata
Day 6 Grey Balanced emotions, sensible and sober nature Maa Katyayani
Day 7 Orange Positivity, warmth, and enthusiasm Maa Kalratri
Day 8 Peacock Green Uniqueness, compassion, and individuality Maa Mahagauri
Day 9 Pink Kindness, affection and harmony Maa Siddhidatri

Nine Forms of Maa Durga Worshipped In Navratri

Days Nine Forms of Maa Durga Worshipped
Day 1 Maa Shailapuri
Day 2 Maa Brahmacharini
Day 3 Maa Chandraghanta
Day 4 Maa Kushmanda
Day 5 Maa Skandmata
Day 6 Maa Katyayani
Day 7 Maa Kalratri
Day 8 Maa Mahagauri
Day 9 Maa Siddhidatri

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