Mizoram Ministers List 2023 – List Of Cabinet Ministers Of Mizoram

Mizoram Ministers List 2023 – List Of Cabinet Ministers Of Mizoram – Here Is The latest Updated List Of all Ministers Of Mizoram With Their Portfolio. The Government of Mizoram also known as the State Government of Mizoram, or locally as State Government, is the supreme governing authority of the Indian state of Mizoram and its 11 districts. It consists of an executive, led by the Governor of Mizoram, a judiciary and a legislative branch.

Like other states of India, the head of the state of Mizoram is the Governor, appointed by the President of India on the advice of the Central government. The Chief Minister is the head of the government. Aizawl is the capital of Mizoram, and houses the Mizoram Legislative Assembly and the secretariat. The Guwahati High Court, located in Guwahati, Assam has an Aizawl Bench that exercises the jurisdiction and powers in respect of cases arising in the State of Mizoram. The present Legislative Assembly of Mizoram is unicameral, consisting of 40 Member of the Legislative Assembly (M.L.A). Its term is 5 years, unless sooner dissolved

Mizoram Ministers List

Mizoram Ministers List 2023 – List Of Cabinet Ministers Of Mizoram

Name Portfolios
Zoramthanga, Chief Minister 1. Finance Department
2. Political & Cabinet Department
3. Planning & Programme Implementation Deptt.
4. General Administration Deptt.
5. Secretariat Administration Deptt.
6. Vigilance Deptt.
7. Public Work Deptt.
8. Horticulture Deptt.
Tawnluia, Cabinet Minister 1. Public Health Engineering Deptt.
2. Urban Development & Poverty Alleviation Deptt.
3. Animal husbandry & Veterinary Deptt.
4. Deptt. Of Personnel & Administrative Reforms
Dr. R.Lalthangliana, Cabinet Minister 1. Health & Family Welfare Deptt.
2. Higher & Technical Education Deptt.
3. Commerce & Industries Deptt.
Lalchamliana, Cabinet Minister 1. Home Deptt.
2. Taxation Deptt.
3. Disaster Management & Rehabilation Deptt.
R.Lalzirliana, Cabinet Minister 1. Power & Electricity Deptt.
2. Arts & Culture Deptt.
3. Land Resources, Soil & Water Conservation Deptt.
4. District Council & Minority Affairs Deptt.
C.Lalrinsanga, Cabinet Minister 1. Agriculture Deptt.
2. Irrigation & Water Resources Deptt.
3. Co-Operation Deptt.
K.Lalrinliana, Minister of State 1. Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs Deptt.
2. Local Administration Deptt.
3. Fisheries Deptt.
Lalchhandama Ralte, Minister of State 1. School Education Deptt.
2. Labour, Employment, Skill Development &
Entrepreneurship Deptt.
3. Printing & Stationery Deptt.
Pu Lalruatkima, Minister of State 1. Rural Development Deptt.
2. Land Revenue & Settlement Deptt.
3. Information & public Relations Deptt.
Dr. K.Beichhua, Minister of State 1. Social Welfare Deptt.
2. Excise & Narcotics Deptt.
3. Sericulture Deptt.
T.J Lalnuntluanga, Minister of State 1. Law & Judicial Deptt.
2. Parliamentary Affairs Deptt.
3. Transport Deptt.
4. Environment, Forest & Climate Change Deptt.
Robert Romawia Royte, Minister of State 1. Sports & Youth Services Deptt.
2. Tourism Deptt.
3. Information & Communication Technology Deptt.

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