List of Territorial Disputes Involving China With 13 Countries

List of Territorial Disputes Involving China With 13 Countries – China’s latest actions towards Taiwan after US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island nation have made headlines all over the world. China sees the US official’s diplomatic visit as an intrusion into its plan to invade Taiwan. Concerns over China ordering an attack on the self-ruled island are so high that the US has passed a $100 million support contract aimed at boosting the island’s missile defense systems to maintain political stability and military balance in the region. But while Taiwan has proved to be the most troubling flashpoint in recent months, there are also 13 other nations that are involved in territorial disputes with China.

List of Territorial Disputes Involving China With 13 Countries
List of Territorial Disputes Involving China With 13 Countries

List of Territorial Disputes Involving China With 13 Countries

S. No. Countries Details 
1. The Philippines  
2. Vietnam
  •  China and Vietnam have long faced ‘maritime territorial disputes over the Spratly Islands and the Paraceal Islands.
3. Japan
  • China and Japan have repeatedly clashed over a group of uninhabited islands called the Senkaku islands in Tokyo, the Diaoyu Islands in Beijing, and the Tiaoyutai islands in Taiwan.
4. Nepal
  • China has also been accused of encroaching on Nepal’s territory along the two countries’ shared border.
  • As per the leaked government report, China has been trespassing in the district of Humla, in the far west of Nepal.
5. Bhutan
  • China shares a contiguous border of 292 miles with Bhutan and the territorial disputes have been a source of potential conflict.
  • Since the 1980s, the two governments have conducted regular talks on the issues.
6. India
  • China has a disagreement with India over its land border in the Himalayas.
  • Both the countries fought a bloody war in 1962, ending in a ceasefire that led to the establishment of the Line of Control.
7. Indonesia
  • The issue between China and Indonesia is another South China Sea dispute.
8. Laos
  • China claims its sovereignty over the majority of Laos’ territory on historic precedents (Yuan Dynasty)
9. Myanmar
  • Myanmar’s northern shan state had destroyed a fence built by the Chinese authorities claiming it encroaches on their country’s territories.
10. Tibet
  • Tibet, which was an independent nation between 1913 and 1950, was invaded by Chinese troops.
  • China claimed it to be part of its sovereign territory since it was under the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century.
  • Tibet is currently divided under the Chinese regime.
  • When China refers to Tibet, it means only a part of historic Tibet, which has been named as Tibet Autonomous Region of China. Tibet’s 12.28 lakh sq km territory is under China’s direct control.
11. Singapore
  • Singapore and China have also clashed over their claim in the South China Sea.
12. Brunei
  • The small Islamic nation has been long described as the silent claimant to areas in the South China Sea because it keeps a low profile in major disputes.
13. Mongolia
  • China claims all of Mongolia as it was under the Yuan Dynasty.
  • It should be noted that Mongolia, under Genghis Khan, occupied China.
14 Combodia
  • Based on the Historic precedent, China claims parts of Cambodia, which were under the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).
15 Tajikistan 
  • Qing Dynasty also ruled Tajikistan’s territory, leading to China claiming it.
16 Korea 
  • China is claiming the whole of the Korean peninsula on the historical grounds as it once part of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).
  • Additionally, North Korea and China are having disputes over the Baekdu Mountain.


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