List of Religious Holidays of Buddhist in 2023 – 2024 – Full List

List of Religious Holidays of Buddhist in 2023 – 2024 – Full List – Buddhist Holidays 2023 by contains a list of popular Buddhist Festivals 2023, observations, popular celebrations, and religious holidays observed by the people of the Buddhist community in 2023 and how they are celebrated. Read on to find out exciting trivia about these Buddhist Holidays 2023 in India. Here We Have Compiled Full List of Holidays Which you Can Check From Table Given below.

List of Religious Holidays of Buddhist
List of Religious Holidays of Buddhist

List of Religious Holidays of Buddhist in 2022, 2023 & 2024 – Full List

Monday Jan 10, 2022 Bodhi Day
Tuesday Jan 18, 2022 Mahayana New Year
Tuesday Feb 01, 2022 Chinese New Year
Tuesday Feb 15, 2022 Nirvana Day
Wednesday Feb 16, 2022 Magha Puja Day
Saturday Apr 16, 2022 Theravada New Year
Monday May 16, 2022 Vesak – Buddha Day
Wednesday Jul 13, 2022 Asala – Dharma Day
Saturday Aug 13, 2022 Obon

2023 Holidays List :

Saturday Jan 07, 2023 Mahayana New Year
Sunday Jan 22, 2023 Chinese New Year
Wednesday Feb 15, 2023 Nirvana Day
Monday Mar 06, 2023 Magha Puja Day
Thursday Apr 06, 2023 Theravada New Year
Friday May 19, 2023 Vesak – Buddha Day
Monday Jul 03, 2023 Asala – Dharma Day
Sunday Aug 13, 2023 Obon
Friday Dec 08, 2023 Bodhi Day

2024 Holidays List :

Thursday Jan 25, 2024 Mahayana New Year
Saturday Feb 10, 2024 Chinese New Year
Thursday Feb 15, 2024 Nirvana Day
Saturday Feb 24, 2024 Magha Puja Day
Saturday Apr 13, 2024 Theravada New Year
Thursday May 23, 2024 Vesak – Buddha Day
Sunday Jul 21, 2024 Asala – Dharma Day
Tuesday Aug 13, 2024 Obon
Sunday Dec 08, 2024 Bodhi Day

Elements Of Buddhism

The eight-fold path includes the below-mentioned ideals for ethical conduct, achieving wisdom, and mental discipline-

  • Samma Ditthi (Right understanding)
  • Samma Sankappa (Right thought)
  • Samma Vaca (Right speech)
  • Samma Kammanta (Right action)
  • Samma Ajiva (Right livelihood)
  • Samma Vayama (Right effort)
  • Samma Sati (Right mindfulness)
  • Samma Samadhi (Right concentration)

Today, the Buddhism community stands at one of the world’s major religions with about 470 million followers. The most prominent followers of Buddhism are found in East and Southeast Asia, but its influence is taking a hike in the West too. There are many kinds of Buddhism existing around the world today. Listed below are three major types that signify particular geographical areas-

Type Location
Theravada Buddhism Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Laos, and Burma
Mahayana Buddhism Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and Vietnam
Tibetan Buddhism Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, parts of Northern India, and parts of Russia

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