List Of Most Polluted City In India PDF Download 2022 | Latest Updated

List Of Most Polluted City In India PDF Download 2022 | Latest Updated – Pollution in the air is one of the main causes of diseases. A deadly disease like asthma is the product of polluted air. Air pollution is one of the leading causes of death in India. When we talk about the most polluted cities of India, everyone points to Delhi, but you will be surprised to know that apart from Delhi, there are other cities that are the most polluted.

There are various pollutants (both particulate and gas) that can be found in the air. One of the most commonly tracked pollutants is a very small, fine particle called PM2.5 and based on this, the air quality is checked. Smart Air had analysed the 2021 air pollution data for dozens of Indian cities and based on that we are going to tell you about such polluted cities.

There will be no year where we do not face winters that cool the soul, every year the cold forces us to hide in the quilts. Almost all cities are covered with smog and the air quality reaches dangerous levels. Every year the pollution level becomes so severe that people living in most big cities are forced to take a clean air. Talking about the polluted cities of India, Delhi comes at the top, but don’t think that Delhi is the only polluted city, according to Smart Air, in 2021, there were some cities in India that were the most polluted according to the analysis of the data. Let’s give you information about those cities as well. UP Cabinet Minister List Pdf Download 2022, Uttar Pradesh Mantri Mandal

List Of Most Polluted City In India PDF Download 2022 | Latest Updated

List of Most Polluted City in India 2022 : Latest Updated List

Country City, State Avg. PM2.5
India Bhiwadi, Rajasthan 106.2
India Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 102
India Delhi 96.4
India Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh 95.3
India Noida 91.4
India Bagpat 89.1
India Hisar 89
India Faridabad 88.9
India Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh 87.5
India Rohtak, Haryana 86.9
India Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 86
India Jind     84.1
India Gurugram     83.4
India Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 83.2
India Muzaffarpur, Bihar 82.9
India Varanasi 82.6
India Bulandshahr 80.8
India Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 80.6
India Kadaura 80.3
India Patna, Bihar 78.2
India Dharuhera 76.9
India Durgapur 75.8
India Amroha 75
India Charkhi Dadri 73.9
India Agra, Uttar Pradesh 73.4
India Yamuna Nagar 73.3
India Muzaffarnagar 73
India Alampur 72.5
India Ludhiana 71.8
India Sonipat 68.7
India Kurukshetra 68.1
India Jodhpur 67.8
India Singrauli 67.3
India Ankleshwar  66.5
India Ambala 65.3


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