List of Districts in Punjab 2022 – New Districts Latest Updated List

List of Districts in Punjab 2022 – New Districts Latest Updated List – Punjab, the state of India, is located in the north-western part of the subcontinent. It is surrounded by the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the north, the state of Himachal Pradesh in the north-east, the state of Haryana in the south and south-east and the state of Rajasthan in the southwest and the country of Pakistan in the west. Punjab, in its present form, came into existence on November 1, 1966, when its predominantly Hindi-speaking areas were separated to form a new state of Haryana. Chandigarh city within the Union Territory is the joint capital of Punjab and Haryana.

The modern Indian Punjab came into existence on 31 October 1966 when Himachal Pradesh and Haryana were carved out. In the late 15th century, Guru Nanak Dev laid the foundation of Sikhism in Punjab. Punjab is the largest state of the Sikh population.

List of Districts in Punjab
List of Districts in Punjab

List of Districts in Punjab 2022 – New Districts Latest Updated List

No. Name of District Area (sq km) Population Name of Head Quarters
1 Amritsar 2,647 2,490,891 Amritsar
2 Barnala 1,410 596,294 Barnala
3 Bathinda 3,385 1,388,859 Bathinda
4 Faridkot 1,469 618,008 Faridkot
5 Fatehgarh Sahib 1,180 599,814 Fatehgarh Sahib
6 Firozpur 2,190 965,337 Firozpur
7 Fazilka 3,113 1,180,483 Fazilka
8 Gurdaspur 2,635 2,299,026 Gurdaspur
9 Hoshiarpur 3,365 1,582,793 Hoshiarpur
10 Jalandhar 2,632 2,181,753 Jalandhar
11 Kapurthala 1,632 817,668 Kapurthala
12 Ludhiana 3,767 3,487,882 Ludhiana
13 Mansa 2,171 768,808 Mansa
14 Moga 2,216 992,289 Moga
15 Sri Muktsar Sahib 2,615 902,702 Sri Muktsar Sahib
16 Pathankot 929 676,598 Pathankot
17 Patiala 3,218 1,892,282 Patiala
18 Rupnagar 1,369 683,349 Rupnagar
19 Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar 1,093 986,147 Mohali
20 Sangrur 3,685 1,654,408 Sangrur
21 Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar 1,267 614,362 Nawanshahr
22 Taran Taran 2,449 1,120,070 Taran Taran Sahib

Key Facts About Punjab :

  • The area of Punjab is 50,362 sq. km. It is the 20th largest state in India as per the area.
  • Its population is about 27 million.
  • It Is The 16th largest state as per population in the country.
  • In the city of Amritsar, the Golden Temple or Shri Harmandir Sahib is located which is considered the holiest and most important pilgrimage site of Sikhism.
  • The temple was designed by the fifth Guru Arjan Dev.
  • The Gold was installed above the Gurudwara by Raja Ranjit Singh.
  • Punjab is very famous for its folk dances such as Bhangra, Gidddha, Jhumar, Mirza, Jugni, Dhamaal, Gatka, etc.

There are five Takht (meaning Seat of Authority) in Sikhism. Out of five, three are in Punjab:

  • Akal Takht in the Golden Temple Complex
  • Takht Sri Damdama Sahib in Bhatinda
  • Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib in Anandpur Sahib.
  • Two other are Takht Sri Patna Sahib in Patna, Bihar
  • Takht Sri Hazur Sahib, Nanded, Maharashtra.

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