List Of Adjectives Pdf : List of 251+ Common Adjectives

List Of Adjectives Pdf : List of 251+ Common Adjectives – Adjectives modify perhaps the most common words in the English language, nouns. With a list of common adjectives at hand, you can describe your surroundings in detail. All the words in this list of 228 adjectives can be used to describe the presence of feelings or objects and it can also make it easier to describe you, your surroundings, and your favorite things.

Why Use an Adjective ?

  • Whether you’re a native English speaker or learning English as a second language, using such an adjective list can help you expand your language skills and organize your learning.
  • Using the adjective list can help you build more advanced vocabularies and build your ability to use descriptive language.
  • This, in turn, will allow you to become a more effective writer and speaker.
  • People who are learning a foreign language often make a list of general descriptive words to study to expand their vocabulary beyond the original nouns and verbs in the new language.
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List Of Adjectives Pdf : List of 251+ Common Adjectives
List Of Adjectives Pdf : List of 251+ Common Adjectives

List Of Adjectives Pdf : List of 251+ Common Adjectives

adorable adventurous aggressive
agreeable alert alive
amused angry annoyed
annoying anxious arrogant
ashamed attractive average
awful bad beautiful
better bewildered black
bloody blue blue-eyed
blushing bored brainy
brave breakable bright
busy calm careful
cautious charming cheerful
clean clear clever
cloudy clumsy colorful
combative comfortable concerned
condemned confused cooperative
courageous crazy creepy
crowded cruel curious
cute dangerous dark
dead defeated defiant
delightful depressed determined
different difficult disgusted
distinct disturbed dizzy
doubtful drab dull

E-Z Adjectives :

eager easy elated
elegant embarrassed enchanting
encouraging energetic enthusiastic
envious evil excited
expensive exuberant fair
faithful famous fancy
fantastic fierce filthy
fine foolish fragile
frail frantic friendly
frightened funny gentle
gifted glamorous gleaming
glorious good gorgeous
graceful grieving grotesque
grumpy handsome happy
healthy helpful helpless
hilarious homeless homely
horrible hungry hurt
ill important impossible
inexpensive innocent inquisitive
itchy jealous jittery
jolly joyous kind
lazy light lively
lonely long lovely
lucky magnificent misty
modern motionless muddy
mushy mysterious nasty
naughty nervous nice
nutty obedient obnoxious
odd old-fashioned open
outrageous outstanding panicky
perfect plain pleasant
poised poor powerful
precious prickly proud
putrid puzzled quaint
real relieved repulsive
rich scary selfish
shiny shy silly
sleepy smiling smoggy
sore sparkling splendid
spotless stormy strange
stupid successful super
talented tame tasty
tender tense terrible
thankful thoughtful thoughtless
tired tough troubled
ugliest ugly uninterested
unsightly unusual upset
uptight vast victorious
vivacious wandering weary
wicked wide-eyed wild
witty worried worrisome
wrong zany zealous

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