Kirori Singh Bainsla Biography, Family, Son, Gurjar Andolan, Death

Kirori Singh Bainsla Biography, Family, Son, Gurjar Andolan, Death – Col Kirori Singh Bainsla, who led the Gurjar reservation movement in Rajasthan, has passed away. Kirodi Baisla had been ill for a long time. Bainsla breathed his last at a hospital in Jaipur. After his condition deteriorated, he was taken to Manipal Hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. On bainsla’s demise, people are paying tribute to colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla on Twitter. At the same time, his death has sent shock waves in the Gurjar community. In Rajasthan, Bainsla is known as the leader in the fight for the rights of the Gujjars (Gurjar aandolan lead by colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla). The great thing is that at one of his behests, the Gurjar community used to unite. Bainsla’s strength was so much that he used to stop the whole of Rajasthan at one of his gestures. From Vasundhara Raje to Ashok Gehlot government, his strength has been realized many times in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Budget Questions And Answers Pdf 2022 In Hindi

Kirori Singh Bainsla Biography, Family, Son, Gurjar Andolan, Death

Kirori Singh Bainsla Biography, Family, Son, Gurjar Andolan, Death

Kirori Singh Bainsla 12 September 1940 (age 81)
Karauli district, Rajputana Agency, British India
Died 31 March 2022
Nationality Indian
Other names Col. Kirori Bainsla
Citizenship Indian
Occupation Defence PersonnalSocial worker


Years active
  • 1960-2000 (Army)
  • 2006-2019 (Social movement)
  • 2019-Present (Politics)
Organization Colonel Bainsla Foundation
Known for Social Activism
Notable work
Caste reservation for people of Gurjar community of Rajasthan.
Political party Bharatiya Janata Party
Movement Gurjar Reservation Movement
Criminal charge(s) Violent Protest in Rajasthan
Spouse(s) Lt. Resham Bainsla (1954-1996)
Children 4

Who was Kirodi Singh Bainsla?

  • Col. Kirodi Singh Bainsla was born in Mundiya village of Karauli district of Rajasthan.
  • Kirodi Singh, who came from the Gurjar community, started his career as a teacher, but due to his father’s presence in the army, his inclination towards the army was towards the army.
  • He also decided to join the army.
  • He enlisted as a soldier in the army.
  • Bainsla had joined the Rajputana Rifles of the Army and bravely showed his jauhar for Watan in the Indo-China war of 1962 and the Indo-Pakistan war of 1965 while in the Army.

The journey from soldier to colonel :

  • Kirodi Singh Bainsla was also a prisoner of war in Pakistan.
  • He was also known by two surnames by his companions. The seniors used to call him the ‘Rock of Gibraltar‘ and fellow commandos called him ‘Indian Rambo‘.
  • It was kirodi singh’s niece that he reached the rank of colonel after getting promoted as a soldier in the army.
  • Bainsla has four children.
  • One daughter is in the Revenue Service and two sons are in the Army.
  • One son is working in a private company.

Gurjar Agitation ( Andolan ) : Kirori Singh Bainsla

  • After retiring from the Army, Kirodi Singh returned to Rajasthan and started his battle for the Gurjar community.
  • Several times during the agitation, they stopped the rails, staged dharnas on the tracks.
  • There were also many allegations against him about the movement.
  • More than 70 people have also died in their agitation so far.
  • Kirodi Singh has said many times that his life has been influenced by Mughal ruler Babur and US President Abraham Lincoln, two people.
  • He says that the Meena community of Rajasthan has been given the status of a Scheduled Tribe and this gave them a lot of representation in the government job, but this did not happen to the Gujjars, The Gujjars should also get their due.

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