Hybrid Topology | Advantages And Disadvantages | Examples

Hybrid Topology | Advantages And Disadvantages | Examples – The topology consisting of two or more network topologies is called a hybrid topology . This consists of bus topology, mesh topology, star topology, ring topology, tree topology. It  is made as per the requirement it can include star and ring topology or bus and star topology etc. It is used in schools, research organizations, banks, etc. In this, it is very easy to detect any kind of error and the transfer of data in it is much faster than other topologies.

Hybrid Topology | Advantages And Disadvantages | Examples

Hybrid Topology | Advantages And Disadvantages | Examples

  • The main reason for using hybrid network topology is to change it as per the requirement.
  • If there are different blocks in a large organization in which people of each department work where 5 computers are being used in a department, then 10 computers are being used in a department.
  • In this situation, if every department is connected with different network topologies, then it will take more time, in such a situation hybrid network topologies is a very good option because with the help of it, the department of each block is used.
  • It can be added according to its need.
  • It also takes less cost and time to add a hybrid network topology, in which the failure of the network connection can be easily handled, due to which it can be a good option to use it.

Types :

It consists of mainly three types-



  • The star bus hybrid topology is made up of the star and bus topology it is the most common network topology to which the point-to-point connection is connected. Here each computer is connected to a central hub.


  • The star ring hybrid topology is composed of star and ring topology In this network topology, there is no problem in data transfer even after one node of the ring topology is damaged.


  • Hierarchical network TOPOLOGY is designed like a tree due to which it is also called a tree topology, the node at the top of it is called a permanent node.

Uses :

The hybrid topology is used in different places some of the major ones from the jiname are as follows: What Is Tree Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tree Topology

  • Bank (Bank)
  • School (School)
  • College (College)
  • The Automation Industry (Automation Industry)
  • Office (Office)

Advantages :

Some of the special advantages of it are as follows:

  • It works well even after the traffic in the hybrid increases.
  • It is used to build large networks.
  • This network topology is easy to upgrade and new equipment can also be added to it.
  • In this, the speed of data transfer is very fast.
  • It is easy to find an error in it.
  • The size of this network topology can be increased at any time.
  • It helps to use the device well.
  • Its use combines different topologies to form a network which is used as per the requirement.


What Is Mesh Topology? Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mesh Topology

  • It is a little difficult to install which can take a very long time to do.
  • The design of this topology is very difficult.
  • There are a lot of equipments connected to it, as a result of which a lot of electric power is required.

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