Haryana RTO Code List 2022 with City Name – All Cities Latest

Haryana RTO Code List 2022 with City Name – All Cities Latest – Haryana Transport Department has been set up under Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is applicable and functions under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The Transport Department of Haryana provides various services to facilitate the welfare of road transport and safety, such as issuing licences, registration of vehicles, issuance of permits etc. Haryana RTO Code The list of all the cities is given below.

The RTO Haryana has been set up under Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 in the State for managing all vehicular activities. The rules and regulations framed under this Act are followed in every city of this state. Citizens can either go offline to the RTO or visit the Haryana transport department website to get vehicle-related services such as issuance of DL and RC, payment of road tax, issuance of permit and haryana RTO vehicle information. The entire Haryana RTO code list is given below.

Haryana RTO Code List 2022 with City Name – All Cities Latest

Code Type Office
HR 01 RLA Ambala North
HR 03 RLA Panchkula
HR 04 RLA Naraingarh
HR 05 RLA Karnal
HR 06 RLA Panipat
HR 07 RLA Thanesar
HR 08 RLA Kaithal
HR 09 RLA Guhla
HR 10 RLA Sonipat
HR 11 RLA Gohana
HR 12 RLA Rohtak
HR 13 RLA Bahadurgarh
HR 14 RLA Jhajjar
HR 15 RLA Meham
HR 16 RLA Bhiwani
HR 17 RLA Siwani
HR 18 RLA Loharu
HR 19 RLA Charkhi Dadri
HR 20 RLA Hisar
HR 21 RLA Hansi
HR 22 RLA Fatehabad
HR 23 RLA Tohana, Jakhal Mandi
HR 24 RLA Sirsa
HR 25 RLA Mandi Dabwali
HR 26 RLA Gurugram
HR 27 RLA Nuh
HR 28 RLA Ferozepur Jhirka
HR 29 RLA Ballabgarh (Faridabad South)
HR 30 RLA Palwal
HR 31 RLA Jind
HR 32 RLA Narwana
HR 33 RLA Safidon
HR 34 RLA Mahendragarh
HR 35 RLA Narnaul
HR 36 RLA Rewari
HR 37 RTA Ambala
HR 38 RTA Faridabad
HR 39 RTA Hisar
HR 40 RLA Assandh
HR 41 RLA Pehowa
HR 42 RLA Ganaur
HR 43 RLA Kosli
HR 44 RLA Ellenabad
HR 45 RTA Karnal
HR 46 RTA Rohtak
HR 47 RTA Rewari
HR 48 RLA Tosham
HR 49 RLA Kalka
HR 50 RLA Hodal
HR 51 RLA Faridabad (Faridabad North)
HR 52 RLA Hathin
HR 53 Adampur
HR 54 RLA Barara
HR 55 RTA Gurugram
HR 56 RTA Jind
HR 57 RTA Sirsa
HR 58 RTA Yamunanagar
HR 59 RLA Ratia
HR 60 RLA Samalkha
HR 61 RTA Bhiwani
HR 62 RTA Fatehabad
HR 63 RTA Jhajjar
HR 64 RTA Kaithal
HR 65 RTA Kurukshetra
HR 66 RTA Narnaul
HR 67 RTA Panipat
HR 68 RTA Panchkula
HR 69 RTA Sonipat
HR 70 STA Chandigarh
HR 71 RLA Bilaspur
HR 72 RLA Gurugram
HR 73 RTA Palwal
HR 74 RTA Nuh
HR 75 SDivO Indri
HR 76 Pataudi
HR 77 Beri
HR 78 RLA Shahabad Markanda
HR 79 RLA Kharkhoda
HR 80 RLA Barwala
HR 81 RLA Bawal
HR 83 RLA Kalayat
HR 84 RTA Charkhi Dadri
HR 85 SDM Ambala CANTT South
HR 86 RTA Narnaund
HR 87 SDM Badhkal (Faridabad West)
HR 88 SDM Badhra
HR 89 SDM Badli
HR 90 SDM Uchana
HR 91 SDM Gharaunda
HR 92 SDM Radaur
HR 93 SDM Punhana
HR 94 SDM Kalanwali
HR 95 SDM Sampla
HR 96 RTA Tauru
HR 97 RLA Ladwa
HR 98 SDM Badshahpur
HR 99 Haryana

Documents List for Vehicle Registration

There are following documents should be attached along with the application form.

  • Form 20 (Application)
  • Form 21 (Sale Certificate from the dealer
  • Form 21A/Original sale certificate from the concerned authorities in case of ex-army vehicle
  • Form 22/Road Worthiness Certificate from Manufacturer
  • Form No. 60 or PAN Card (2 attested copies)
  • Customs clearance certificate in case of registering an imported vehicle
  • An affidavit stating that the vehicle will not be used as commercial vehicle (if it is an agricultural tractor)
  • NOC from Taxation Department and Excise, if purchased from another state
  • Form 22-A if the vehicle body is fabricated
  • Form 34 in case of loan hypothecation)
  • Valid insurance document
  • Proof of Citizenship
  • Proof of Residence
  • Invoice form the dealer (duplicate)
  • For more details and information about Motor Vehicle Tax, Licences, Permits, Acts/Rules and Haryana rto code visit Government of Haryana Transport Department official website –  https://haryanatransport.gov.in/en.

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