Forestry Study Material Pdf Download | Handwritten Notes 194 Pages|

Forestry Study Material Pdf Download | Handwritten Notes 194 Pages|| – The Indian Forest Service or IFoS examination is conducted annually and is of the same stature as IAS. Unlike IAS, you have to follow certain limitations and conditions when selecting optional topics in IFoS. while preparing for UPSC IFoS exam, candidates should practice previous question papers along with mock test. Further, graduates in special subjects related to the post can apply only for this examination. One of the popularly chosen alternative topics is forestry. The choice of your choice plays an impressive role in the type of questions you ask in the interview round and this is especially true for candidates choosing forestry. This is because the subject is deeply related to the job profile of a IFoS officer.

Forestry Study Material Pdf
Forestry Study Material Pdf

Forestry Study Material Pdf Download | Syllabus

  • To make a successful preparation strategy, you must be very familiar with the syllabus as well as the exam pattern.
  • In IFoS mains, there are 2 optional subjects and 4 papers are dedicated to them.
  • Each paper is further divided into Part A and Part B.
  • There are a total of 8 questions in the papers- 4 in each part.
  • Out of these 8, only 5 have to be answered from both the groups.
  • Question 1 from Part A and question 5 from Part B are compulsory.
  • Apart from these, you have to attempt another 2 from each part.
  • The fifth question can be chosen from any of the parts.

Paper-1 Forestry Optional Syllabus

  • General silviculture
    • The book by L.S. Khanna is the best reference for this chapter.
    • Cite as many examples as you can while writing the answers related to this chapter to maximize the marks.
    • This is the most important chapter in paper-1 so dedicate maximum time to its preparation and practice the previous years’ questions multiple times.
  • Silviculture system
    • Like the first chapter, this is also a core forestry chapter and hence calls for significant time and attention for preparing the topics.
    • Questions are often repeated so practicing previous years’ papers will help.
  • Mangrove and cold forests
    • Remember the scientific names of mangroves.
    • Cold desert trees, shrubs and plant species have to be studied with special attention and you must remember their scientific names too.
    • The chapter is small, but has a lot to memorize. Moreover, direct questions on scientific names were asked from this chapter in 2015.
  • Silviculture of trees
    • Study the different species of trees and their properties.
    • This chapter is comparatively less important than the past three but should not be skipped.
  • Agroforestry, social forestry, tribology and joint forest management
    • This chapter is simple and has a lot of materials to frame good answers.
    • Try preparing your own notes and answers to prepare this chapter better.
  • Watershed management, soil management and forest soils
    • This is another chapter with ample scope for writing substantial answers and easy to prepare.
    • Questions are almost always asked from the topics covered by this chapter so it cannot be left out.
  • Conservation of environment and biodiversity
    • The syllabus overlaps with the prelims general studies papers and you can prepare this right before the prelims commence.
  • Seed technology and improvement of trees
    • Take the help of the internet sources to prepare topics like provincial tribes.
    • Often there are long 8 marks questions from this chapter hence, preparing it well is a good idea.

Paper-2, Forestry Optional Syllabus

  • Management system and forest management
    • This is an important topic and the best reference book for it is Forest management by Prakash Ram. However, in case you do not have enough time, S. Prabhu has enough material to give you the basic idea about this chapter.
  • Forest working plans
    • This chapter is very important as it is majorly about a key function of the IFoS officer.
    • The knowledge you gain from this chapter is not only helpful in your mains exam but will help your job throughout your career.
  • Remote sensing and mensuration for forests
    • This is a technical topic and hence tricky and calls for understanding the concepts more than memorizing anything.
    • Dedicate enough time to the topic so that you have enough idea to write substantial and impromptu answers in the examination hall.
  • Forest engineering and surveying
    • This is again a technical topic that is a bit tough if you do not understand the concepts.
    • Dedicate more time in understanding the theory of this topic as it can fetch good marks when you are able to write good technical answers.
  • Ethno-botany and forest ecology
    • This topic is covered in S.Prabhu but the internet is the best source for preparing the topics.
  • Utilization of forest resources
    • Often multiple questions are asked from this chapter in one year which makes this a very important topic.
    • The points are not systematically covered in any of the reference books but if you read through the chapter multiple times you will get an idea about the entire topic.
    • Give enough time to understand this topic as it is also important for your job profile as an IFoS officer.
    • Examples of scientific names are also important for writing answers for questions on this chapter.
  • Wildlife biology and forest protection
    • This topic is important from the perspective of the mains exam as well as the interview round as many questions asked are based on the concepts in this chapter.
  • Economics and legislation of forests
    • Wikipedia is a good source for learning the basics of the chapter.
    • It is not as important but having a basic knowledge will be enough to attempt any questions asked from here.

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