European Countries List | Map of European Countries Pdf Download

European Countries List | Map of European Countries Pdf Download – The continent of Europe is the sixth of the seven continents in terms of area. It has the North Pole Ocean to the north, the Mediterranean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. In the east, the Ural Mountains, the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea separate the continent of Europe from the continent of Asia.

  • The coastline of Europe is very dented. Due to this, there are many suitable places available for the natural harbours and ports here.
  • Most of the creeks and seas around the continent of Europe are shallow.
  • That is why the fishing area here is one of the best fishing areas in the world.
  • In the northern part of Europe is the Scandinavian country.
  • These include Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.
  • A very large part of Russia and the nine independent republics that were formerly part of the Soviet Union are part of the continent of Europe. Of these, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia are known as the Baltic States.
  • Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg are called lowland countries. List of Leap Years Pdf Download From 1900 – 3000 | How To Calculate ?

European Countries List | Map of European Countries Pdf Download

List of European Countries 2022 :

Country Name Population
Russia 145,934,462 Eastern Europe
Germany 83,783,942 Western Europe
United Kingdom 67,886,011 Northern Europe
France 65,273,511 Western Europe
Italy 60,461,826 Southern Europe
Spain 46,754,778 Southern Europe
Ukraine 43,733,762 Eastern Europe
Poland 37,846,611 Eastern Europe
Romania 19,237,691 Eastern Europe
Netherlands 17,134,872 Western Europe
Belgium 11,589,623 Western Europe
Czech Republic (Czechia) 10,708,981 Eastern Europe
Greece 10,423,054 Southern Europe
Portugal 10,196,709 Southern Europe
Sweden 10,099,265 Northern Europe
Hungary 9,660,351 Eastern Europe
Belarus 9,449,323 Eastern Europe
Austria 9,006,398 Western Europe
Serbia 8,737,371 Southern Europe
Switzerland 8,654,622 Western Europe
Bulgaria 6,948,445 Eastern Europe
Denmark 5,792,202 Northern Europe
Finland 5,540,720 Northern Europe
Slovakia 5,459,642 Eastern Europe
Norway 5,421,241 Northern Europe
Ireland 4,937,786 Northern Europe
Croatia 4,105,267 Southern Europe
Moldova 4,033,963 Eastern Europe
Bosnia and Herzegovina 3,280,819 Southern Europe
Albania 2,877,797 Southern Europe
Lithuania 2,722,289 Northern Europe
North Macedonia 2,083,374 Southern Europe
Slovenia 2,078,938 Southern Europe
Latvia 1,886,198 Northern Europe
Estonia 1,326,535 Northern Europe
Montenegro 628,066 Southern Europe
Luxembourg 625,978 Western Europe
Malta 441,543 Southern Europe
Iceland 341,243 Northern Europe
Andorra 77,265 Southern Europe
Monaco 39,242 Western Europe
Liechtenstein 38,128 Western Europe
San Marino 33,931 Southern Europe
Holy See 801 Southern Europe

European Countries List PDF – Download list of European Countries PDF from below link.

FAQ : About Europe

Question: Which is the highest mountain peak on the continent of Europe?

Answer : Mount Elbrus (5642 m)

Question: Where is the lowest point of the continent of Europe located?

Answer: Caspian Sea (-28 m)

Question: Which is the longest river in Europe?

Answer : Volga River (3687 km)

Question: “What is the world’s granary or bread?…

Answer – Ukraine

Question: What is the continent of the peninsulas called?

Answer – Continent of Europe

Question: What is the land of lakes called?

Answer : Finland

Question: What is the country of the Fiord coasts called?

Answer – Norway

Question: What is the hot blanket of europe continent called?

Answer – Gulf Stream Water Stream

Question: What is the playground of Europe called?

Answer – Switzerland

Question: What is the Ganga of Italy called?

Answer : Po River

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