Domain Extension List 2023 – Top Level Domains Extensions List

Domain Extension List 2023 – Top Level Domains Extensions List – Choosing a new domain name is a very important decision for every business. Your domain name extension is a big part of this decision and can affect your brand identity. In this article, we’ll share the top domain name extensions, so you can choose the right extension for your new domain name. There Are More Than 20 Domains Extensions From Which you Can Choose Best Domain Extension For Your Website. Full List Of Domain Extension Is Given Below.

Domain name extensions, also called top level domains (TLDs), are a part of the domain name that’s to the right of the dot. For Example  “”, the domain name extension is “.com”.

Domain Extension List

Domain Extension List 2023 – Top Level Domains Extensions List

  • .COM (“commerce”)
  • .DE (Germany)
  • .NET (originally “network” but most businesses secure this along with their .com)
  • .CN (China)
  • .UK (United Kingdom)
  • .ORG (originally “organization”)
  • .INFO (originally “information”)
  • .NL (Netherlands)
  • .EU (European Union)
  • .RU (Russia)
  • .In – The .in domain name extension is the ccTLD for the country of India.
  • Government Expired Domains List 2022 – 501+ Expired Domain

Generic Top-Level Domains Extension List :

There are currently 20 gTLDs (generic top-level domains) in the world. The following shows what each represents:

  • .aero (the air-transport industry),
  • .asia (Asian Pacific Region)
  • .biz (businesses but all uses),
  • .cat (Catalan linguistic & cultural community)
  • .com (commerce but unrestricted/all uses)
  • .coop (cooperatives),
  • .edu (post-secondary educational institutions)
  • .gov (government of US)
  • .info (informational sites but unrestricted/all uses),
  • .int (international organizations established by treaty)
  • .jobs (employment-related sites)
  • .mil (US military)
  • .mobi (mobile uses)
  • .museum (museums),
  • .name (individuals),
  • .net (networks but unrestricuted/all uses)
  • .org (organizations but unrestricted/all uses)
  • .pro (professions like legal, medical)
  • .tel (online directory or contact information; virtual business card)
  • .travel (travel industry)
The two main types of top level domains are generic top level domains (gTLDs), and country code top level domains (ccTLDs).

  • Generic top level domains (gTLDs)
  • Country code top level domains (ccTLDs)

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