Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022 Latest Updated

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022 Latest Updated – Challans are issued by the traffic police in Delhi for any traffic violation under the Motor Vehicles Act by the Delhi Traffic Police. It is important to follow all the rules and regulations issued by the Government of India. If these rules are violated, you will have to pay penalties, which is done through traffic challans which are issued by the traffic police. The list of Delhi Traffic Police challan rates 2022 has been given. Haryana Traffic Police Challan Rate List 2022 – Latest Updated List

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List
Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List

Delhi Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2022 Latest Updated

raffic Offense Description Section of DMVR/CMVR/M.V. Act Compounding Penalty Amount
Red Light Jumping 119/177 MVA Rs. 00/-
Driving Left Hand Drive without Indicator 120/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Improper & Obstructive Parking 122/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Traveling on Running Board (Drive) 123(1)/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Traveling on Running Board (Passenger) 123(2)/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Triple Riding on two-wheeler 149C MVA Rs. 1000/-
Driving without Helmet 194D MVA Rs. 1000/-
Helmet W/o strap or Strap Not tied 194D MVA Rs. 1000/-
Defective Helmet (Not Confirming BIS) 194D MVA Rs. 1000/-
Not Displaying Number Plate or Defective or Fancy Number plate 50, 51 CMVR/39/192 MVA Rs. 5000/-
Rear View Mirror Turned Inwards 125(2)CMVR 1989/177 MV Act Rs. 500/-
Misbehavior with Police Officer 179 MVA Rs. 2000/-
Over Charging by TSR/Taxi 11.8/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
Refusal by TSR/Taxi Driver 11.9/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
Driving without Light (After sunset) 105/177 CMVR Rs. 500/-
Driving without Horn 119(1)/177 CMVR Rs. 500/-
Driving without Silencer 120/190(2) CMVR Rs. 5000/-
Driving with a Defective Number Plate 50/177 CMVR Rs. 5000/-
Violation of stop Line 113(1)/177 DMVR Rs. 00/-
Disobeying Lawful Directions 132/179 MVA Rs. 2000/-
Disobey of lawful direction in case of an accident or damaging property 132/179 MVA Rs. 2000/-
Allowing unauthorized person to drive 5/180 MVA Rs. 5000/-
Driving without License 3/181 MVA Rs. 5000/-
Driving by Minors 4/181 MVA Rs. 500/-
Over Speeding LMV 112.1/183(1) MVA Rs. 2000/-
Over Speeding MMV/HTV 112.1/183(1) MVA Rs. 4000/-
Driving Dangerously 184 MVA Rs. 00/-
Using ‘Unregistered Vehicles’ or Displaying “Applied For” 39/192 MVA Rs. 2000/-
Violation of Yellow Line 119/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Violation of Restriction of Time on HTV’s/Care on various Road (No Entry ) 115/194(1) M.V. Act 1988 Rs. 20000/-
Trucks carrying sand/dust without covering (No Entry) 115/194(1) M.V. Act 1988 Rs. 20000/-
Violation of mandatory signs (One Way No Right Turn, No Left Turn, No Horn) 119/177 MVA Rs. 100/-
Excess Smoke 99(1)(a)/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
W/O Wiper CMVR 101/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Tinted Glass CMVR 100.2/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Blowing of Pressure Horn 96(1)/177 DMVR Rs. 5000/-
Using horn in No Honking/Silence Zone 194F MVA Rs. 1000/-
Conductor without Uniform 23(1)/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
Driver without Uniform 7/177 DMVR Rs. 100/-
Conductor without Badge 22(1)/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
Conductor without Licence 129/182 MVA Rs. 10,000/-
Carrying Passengers on Goods Vehicles 84(2)/177 DMVR Rs. 00/-
Carrying Goods on Passengers Vehicle 84(3)/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
Use of Coloured Light on Motors Vehicle 97(2)/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
Smoking in the Vehicles 86.1(5)/177 DMVR Rs. 500/-
Wrong Passing or Overtaking other Vehicle 6(1)RRR/177 MVA Rs. 00/-
Drunken Driving 185 MVA Rs. 00/-
Advertisements on Vehicle DMVR 71.2/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
RC Violation 39/192 MVA Rs 5,000/-
W/O PUCC 115 CMVR /190(2)M.V.A Rs 10,000/-
W/O Insurance 146/196 MVA Rs 2,000/-
W/o RUPD CMVR 124.1/190.2 MV Act. Rs 10,000/-
W/o LUPD CMVR 124.1/190.2 MV Act Rs 10,000/-
No Using Seat Belt 194B MVA RS 1000/-
W/o Reflector 104/177 MVA ACT Rs 500/-
Top Light Violation 108(1) CMVR/177 MVA Rs 500/-
Using high beam 112(4)(c)/177 MVA Rs 500/-
Without Fitness 56/192 MVA Rs. 500/-
CARRYING HIGH/LONG LOAD / Protruding rods 194(1A) MVA Rs. 20000/-
Improper or Obstructive Parking 122/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Violation of Mandatory Signs(One Way,No Right Turn) 119/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Unauthorized Use Siren DMVR 107/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Playing Music DMVR 102/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Without Log Book CMVR 85(10) 177 MVA Rs. 500/-
W/O Permit 66.1/192(A) MVA Rs 10,000/-
Not giving way to an emergency vehicle 194E MVA Rs 10,000/-
Driving in NMV lanes 115/194(1) MVA Rs. 20000/-
Plying of old age Diesel/Petrol vehicles (more than 15/10 years) 39/192/207 MVA Rs. 00/-
Obstructive Driving(Extra Passenger on Driver Seat) 125/177 MVA Rs. 500/-
Delhi Traffic Police Helpline Number : 

  • Traffic Helpline Number : 25844444 / 1095
  • Women’s Helpline Number : 1091
  • North East’s Helpline Number : 1093
  • Senior Citizen’s Helpline : 1291

General Traffic Violation, we can avoid & save compounding amounts as specified in below link Traffic Delhi Police New Challan Rates List PDF is given below

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