Delhi Lockdown Guidelines 2021 Pdf | Timings | E-pass | Rules

Delhi Lockdown Guidelines 2021 Pdf | Timings | E-pass | Rules | E-Pass – Delhi lockdown rules and guidelines: Officials said the terms of the lockdown will remain the same, with essential workers being allowed to travel by showing their identity cards, and others being able to apply for an e-pass. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday extended the lockdown for another week till 5 am on Monday (May 3) as the positivity rate stands at an all-time high despite a week-long shutdown.

Delhi Lockdown Guidelines 2021 Pdf | Timings | E-pass | Rules | What Allowed And what Not Allowed During Delhi Lockdown In April 2021 And May 2021

Delhi Lockdown Guidelines 2021 Pdf | Timings | E-pass | Rules

Delhi Lockdown Guidelines 2021 Pdf : What is Allowed During Delhi Lockdown 2021 ?

Specific individuals are allowed to move during the curfew in Delhi, as stated in the order. These individuals comprise:

  • Delhi government employees working in essential service departments, such as medical services, police, prisons, sanitation, and civil defence, etc.
  • Government officers comprising PSU employees, however, they will have to furnish their official IDs.
  • Private medical personnel, comprising nurses, doctors, medical equipment suppliers, paramedics, Pharma lab employees, etc.
  • Judicial officers and staff members at all Delhi courts.
  • People going for coronavirus test or vaccination.
  • Pregnant women and patients going for getting medical services along with an attendant. However, they will have to furnish a valid ID card as well as doctor’s prescription.
  • People going to or coming from train stations, ISBs, and airports will have to produce a valid ticket.
  • Students going to exams and those deployed for exam duties.
  • Medical personnel.
  • Private staff employed in the essential services sector.
  • There are no curbs on interstate travel.
  • All advocates and legal counsels of Delhi High Court, Supreme Court and District Courts will be allowed to travel on production of valid ID card.
  • Students appearing for examinations will be allowed to travel on production of valid ID card.
  • People going for COVID-19 test or vaccination will be allowed on production of valid ID card.
  • People coming or going to airports, railway stations or bus depots will be allowed to travel on production of valid ticket.
  • Doctors, healthcare staff, essential workers, officials, journalists, judges, government officials and diplomats can move without restrictions on production of a valid ID proof.

Delhi Government official Website Link For Latest Updates And News About Lockdown – Delhi Government 

What Is Not Allowed During Delhi Lockdown 2021 ?

  • All entertainment And Enjoyment Areas Will be Remain Shut During Lockdown.
  • There Will Be No Political Rallies and Political Assemblies In Delhi During Lockdown.
  • There Will Be social Gathering During Lock Down In Delhi
  • No Religious Gathering During Lock Down In Delhi
  • Academic gatherings are banned during the week-long lockdown in Delhi.
  • All shops, malls, weekly markets Will Remain Closed During Lock Down In Delhi.
  • All gyms, salons Will Remain Closed During Lock Down In Delhi.
  • No public parks Will Open .
  • No shops, restaurants/bars, sports complex, shopping centres Will Open During Lock Down In Delhi.
  • No coaching and educational institutes During Lock Down In Delhi 
  • No beauty parlours, private establishments During Lock Down In Delhi 
  • All water parks shall remain shut during the curfew in the national capital.
  • Public transport is permitted but with curbs.
  • Buses and Delhi Metro will be allowed to run at 50% capacity.
  • Auto rickshaws and cabs are permitted to operate with maximum two passengers
  • whereas maxi cabs can ferry up to five passengers.
  • RTVs will be permitted with a maximum of 11 passengers at one time.
  • Religious places/places of worship will be permitted to open but no visitors permitted.
  •  A maximum of 50 guests will be allowed to attend weddings. However, the guests will have to furnish wedding cards upon checking and the hosts will have to secure special passes.
  • National/international sports events will be permitted without spectators.
  • Weddings with a maximum of 50 guests will be allowed.
  • The guests will have to produce wedding cards upon checking and the hosts will have to obtain special passes.

Delhi Lockdown 2021: FAQs

Delhi Lockdown Guidelines Pdf 2021 Today Latest | Timings | Rules | E-Pass –

Can I go and get tested for COVID-19? What about vaccinations?

  • According to the guidelines, a person who is going for COVID-19 testing or vaccinations is allowed to move during curfew on production of a valid ID card.

Will home-delivery be operational?

  • Yes, home delivery and takeaway services of restaurants will be allowed. Delivery of all essential goods, including food, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment, through e-commerce will be allowed.

Will petrol and CNG pumps be operational?

  • Petrol pumps, LPG, CNG, petroleum and gas retail and storage outlets shall remain open.

Will public transport services be operational?

  • Public transport, such as bus and Metro, will be allowed to function with 50 percent capacity.
  • No passenger will be allowed to stand.
  • Autorickshaws and cabs will be allowed to take up to two passengers only.

What are the Delhi Metro timings during the lockdown?

  • Delhi Metro services will be available during the morning (8 am to 10 am) and evening (5 pm to 7 pm) peak hours across the network with a frequency of 30 minutes.
  • For non-peak hours, metro services across the network will be available with a frequency of 60 minutes only.
  • Services during this period can be availed only by the exempted category of people on the production of valid ID cards.

Will there be any restriction on inter-state or intra-state movement?

  • There shall be no restriction on inter-state and intra-state movement or transportation of essential goods.
  • No separate permission or e-pass will be required for such movement.

Will school-going students get summer vacation this year?

  • The Delhi government rescheduled summer vacations due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. This year, summer vacations will be from 20 April to 9 June.

Will gyms and swimming pools be open?

  • No, all sports complexes, gyms, spas will be closed. Swimming pools ( except those used for training by athletes for national and international events) will also be closed.

Will religious places remain open?

  • Religious places shall be permitted to open, but no visitors will be allowed.

Will there be any restriction on weddings and funerals?

  • Weddings can host only 50 people where only 20 people will be allowed at funerals.

Will your house help be allowed?

  • There has been no confirmation on whether or not your house help will be allowed to work.

What about the delivery of non-essential goods And E- Commerce?

  • The delivery of non-essential goods from E-commerce sites will be allowed during the lockdown in capital.

How to Apply for Delhi E – Pass 2021: Registration, COVID-19 LockDown E-Pass, Status

Delhi E PassOnline Registration | Apply Online COVID-19 LockDown E-Pass Delhi | curfew Pass online | Delhi Curfew Pass Application Status

Name Coronavirus Pass
Launched by Arvind Kejriwal
Objective Free movement in the city
Beneficiaries Essential service providers
Official Website
Helpline Number For Delhi Lockdown 2021 
  • The following helpline number is available for the help in Delhi:- Dial 1031
Delhi Lockdown 2021: Official Website Of Delhi Curfew Pass 2021 

The official website has also been launched by the Chief Minister of Delhi to help and to make available different types of incentives that are present on the official website which has been launched by the authorities. The following options are available on the website:-

  • Food required
  • Ration required
  • Pension Amount
  • 5000 rupees compensation for workers
  • E-pass for travelling
Delhi Lockdown Guidelines 2021 : Eligibility For Delhi Lockdown 2021 An E-pass

The benefit of the e-pass is available only for the people who are undertaking the following businesses:-

    • Food items, groceries (fruits/vegetables/milk/ bakery items, meat, fish etc.)
    • General Provision stores
    • Take away/ home delivery in restaurants.
    • E-commerce of all essential goods including food, pharmaceutical and medical equipment
    • Fair Price Shops (Public Distribution System)
    • Health (including Veterinary Health Care facilities)
    • Electricity
    • Water
    • Milk plants
    • Cashier/Teller operations of banks (including ATMS)
    • Chemists and Pharmacies.
    • Caregiver for Person with Disabilities.
    • Print and Electronic Media
    • Pay and Accounts Office ( only for salary/wages/ contingent/health & essential services related expenditure)
    • Telecom, Internet and Postal services
    • Petrol pumps, LPG/CNG/ Oil agencies (including their godown and transportation-related activities)
    • Animal fodder
    • Construction/maintenance/ manufacturing, processing, transportation, distribution, storage, trade/commerce and logistics related to all the above services/establishments and commodities required for delivery of these above services
    • SEBI regulated Stock market entities and the essential staff related to stock market services.
    • Fire
    • Prisons
    • Municipal Services
    • Activities related to the functioning of Legislative Assembly of Delhi
    • Offices charged with law and order and magisterial duties
    • Police
    • Any other essential service/ establishment that may be exempted by the Government
    • Government Employee
Delhi Lockdown Guidelines 2021 : Documents Required For Delhi Lockdown E-pass 2021 

To apply for the e-pass you need to keep ready the following document:-

  • ID Proof
  • Visiting Card
  • Shop License
  • Business License
How to Apply Online For Delhi E-Pass 2021 ?

To apply for the e-pass in Delhi you need to follow the simple procedure given below:-

  • Visit the Official Website link given here
  • The application form will be displayed on your screen.
  • Enter the information asked.
  • Fill in the information
    • Contact Number
    • Applicant Name
    • District
    • Address of Office or place of engagement
    • Type Of Service
    • Duration on E Pass Date & Time

Second Step

  • Upload Valid ID Proof
  • Any other document like Visiting Card, Shop/Business License
  • Click on submit
  • The pass will be sent to you
How To Check Delhi Lockdown E- Pass Application Status 2021 ?
  • The Applicant who wants to check the status of Curfew Pass Firstly they need to visit at the official website
  • Now at the homepage of the website, you will get Application Status Option
  • Now Enter the 7 character ePass ID to check the status and click on the submit button
  • After the application status will appear in front of you.
Application via WhatsApp

Now applicants can apply for the curfew pass for individual and vehicle who provides essential service via WhatsApp. You just need to send your details on the number. Following details you need to forward:

  • Name
  • Address/ place of engagement
  • Period
  • Time
  • Detail of service/ purpose
  • Copy of id proof like Aadharcard, voter Id card,  passport etc.
  • Vehicle registration card detail

WhatsApp Numbers

East District 8447200084 , 8375878007
North East District 9540895489 , 8860425666
Central District 7428336279 , 7428210711
New Delhi District 9540675392 , 9873743727
North District 8595298706 , 8595354861
Shahdara District 8595272697 , 8595274068
South East District 8595246396 , 8595258871
West District 9414320064 , 8595252581
south District 9599649266 , 9643150027
South West District 9971518387 , 9971526953
North West District 8595559117 , 8595543375


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