Bundelkhand Expressway Toll Plaza List 2023 : Latest Updated List

Bundelkhand Expressway Toll Plaza List 2022 : Latest Updated List – Bundelkhand Expressway has been completed, which is 296 km long. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to give the gift of expressway to the people of Bundelkhand on July 16. Preparations are being made in full swing for the arrival of PM Modi. At the same time, UPEIDA, the executing agency that makes the Bundelkhand Expressway, is preparing to introduce people to the history of Bundelkhand at every toll plaza. Special carvings are being made at the toll plaza, in which historical forts will also be seen along with great men.

13 toll and ramp plazas are under construction in bundelkhand expressway passing through 7 districts. With the help of carvings on the walls of these ramp plazas, the passengers will be introduced to the history of Jhansi, Orchha and Kalinjar. Due to the connectivity of bundelkhand to the 5 districts, tourism and employment opportunities will also be created here, all the people who are associated with the land of Bundelkhand. These carvings on the walls of the toll plaza will remind them of the heroic saga of the heroes all the time.

Bundelkhand Expressway Toll Plaza List
Bundelkhand Expressway Toll Plaza List

Bundelkhand Expressway Toll Plaza List 2022 : Latest Updated List

Toll and ramp plazas are being constructed at 13 places in bundelkhand expressway. Commuters will have to pass through the toll and ramp plazas under construction in seven districts including

  • Chitrakoot (1)
  • Banda (4)
  • Mahoba (1)
  • Hamirpur (1)
  • Jalaun (3)
  • Auraiya (2)
  • Etawah (1) on the 296 km long Bundelkhand Expressway. Here they have to pay the toll.

बुंदेलखंड एक्सप्रेसवे में 13 जगहों पर टोल और रैंप प्लाजा बनाएं जा रहे हैं। मुसाफिरों को 296 किमी लंबे बुंदेलखंड एक्सप्रेसवे पर चित्रकूट (1), बांदा (4), महोबा (1), हमीरपुर (1), जालौन (3), औरैया (2), इटावा (1) समेत सात जनपदों में निर्माणधीन टोल और रैंप प्लाजा से होकर गुजरना पड़ेगा। यहां उन्हें टोल का भुगतान करना होगा।

  • कुल अनुमानित लागत: रु. 14,716 करोड़
  • परियोजना की कुल लंबाई: 296.070 किमी
  • लेन: 4 (6 तक विस्तार योग्य)
  • स्थिति: निर्माणाधीन
  • समय सीमा: 2021-अंत
  • उद्घाटन: 16 जुलाई, 2022
  • मालिक: उत्तर प्रदेश एक्सप्रेसवे औद्योगिक विकास प्राधिकरण (UPEIDA)
  • परियोजना मॉडल: ईपीसी (इंजीनियरिंग, खरीद और निर्माण)

Salient Features of Bundelkhand Express Highway

Starting Point Near Bharatkoop in District Chitrakoot.
End Point Near Kudrail village (before 16 KM) at NH-91 (Etawah Bewar Road)
  • sanctioned  Total Length – 296.07 km
  • ROW – 110 Meters
  • Carriageway – 4 lanes (expandable up to 6 lanes) but all will be constructed as per 6 lanes.
  • Provision of Service Road on the required locations.
  • Districts Covered – Chitrakoot, Banda, Mohaba, Hamirpur, Jalaun,  Auraiya and Etawah
  • Total Access Controlled Expressway
  • Provision for Underpasses for Vehicles, Pedestrians, and Animals.
Project Packages  This project is proposed to be divided into 6 packages.
Mode of Implementation   The Project will be implemented on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Mode.

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