Best And World Countries To Live In World Full List 2022 – Check

Best And World Countries To Live In World Full List 2022 – Check – According to the recent Expat Insider Rankings for 2022, New Zealand has been ranked as one of the least preferred destinations by migrants. The country is one of them that has been consistently ranked high in the human index rankings. Mexico, on the other hand, has topped the Expat Insider Rankings 2022, with respondents indicating it’s ease of settling, the friendliness of locals and culinary diversity with high scoring on indices.

On the Expat Insider 2022 rankings, India is ranked towards the tail end of the list and is ranked 36th out of 52 countries. Among India, Egypt (35th) and the UK (37th), it has performed the highest in affordability and availability of healthcare. However, the country has been rated the worst in terms of air quality, and the second worst in terms of environment, and travel and transit facilities. Check out the overseas country rankings below and know which are the best and worst countries to live in in 2022. Most Powerful Passport List In World 2022 – Latest Updated List

Best And World Countries To Live In World Full List
Best And World Countries To Live In World Full List 2022

Best And World Countries To Live In World Full List 2022 – Check

Ranking Countries
1 Mexico
2 Indonesia
3 Taiwan
4 Portugal
5 Spain
7 Vietnam
8 Thailand
9 Australia
10 Singapore
11 Estonia
12 Oman
13 Kenya
14 USA
15 Bahrain
16 Brazil
17 Russia
18 Malaysia
19 Switzerland
20 Czechia
21 Philippines
22 Netherlands
23 Canada
24 Austria
25 Hungary
26 Qatar
27 Saudi Arabia
28 Poland
29 Belgium
30 Denmark
31 France
32 Finland
33 China
34 Norway
35 Egypt
36 India
37 United Kingdom
38 Ireland
39 Sweden
40 South Korea
41 Greece
42 Germany
43 Malta
44 Italy
45 Turkey
46 South Africa
47 Japan
48 Luxembourg
49 Cyprus
50 Hong Kong
51 New Zealand
52 Kuwait

What is Expat Insider Survey?

Expat Insider Survey is one of the largest of its kind which covers virtually every aspect of the expat experience, from financing to finding friends. It allows the expats to share their personal experiences and thoughts on life abroad.

What are the top findings?

  • Mexico, ranked at number 1.
  • In Survey Indonesia, ranked at 2, face few struggles when it comes to housing
  • Taiwan at number 3 – Best In healthcare
Top 10: Countries List 

  • Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, Singapore

Rank 11 to 20: Countries List 

  • Estonia, Oman, Kenya, USA, Bahrain, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Czechia

21 to 30 : Rank Countries List 

  • Philippines, Netherlands, Canada, Austria, Hungary, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Belgium, Denmark

31 to 40:

  • France, Finland, China, Norway, Egypt, India, UK, Ireland, Sweden, South Korea

41 to 52:

  • Greece, Germany, Malta, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Japan, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Kuwait

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