Assam School Holidays List 2023 – School & Colleges Holidays List

Assam School Holidays List 2022 – School & Colleges Holidays List – The Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) declared the list of holidays for the current academic year 2022-23 to be observed in all KVS schools in Assam. School Holidays Of assam Government Schools Will Be Same As KVS School. Here We are Sharing Full List of School Holidays.

Assam School Holidays List

Assam School Holidays List 2022 – School & Colleges Holidays List

Holiday Date Day Type
Magh Bihu & Tusu Puja 2022-01-14 Friday Regional
Magh Bihu & Tusu Puja 2022-01-15 Saturday Regional
Netaji’s Birthday 2022-01-23 Sunday Regional
Gwther Bathou San 2022-01-25 Tuesday Regional
Republic Day 2022-01-26 Wednesday National
Me-Dam-Me-Phi 2022-01-31 Monday Regional
Bir Chilaray Divas 2022-02-16 Wednesday Regional
Dol Jatra 2022-03-18 Friday Regional
Bohag Bihu 2022-04-14 Thursday Regional
Bohag Bihu 2022-04-15 Friday Regional
Good Friday 2022-04-15 Friday Regional
Bohag Bihu 2022-04-16 Saturday Regional
Sati Sadhani Divas 2022-04-21 Thursday Regional
May Day 2022-05-01 Sunday Regional
Tithi of Damodaradev 2022-05-01 Sunday Regional
Id-ul-Fitr 2022-05-03 Tuesday Regional
Buddha Purnima 2022-05-16 Monday Regional
Janmotsav of Sri Sri Madhabdeva 2022-05-17 Tuesday Regional
Id-Ul-Zuha 2022-07-10 Sunday Regional
Muharram 2022-08-09 Tuesday Regional
Independence Day 2022-08-15 Monday National
Janmastomi 2022-08-19 Friday Regional
Thithi of Srimanta Sankardeva 2022-08-29 Monday Regional
Karam Puja 2022-09-06 Tuesday Regional
Thithi of Sri Sri Madhabdeva 2022-09-14 Wednesday Regional
Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi 2022-10-02 Sunday National
Durga Puja (Saptami) 2022-10-02 Sunday Regional
Durga Puja (Astami) 2022-10-03 Monday Regional
Durga Puja (Navami) 2022-10-04 Tuesday Regional
Bijoya Dashomi & Janmotsav of Srimanta Sankardeva 2022-10-05 Wednesday Regional
Lakshmi Puja 2022-10-09 Sunday Regional
Kati Bihu 2022-10-18 Tuesday Regional
Kali Puja & Dipawali 2022-10-24 Monday Regional
Bhatri Dwitiya 2022-10-27 Thursday Regional
Chhat Puja 2022-10-30 Sunday Regional
Guru Nanak’s Birthday 2022-11-08 Tuesday Regional
Lachit Divas 2022-11-24 Thursday Regional
Asom Divas (Su-Ka-Pha Divas) 2022-12-02 Friday Regional
Christmas 2022-12-25 Sunday Regional

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