All India STD Code List State Wise PDF Download – Latest Updated

All India STD Code List State Wise PDF Download – Latest Updated – STD means the subscriber’s trunk dialing or subscriber toll dialing for inter-state calls. The STD code is placed as a prefix before the customer’s telephone number to dial the trunk call without the assistance of switchboard operators. For example, you have to call the landline number (247835) of someone living in chittoor city in the state of Andhra Pradesh. First add India ISD code i.e. +91 or 0 then add area code or STD code of Chittoor city i.e. 8572 then add landline number. (+91 8572 247835 or 08572 247835).

STD codes are now officially called area codes in many countries. An area code is used within many nations to route calls to a particular city, region or special service. Complete list of all states STD codes is given below.

  • STD codes are now officially called area codes in many countries.
  • A region code is used within many countries to route calls to a particular city, region, or special service.
  • It can be referred to as the numbering plan area, subscriber trunk dialing code, national destination code or routing code.
  • In India, the first long-distance STD call was made between the cities of Kanpur and Lucknow in 1960.
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All India STD Code List State Wise
All India STD Code List State Wise

How was STD developed?

  • Tems in the U.S. and Canada developed methods and techniques called direct distance dialing, allowing telephone subscribers to dial long-distance telephone calls without an operator. In the UK, std began on December 5, 1958. However, the STD process was not completed until 1979.

In the UK, when Queen Elizabeth was in Bristol, she used the STD by dialing Edinburgh, which was the most distant call to be dialed directly in the UK on December 5, 1958. The technology was extended from March 8, 1963, when customers in London were able to dial Paris directly using international direct dialing.

The term subscriber trunk dialling is used in the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, India and South-East Asia. In the UK, the term is obsolescent, known as UK area codes.

Here is a list of std codes of the following states in India

  • New Delhi- 011
  • Uttar Pradesh- 0120
  • Haryana-0124
  • Rajasthan-0141
  • Punjab-0160
  • Himachal Pradesh-0174
  • Jammu and Kashmir-0191
  • Maharashtra- 020
  • Gujarat-079
  • West Bengal- 033
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands-03192
  • Jharkhand-0326
  • Sikkim-03592
  • Arunachal Pradesh-0360
  • Assam-0361
  • Meghalaya-03637
  • Nagaland-0369
  • Mizoram-0372
  • Tripura-0381
  • Manipur-03845
  • Tamil Nadu-044
  • Kerala-0468
  • Uttarakhand-05946
  • Bihar-06111
  • Orissa-06642
  • Madhya Pradesh-07141
  • Chhattisgarh-07701
  • Karnataka-080
  • Goa-0832
  • Andhra Pradesh-08402
  • Telangana-40

Download Complete List From Table Given below : –

Download India STD code list states wise pdf from below link.
City STD Code State
Agra STD Code 0562 Uttar Pradesh
Ahmedabad STD Code 079 Gujarat
Ahmednagar STD Code 0241 Maharashtra
Ajmer STD Code 0145 Rajasthan
Aligarh STD Code 0571 Uttar Pradesh
Allahabad STD Code 0532 Uttar Pradesh
Alwar STD Code 0144 Rajasthan
Amritsar STD Code 0183 Punjab
Anantapur STD Code 08554 Andhra Pradesh
Asansol STD Code 0341 West Bengal
Aurangabad STD Code 0240 Maharashtra
Bangalore STD Code 080 Karnataka
Bareilly STD Code 0581 Uttar Pradesh
Belgaum STD Code 0831 Karnataka
Berhampur STD Code 0680 Odisha
Bhagalpur STD Code 0641 Bihar
Bhavnagar STD Code 0278 Gujarat
Bhiwandi STD Code 02522 Maharashtra
Bhopal STD Code 0755 Madhya Pradesh
Bhubaneswar STD Code 0674 Odisha
Bilaspur STD Code 07752 Chhattisgarh
Bokaro STD Code 06542 Jharkhand
Calicut STD Code 0495 Kerala
Chandigarh STD Code 0172 Chandigarh
Chennai STD Code 044 Tamil Nadu
Cherthala STD Code 0478 Kerala
Coimbatore STD Code 0422 Tamil Nadu
Cuttack STD Code 0671 Odisha
Darbhanga STD Code 06272 Bihar
Dehradun STD Code 0135 Uttarakhand
Dhanbad STD Code 0326 Jharkhand
Durg STD Code 0788 Chhattisgarh
Durgapur STD Code 0343 West Bengal
Erode STD Code 0424 Tamil Nadu
Gaya STD Code 0631 Bihar
Ghaziabad STD Code 0120 Uttar Pradesh
Gorakhpur STD Code 0551 Uttar Pradesh
Gulbarga STD Code 08472 Karnataka
Guntur STD Code 0863 Andhra Pradesh
Gurgaon STD Code 0124 Haryana
Guwahati STD Code 0361 Assam
Gwalior STD Code 0751 Madhya Pradesh
Hisar STD Code 01662 Haryana
Hyderabad STD Code 040 Telangana
Ichalkaranji STD Code 02324 Maharashtra
Imphal STD Code 0385 Manipur
Indore STD Code 0731 Madhya Pradesh
Jabalpur STD Code 0761 Madhya Pradesh
Jalandhar STD Code 0181 Punjab
Jammu STD Code 0191 Jammu and Kashmir
Jamnagar STD Code 0288 Gujarat
Jamshedpur STD Code 0657 Jharkhand
Jhansi STD Code 0510 Uttar Pradesh
Jodhpur STD Code 0291 Rajasthan
Kadapa STD Code 08562 Andhra Pradesh
Kakinada STD Code 0884 Andhra Pradesh
Kannur STD Code 0497 Kerala
Kanpur STD Code 0512 Uttar Pradesh
Karnal STD Code 0184 Haryana
Kochi STD Code 0484 Kerala
Kolhapur STD Code 0231 Maharashtra
Kolkata STD Code 033 West Bengal
Korba STD Code 07759 Chhattisgarh
Kottayam STD Code 0481 Kerala
Kurnool STD Code 08518 Andhra Pradesh
Lucknow STD Code 0522 Uttar Pradesh
Madurai STD Code 0452 Tamil Nadu
Malappuram STD Code 0494 Kerala
Malda STD Code 03512 West Bengal
Malegaon STD Code 02554 Maharashtra
Mangalore STD Code 0824 Karnataka
Mathura STD Code 0565 Uttar Pradesh
Meerut STD Code 0121 Uttar Pradesh
Mumbai STD Code 022 Maharashtra
Muzaffarnagar STD Code 0131 Uttar Pradesh
Muzaffarpur STD Code 0621 Bihar
Mysore STD Code 0821 Karnataka
Nagpur STD Code 0712 Maharashtra
Nashik STD Code 0253 Maharashtra
Nellore STD Code 0861 Andhra Pradesh
New Delhi STD Code 011 Delhi
Panipat STD Code 0180 Haryana
Patiala STD Code 0175 Punjab
Patna STD Code 0612 Bihar
Pondicherry STD Code 0413 Puducherry
Pune STD Code 020 Maharashtra
Purnea STD Code 06454 Bihar
Raipur STD Code 0771 Chhattisgarh
Rajahmundry STD Code 0883 Andhra Pradesh
Rajkot STD Code 0281 Gujarat
Rampur STD Code 0595 Uttar Pradesh
Ranchi STD Code 0651 Jharkhand
Rourkela STD Code 0661 Odisha
Sagar STD Code 07582 Madhya Pradesh
Salem STD Code 0427 Tamil Nadu
Sangli STD Code 0233 Maharashtra
Shahjahanpur STD Code 05842 Uttar Pradesh
Shillong STD Code 0364 Meghalaya
Siliguri STD Code 0353 West Bengal
Srinagar STD Code 0194 Jammu and Kashmir
Surat STD Code 0261 Gujarat
Thiruvananthapuram STD Code 0471 Kerala
Thrissur STD Code 0487 Kerala
Tirunelveli STD Code 0462 Tamil Nadu
Tirupati STD Code 0877 Andhra Pradesh
Tirupur STD Code 0421 Tamil Nadu
Trichy STD Code 0431 Tamil Nadu
Tuticorin STD Code 0461 Tamil Nadu
Udaipur STD Code 0294 Rajasthan
Vadodara STD Code 0265 Gujarat
Varanasi STD Code 0542 Uttar Pradesh
Vellore STD Code 0416 Tamil Nadu
Vijayawada STD Code 0866 Andhra Pradesh
Warangal STD Code 0870 Telangana

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